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Issue: 2460

Dated: 30 Jun 2015

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London, Athens, Berlin - Make the bankers pay!

Tens of thousands of people rallied outside the Greek parliament on Monday of this week.

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Cops saw vulnerable children as just a 'nuisance' and 'drain on resources'

An investigation into child abuse in Rotherham, south Yorkshire, has identified “hundreds” of suspects including one former and one current councillor.

Media hypocrisy over Nazi attack in Mold

Nazi Zack Davies was found guilty last week of the attempted murder of dentist Dr Sarandev Bhambra in Mold, Flintshire, in January.

Reviews round-up

The Four Fridas; Amy; Magician: The Astonishing Life and Works of Orson Welles

Tories send fence to Calais to shut more migrants out

Tory prime minister David Cameron pledged last week to make Britain a “less easy place for illegal migrants to come to and work in”.

Cop tells Azelle Rodney murder trial, 'I chose to take his life'

The Azelle Rodney trial has heard evidence from the cop accused of his 2005 murder.

Reports round-up

Anti-fascist protest in Luton; Nazi arrest; lawyers set to strike; Manchester housing protest; warehouse workers' ballot to strike

National Gallery strikers plot to bury bosses’ privatisation plan

Striking National Gallery workers sent a message to bosses last week, “We are not going away.”

Journalists at Newsquest suspend action over cuts

Newsquest journalists in south London suspended their ten-day strike a day early “as a sign of goodwill” ahead of talks with bosses as Socialist Worker went to press. 

Resist every college cut

UCU union members at Bradford College struck on Tuesday of this week against compulsory redundancies.

Unison union members walk out at London Met

Workers in the Unison union at London Metropolitan University struck again on Thursday of last week against plans to slash jobs and impose up to 165 compulsory redundancies.

European institutions' 'project fear' over Greece

Right wing and liberal parties were set to protest the day after Monday’s protests against the deal. Their main demand is for the referendum to be cancelled.

NUT union activists debates how to organise supply teachers

About 150 teachers attended the third annual NUT Supply Teachers Conference last Saturday to join discussions on how to organise in the sector.

East London teachers set to strike against victimisation

NUT union members at George Monoux College were set to begin a two-day strike on Wednesday of this week in defence of two sacked teachers.

Glasgow parents warn of civil disobedience at cuts

Parents and council workers are up in arms over Glasgow City Council’s latest cuts plan.

News in brief

Janner could face abuse trial | Council cuts target babies | New attack on NHS spending

Strong pickets force talks from east London school bosses

The NUT union suspended planned strikes for talks this week at two schools in Newham, east London. 

TUC calls protest at Tory party conference in October

The TUC has called a national demonstration outside the Tory Party conference in Manchester on 4 October.

Witnesses talk of ‘small changes’ in survivors’ life signs amid ‘utter bedlam’ of Hillsborough disaster

Inquests into the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans who died as a result of the 1989 disaster are continuing to hear evidence about fans’ last movements.

TUSC holds first Scottish conference after general election

About 90 socialists, trade unionists and community campaigners attended the first Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition conference since the May general election in Glasgow last Saturday.

Oppose Tory budget cuts

As the Tories prepare to unleash obscene levels of cuts to welfare spending Dave Sewell talks to a disabled activist about resisting the impact of their assault on disability benefits

Tories face biggest Tube walkout in over a decade

Tube workers in the RMT union have voted by 91 percent to strike over pay and the introduction of Night Tube. TSSA members voted to strike by three to one. Unite had not announced its results as Socialist Worker went to press.

Glasgow homelessness caseworkers call budget protest

Glasgow homelessness caseworkers are supporting a call to protest on Wednesday of next week when the Tory emergency budget is announced.

Lancashire council votes to reject fracking

Councillors in Preston, Lancashire, voted against the return of fracking this week.

Network Rail workers vote to accept deal

Workers at Network Rail have accepted a new two-year deal on pay.

CalMac ferry strike stops services

Workers at the Scottish government-owned CalMac ferry company struck on Friday of last week, severely affecting Clyde and Hebrides ferry services.

