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Issue: 1922

Dated: 09 Oct 2004

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Only 5 miles away... But it could be another world

WHILE TONY Blair can spend £3.6 million on a new house, the people of this country are suffering under a housing crisis.

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Babar: beaten, abused and still denied justice

THE CROWN Prosecution Service (CPS) has refused to bring a case against the police officers who detained Babar Ahmad under anti-terrorism laws last December.

Moazzam Begg’s letter from hell

MOAZZAM BEGG, the British law student being held in solitary confinement in Guantanamo Bay, has accused the US military of torture, death threats and illegal abduction.

Moazzam Begg letter

Full text of Moazzam Begg's letter from Guantanamo

Who says?

"What I want to do is change the dynamics on the ground. And you have to do that by beginning to not back off of Fallujah and other places, and send the wrong message to terrorists. You’ve got to show you’re serious." John Kerry US Democratic Party presidential candidate speaking in his live televised debate with George Bush

NHS revolt forces minister out

POPULAR PROTEST has claimed the scalp of Scottish health minister Malcolm Chisholm.


THE GENERAL secretary of the NUT teachers’ union, Steve Sinnott, was this week sending posters for the European Social Forum (ESF) into every school in England and Wales.

Anti-landfill campaign

Residents Against Rubbish (RAR) is continuing its campaign to stop Gateshead council’s proposals to allow private company SITA to create a new landfill site next to their homes in Stargate. It met with representatives from the Environment Agency recently.

Union muscle halts attack

THE RMT union has won a major victory against victimisation and management attempts to break workers’ organisation on London Underground.


Campaigners from Unite Against Fascism took to the streets of Dagenham, east London, last weekend, where the Nazi British National Party (BNP) is contesting the Village ward by-election.

Civil service workers

SOME 290,000 civil service workers in the PCS union were receiving their ballot papers at the beginning of this week. They are balloting for a strike on Friday 5 November over New Labour’s plans to cut 104,000 jobs.

Postal workers

POSTAL WORKERS at the N7 delivery office stopped work last week in protest at dangerous conditions. The office is within yards of the major construction works taking place for the new Arsenal stadium.

News in brief

Strike threat gets moves on deal THE THREAT of strike action by parking attendants working for Vinci Park in Bromley, south London, planned for last Saturday has forced the company to meet the workers’ demands.

A bumpy ride for scabbing operator

A SECOND 24-hour strike by 600 TGWU union members working for Servisair at Gatwick airport stretched management’s scabbing operation last week.

Health workers

Health workers are voting on Agenda for Change (AfC)— the government’s planned restructuring of terms and conditions across the NHS.


THE FIGHT to save jobs at Jaguar’s Browns Lane plant in Coventry is in danger of being thrown away before it starts.


MPs IN the House of Commons council housing group have called for a moratorium on local authorities pushing ahead with privatisation of council housing.


WORKERS AT the Soapworks factory in Glasgow were due to return to work this Wednesday after being out on strike for almost two weeks.

Council Workers

"CAPITAL OF culture, my arse!" was the slogan striking Liverpool social workers borrowed from actor Ricky Tomlinson for our march through the city centre last week.


Diamonds stained by blood of the Bushmen

THOUSANDS OF Bushmen have been removed from the lands where they have lived for many generations and taken to resettlement camps.

Imprisoned for refusing to join the slaughter

For three days I have been held in the court prisons of Corinth.

Trade unionists and turtles—united at last

PARK WARDENS on the tiny Galapagos islands have won an environmental victory after two weeks of strikes.

A new unity forged on the Dutch streets

ONE OF the largest demonstrations in Dutch history took place last Saturday as 300,000 people, mainly trade unionists, marched against attacks on pensions and workers’ rights.



Fake unions won’t help Iraqi workers

A passionate speech by an Iraqi trade unionist helped to sway Labour delegates from voting to withdraw British troops from Iraq at last week’s Labour conference.

Feeble four save Blair in Iraq vote

THE MAJOR trade unions put loyalty to Labour before loyalty to their members’ policy at the Labour Party conference last week.

Opening the paper to the movement

Why is Socialist Worker relaunching itself?

The great Supermarket Rip Off

What’s wrong with our food in Britain today? Our diet increasingly consists of over-processed, nutritionally debased industrial food. It is high in fat, sugar, salt and chemicals. We are eating less fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, and more packaged ready meals, snacks and fizzy drinks.

Tesco’s new policy that punishes the sick

Although the treatment of staff in the warehouse is pretty bad, the general feeling is that we have it a lot easier than the shop floor staff.

The woman who built barricades

ONE OF the greatest dates in our history was 18 March 1871. The story starts at the heights of Montemartre, Paris, at about 3am. The whole square is dominated by 250 cannon. The guns had just been used in a war between France and Germany in which Paris had been besieged for the whole winter.

There’s no fun in hog heaven

MY ABIDING interest, to quote Bertolt Brecht, is with "those who walk in darkness".

When Swansea mauled racism

THIRTY FIVE years ago the people of Swansea took on the massed ranks of police protecting the all-white propaganda machine of the South African apartheid state, the Springbok rugby team.

Olaudah Equiano: the slave who raised a storm for emancipation

The young Olaudah Equiano was captured in 1756, and thrust down into the stinking hold of a slave ship. No doubt his captors believed him to be little more than an animal. Yet he was to utterly confound their prejudices.

Socialist Worker's Red guide to the European Social Forum

Thursday 14 October International Socialist Tendency a red guide to the ESF


Young musicians breaking free

SAM BESTE is now old enough to drink in the places he’s been earning a fast growing reputation in. Other 18 year olds like Wayne Rooney or soul prodigy Joss Stone may be better known, but Sam’s is an equally impressive talent.

A black slave rebellion for the 1960s generation

QUEIMADA, OR Burn!, has just been released on DVD (£13.99).

What We Think

Terrible symmetry of their war on civilians

George W Bush has authorised a major escalation of the war in Iraq.

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I was the heckler at the conference

Just under a month ago, at the launch of our Save Our World charity concert in North Devon, myself and mutual friends put our heads together.

Socialist Worker is on the move!

‘Active trade unionists are indebted to Socialist Worker. Its reporting on our dispute was a breath of fresh air.

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