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Issue: 2444

Dated: 10 Mar 2015

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Refugees go on hunger strike—close the camps

Over 100 refugees at Harmondsworth immigration detention centre near Heathrow airport have gone on hunger strike.

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Reports round-up

Day of action for Fast Food Rights | Cardiff march takes on 40 Days for Life | TUC remembers Claudia Jones | ITV workers could ballot over pay | Globe workers want a better pay deal

Stop the cuts to ‘second chance’ education

More than 11,000 people have signed a petition against adult education funding cuts. 

Refuse strike on the cards in Barking and Dagenham

Refuse workers in the GMB union at Barking and Dagenham council could strike if the council refuses to reverse cuts. 

New call for Crossrail protests

Around 80 people attended the national construction rank and file meeting in Glasgow last Saturday. 

‘We are going to win our academies battle’ say Lewisham strikers

Also: Four day strike called at Barnsley College; ballot against sackings at University of Salford

International round-up

Chile students win on fees | Boko Haram and military clash | Egyptian regime hangs protester

Hillsborough inquests hear of police plan to 'blame' Liverpool fans for disaster

Senior police officers met two days after the Hillsborough disaster and drew up a plan to blame Liverpool fans for the crush, an inquest has heard. 

What happened to Scotland's college cash?

Questions are being raised about cash hoarded by Scottish college bosses during a time of unprecedented cuts to further education (FE) funding.

Parents and teachers blast Cameron’s free school plan

The Tories’ promise to build 500 new free schools if they win the election would be a disaster, writes Sadie Robinson

Meet Tyrrine Rutherford the TUSC candidate for Aberdeen North

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) will stand candidates in May’s general election to put forward an alternative to racism and austerity.

Green Party spring conference calls for an end to Tory austerity

Some 1,300 people attended the Green Party spring conference in Liverpool last weekend. It was the largest conference the Greens have ever held.

Tories to axe thousands more civil service jobs

More than a third of staff at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) face losing their jobs over the next five years if the Tories are elected in May.

Health workers round up

Porters strike over pay in Dundee | Woolwich wage walkout suspended | Support Charlotte Monro at tribunal

Miners still hold their banners high

Some 1,000 people joined a march last Saturday in Hatfield, Doncaster, marking 30 years since the march back to work that ended the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike. 

London transport workers round-up

RMT union urges 17,000 staff at Network Rail to reject deal | Meetings build pay campaign on London buses | Tube workers discuss "pitiful" offer | Strikers defend diabetic driver

999 control operators escalate strikes in Essex

Emergency 999 control operators in Essex have stepped up their fight with Fire and Rescue bosses by beginning an eight-day walkout on Tuesday of this week.

Occupation in Barnet continues London housing fightback

Tenants and supporters have occupied a newly empty house on the Sweets Way estate in Barnet, north London.

National Gallery workers set for more walkouts

Workers at the National Gallery in London have voted to escalate their action in opposition to bosses’ privatisation plans with a further seven days of strikes. 

TUSC candidates campaign against austerity

Election news from Portsmouth, Edinburgh and Barnsley

Protesters hit out at climate chaos

More than 20,000 people marched through central London last Saturday demanding urgent action to tackle climate change.

Activists build 21 March demos as Tories plan racist crackdown

Politicians and the media are ramping up Islamophobia and racism against migrants in the run-up to May’s general election.

Anti-fascist marchers in Manchester defy calls to 'ignore' racist EDL

Around 500 anti-fascists marched through Manchester city centre against the racist English Defence League (EDL) last Saturday.

Cops admit parents of Bethnal Green students didn’t know about terror operation

The parents of three London teenagers assumed to have travelled to Syria to join Isis have demanded a formal apology from the police.

Organise against Ukip bigots

Ukip leader Nigel Farage was finally forced to speak about the racist party’s immigration policy last week.

Immigrants are welcome here

Our rulers want us to panic about the fact that more Romanians and Bulgarians are coming to Britain.

Light is shed on cover up of establishment abusers

Three linked events threw some light on allegations of child abuse by the rich and powerful and their attempts to cover it up.

News in brief

Strike against big budget cuts | Cells a ‘default option’ for care | New rules limit access to travel | Care watchdog slams Barnet

Top Hillsborough cop admits failings

Match commander David Duckenfield has accepted responsibility for some of the police failings during the Hillsborough football disaster.

Essex fire strikers take control to defend their conditions

Striking emergency 999 control operators in Essex were defiant on their picket line today, Friday, after they escalated their walkout to nine days.

Hillsborough: top cop in charge admits ‘far-reaching deceit’ but QC asks if he was coached for inquests

Relatives of fans who died as a result of the Hillsborough disaster walked out of inquests into their deaths in disgust yesterday, Friday, as cop apologises and admits "far-reaching deceit".


Health strike planned as rulers pressure Syriza

Health workers in two Athens hospitals were set to walk out on Wednesday of this week and march on the Ministry of Health. 

Rage after black teenager Tony Robinson killed by cop in Wisconsin

Protests erupted in Madison, Wisconsin, last weekend following the police killing of another unarmed black man.

Rivalry tears Ukraine apart

British foreign secretary Philip Hammond has said that the West will impose more sanctions on Russia if separatist forces in Ukraine launch another offensive.


Scottish Labour attempts to halt its decline

Raymie Kiernan reports from Scottish Labour’s special conference in Edinburgh

Will the establishment absorb the opposition in Hong Kong?

Vincent Sung looks at the contradictions in Hong Kong’s Umbrella movement and some of the challenges it faces in the future

Netanyahu blusters as Israel is sidelined

Binyamin Netanyahu's visit to Congress illustrates the complex relationship between the US and Israel, writes Alex Callinicos.


Who will speak for Glasgow?

After the referendum shook up Scotland, council cuts and a general election have got workers asking who will stand up for the poorest, writes Raymie Kiernan

Syriza and socialist strategy - part one

Stathis Kouvelakis, a leading figure on the left of the Greek radical left party Syriza, argues it has made mistakes but is still our best hope for change.


Appropriate Behaviour

Film review. Also, review of exhibition Ghosts: how we live in the future

The race for space: Optimistic songs that say it’s worth aiming high

Public Service Broadcasting's concept album is a surprising success that lives up to its lofty subject matter

In Loving Memory of Work: Images of the miners’ strike capture a raw class anger

Beautifully produced new book In Loving Memory of Work records the Great Miners’ Strike through its art, design and photographs, writes TUSC candidate for Barnsley Central Dave Gibson

What We Think

Workers can end the austerity offensive

The war of the billboard posters has begun and the media is stuffed with arguments about the TV election debates.

Other Categories

Marie McGorrigan 1947-2015

Comrades were saddened to learn of the recent death of Marie McGorrigan. 


Thanks for solidarity from released South Africans, fighting canal evictions, causes of child abuse and Palestine protest at Glasgow University

Cameron, the IMF and the army celebrate International Women's Day

International Women’s Day was a chance to celebrate—or patronise, depending on your view—women’s achievements.

Oxfordshire child abuse was ‘living hell’ but cops just ignored victims

The right wing press say that the Oxfordshire abuse scandal is about race. But once again a report has slammed authorities’ attitudes, writes Sadie Robinson

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