Dundee porters defeat bosses with all-out strike

Dundee hospital porters took on their bosses over low pay with a 13-week all-out strike – and they have won.

Migrant workers at Sotheby's suspended for standing up for their rights

Cleaners and porters who work at Sotheby’s were suspended today, Thursday, for taking part in a protest yesterday for sick pay and against victimisation.

Eyewitness in Athens: Hundreds of thousands-strong No rally defies bankers' blackmail

Hundreds of thousands of people crammed into central Athens' Syntagma Square last night, Friday, for the official no campaign's rally ahead of Sunday's austerity referendum. 

Eyewitness in Athens: No voter says, 'The politicians who support yes are the ones who got us here'

The outcome of Greece’s referendum on a proposed new austerity package was balanced on a knife edge as polls opened this morning, Sunday.

Eyewitness in Athens: 'People have said no to austerity – and it's only the start'

Celebrations are breaking out all over Greece tonight, Sunday, as the results of today's referendum come in – with a resounding No to the EU and IMF’s proposed austerity package.


Same sex marriage win in US

Many activists were buoyed by the US Supreme Court’s historic ruling on Friday of last week that legalised same sex marriage across the 50 states.

Isis terrorism created by repression and Iraq war

Shocking attacks carried out in the name of Islamist organisation Isis on Friday of last week killed 38 tourists in Tunisia and 27 Shia Muslims in Kuwait.

Workers in Greece can strike a blow in austerity referendum

Banks were closed across Greece on Monday of this week in the run-up to a planned referendum on Sunday.

'We want control of our lives and workplaces', Greek health workers speak out

With just three days until Greece's austerity referendum, Europe’s rulers are ramping up their “project fear” about rejecting their latest deal.

Eyewitness in Athens: thousands march on Greek anti-capitalist demonstration

Over 5,000 people joined the anti-capitalist left on a march through Athens last night, Thursday, calling for a no vote in Sunday's austerity referendum.

Workers in Greece say, 'A no vote will show that we are not afraid'

Cleaners in Athens and a dock workers' union secretary in the Piraeus port spoke to Dave Sewell about how the referendum is crucial to their struggles.


Media workers need a clear response to attacks from bosses

We’re only weeks into a new Tory government and predictably local newspaper bosses have been attacking journalists’ jobs. The industry has never been slow in making staff pay the price to maximise profits.

Why is Greece in so much debt? A brief background to the crisis

Socialist Worker answers four questions on the Greek crisis

Build strong movements—not Labour’s project

Backing Jeremy Corbyn’s candidacy isn’t the same as endorsing the political project he represents, writes Alex Callinicos


The myth of segregated Britain

Politicians argue that multiculturalism has meant migrants are ‘self-segregating’. Author Stephen Jivraj spoke to Socialist Worker about a new book demolishing that claim

Marikana massacre inquiry: The truth behind the cover-up

The South African state’s official inquiry into the killing of 34 striking miners in 2012 has provoked shock and disbelief, Rehad Desai and Jim Nichol told Ken Olende


Not Safe for Work—disjointed drama about life at work leaves out the cuts

Channel 4’s new drama Not Safe for Work tries to make a point about working life in Britain today—but doesn’t quite pull it off. 

Revelations—Experiments in Photography

This exhibition explores the influence of early scientific photography on modern and contemporary art

What We Think

Turn the Tories' fears into real resistance

The Tories have set up a “hit squad” to combat strikes.

How the mighty ANC fell

Despite attempts to whitewash government collusion, the official report into South Africa’s Marikana massacre taints the ruling African National Congress (ANC). Cops opened fire on striking miners in 2012, killing dozens.

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Leading on Tory benefit policies add up to a death sentence for me and including the government's war on the poor in Scotland

Queen gets a regal pay rise of 23 percent - paid for by you

This week's Troublemaker leads on the queen pocketing even more cash

Debate: Which side are EU on?

Socialist Worker has argued for a vote against staying in the European Union in the coming referendum, but not everyone agrees. Readers give their views on how the left should vote

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