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Issue: 2449

Dated: 14 Apr 2015

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We need housing - not more sell offs

TUSC and Left Unity parliamentary candidate for Bethnal Green and Bow Glyn Robbins slams the Tories' latest housing scam

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Two all-out strikes take on austerity in Scotland

Porters in Dundee are the second set of workers to start an indefinite walkout, reports Raymie Kiernan

Homelessness caseworkers challenge council bosses with ‘the empty chair’

As Glasgow’s homelessness caseworkers enter the third week of their indefinite strike over pay grading, solidarity is growing and they are having an impact.

TUSC campaign is winning new supporters

Socialists are building resistance to austerity and racism with election campaigns, reports Nick Clark

Meet Carlo Morelli the TUSC candidate for Dundee East

Carlo Morelli is the TUSC parliamentary candidate for Dundee East.

Cops' use of force probed at Kingsley Burrell inquest

Karon Monaghan QC, representing Kingsley’s two former partners, asked Allen why the decision was taken to restrain Kingsley when he wasn’t being aggressive.

Protest demands Munir Farooqi has access to healthcare in Wakefield prison

Some 50 justice campaigners gathered outside HMP Wakefield on 5 April in support of Munir Farooqi, a victim of a serious miscarriage of justice.

Join rally for victimised rep Clara Osagiede

Supporters of RMT union cleaners’ rep Clara Osagiede were set to rally on Wednesday of this week in support of an appeal against her sacking.

Evicted tenant re-occupies her home in east London

A former council tenant in Newham, east London, re-occupied her former home last Saturday with the help of supporters in the Focus E15 housing campaign.

Sweets Way eviction alert

The last households on the Sweets Way estate in Barnet, north London, were expecting the High Court bailiffs to evict them as Socialist Worker went to press.

Protest at Harmondsworth demands closure of all detention centres

Over 200 demonstrators gathered outside Harmondsworth Immigration Detention Centre, near Heathrow airport last Saturday to demand the closure of all detention centres

Reports round-up

Packaging workers set for more strikes | Organising against council health cuts | Day of Dissent to combat trade deal | Steel unions plan pensions ballot | Bus workers to meet over pay talks

NHS staff at Unison health conference say, fight the cuts

Health workers met in Liverpool this week as a new survey revealed the severe crisis gripping the NHS. 

Anti-racists spend a day exposing Ukip

Nigel Farage faced two protests last Saturday as the fight against Ukip gathers pace, writes Sadie Robinson

Student occupiers fight clampdown on protest rights

Student occupiers from University of Arts London (UAL) were protesting outside the Royal Courts of Justice in central London as Socialist Worker went to press.

Anti-nuclear protesters blockade Trident base

Hundreds of protesters blockaded the Faslane naval base in Scotland on Monday of this week.

Education reports round-up

Workers are organising against the outsourcing of casualised staff at Warwick university. They are resisting Teach Higher—a separate company set up by Warwick university-owned Warwick Employment Group.

New strikes at National Gallery after bosses refuse to budge over privatisation

National Gallery workers in central London have called a further six strike days in their fight with management over privatisation.

London council workers resist Tory privatisation of services

Workers at Bromley Council, in south London, held two days of strikes last week to stop the wholesale privatisation of services. 

Social work conference inspires a radical vision of care

Some 450 people attended the Social Work Action Network (Swan) conference in Paisley last weekend.

Day of action demands fast food workers’ rights

Activists in the Fast Food Rights Campaign were gearing up for a day of action set to take place on Wednesday of this week.

Top cop in Stephen Lawrence probe

Former head of the Metropolitan Police Lord Stevens is to be investigated over claims he did not pass documents to the Stephen Lawrence inquiry.

Greenwich College workers strike against new contracts

Workers at Greenwich college in south east London struck today, Wednesday, against new contracts


Civilian deaths mount as war in Yemen continues

The Saudis are leading the attack because they want to stop the growth of a rival regional power. The Saudi coalition is backed by the US, which is trying to reassert its influence

Workers plan strikes to oppose Nazi Golden Dawn in Greece

Greece’s public sector union federation ADEDY has called a four-hour strike on Monday of next week so workers can rally outside the trial of the fascist Golden Dawn.

International round-up

French workers join mass demos | Climate march held in Quebec | US cop charged with murder

Eyewitness Palestine - 'There is talk of a coming Third Intifada’

Michael Lavalette visited refugee camps in the West Bank and spoke to young people brutalised by the Israeli Defence Force

Islamophobes fail to hijack anger against homophobia in Berlin

Several thousand people demonstrated against homophobia in Berlin on Sunday of last week—and resisted attempts to pit LGBT people and Muslims against each other.


Use your vote to strengthen the left

Socialists should use the elections to build a clear and unashamed socialist alternative to austerity and racism, argues Charlie Kimber


Checking racism out of the library - an experiment in activism

A new book, Celebrating CLR James in Hackney, recalls grassroots campaigns against racism in east London and reprints documents and interviews

Why socialists stand in elections

While socialists argue that only mass working class action can bring about radical change, elections are still important in building workers’ struggle, argues Nick Clark

Testing time for the Tories

There’s a nasty agenda behind the Tories’ plans to test children as young as four. They will set children and schools up for failure while robbing vital education funds to give to big firms. But there is resistance, writes Sadie Robinson


Game of Thrones - unpredictable fantasy tries to have its cake and eat it

As the fifth series of Game of Thrones hits our screens, Ken Olende looks at how the brutal world it depicts has attracted such a widespread following

Billie Holiday cover albums forecast a new storm

Modern day jazz artists Jose James and Cassandra Wilson have both released Billie Holiday cover albums.

Reviews round-up

How do I look? | A World to Win: Posters of Protest and Revolution |

What We Think

Party manifestos signal more misery

The main parties’ manifesto launches underline that need for a socialist challenge to austerity and racism during the election campaign—and even more afterwards.

Scottish Labour's cuts crisis

The Labour leadership hung its Blairite Scottish leader Jim Murphy out to dry this week and essentially gave up in Scotland.

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Leading on the counter-revolution driving the bloody conflict in Yemen and including letters on how we can by fighting and Jim Murphy

Who'd have thought austerity drives the rise in food banks?

The growth of food banks is directly linked to benefit cuts such as sanctions.

Devolving the care cuts will not help to stop them

Plans to merge NHS and social care in Manchester won’t empower patients or carers but drive the market even deeper into health

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