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Issue: 2461

Dated: 07 Jul 2015

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Up yours bankers—Greek workers say ‘OXI’

Celebrations took place in Syntagma Square in front of the Greek parliament and around the surrounding streets long into the night last Sunday.

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'Howls of protest' as Osborne's Tory budget targets the poor

Millions of working class people began this week in fear as Tory chancellor George Osborne prepared for his budget.

Oxford hospital porters vote to strike

Porters in the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford have voted overwhelmingly to strike against bosses’ attacks on pay.

Coordinated walkouts show how to challenge the Tories

Workers leading resistance to austerity and privatisation will show union leaders what needs to be done.

Solicitors work to rule against Gove’s cuts

Criminal defence solicitors across the country began to refuse to do legal aid work at the start of the month.

Action spreads as Argyll Ferries set to join CalMac strike

Argyll Ferries staff were set to join CalMac workers on a 24-hour walkout on Friday of this week over threats to jobs, conditions and pensions. 

Bullying is ‘embedded’ in the London Ambulance Service, says new report

Health workers face an epidemic of “bullying and harassment” from their bosses. That’s the shocking conclusion of an independent report produced for the London Ambulance Service (LAS) published last week.

Reports round-up

Housing and insulation workers ballot; Royal Opera House deal accepted; Israeli factory targeted; and London hotel workers get organised

Education round-up

Bradford College UCU members struck on Tuesday of last week against compulsory redundancies. Picket lines began at 7am and at their peak there were 70 people.

Tube strike can beat the bosses

The London Underground was set to be closed completely on Wednesday of this week, as all four Tube unions were preparing for a 24-hour walkout.

Hillsborough inquests told victim appeared alive

A 16 year old victim of the Hillsborough football disaster appeared alive after the crush, an inquest has heard.

Rail workers at First Great Western, Southern Railways and Northern Rail on track to strike

Some 2,000 First Great Western workers were set to walk out for 48 hours on Wednesday of this week. Over 200 engineers working for Southern Rail are set to strike for five days this Sunday. And at Northern Rail, station staff and guards have voted by 80 percent to strike over the threat to jobs, safety and the creation of a two-tier workforce.

Greek bailout money goes back into the bosses’ pockets

The money Greece receives goes straight back into the pockets of bankers who loaned it. That’s where the roots of the crisis lie.

Azelle Rodney cop walks free after trial

A former cop has been cleared of the murder of a man he shot on sight, including four times in the head.

Unite union rules conference: can Jeremy Corbyn re-democratise Labour?

On the day that Greek workers won the vote against austerity, Unite union delegates gathered for a week’s debate on the rules of the union and how to organise in Britain.

Frack Free Scarborough

More than 100 people attended Frack Free Scarborough’s public meeting on Thursday of last week.

‘Vote SNP’ re-adopted at Solidarity conference

Around 60 members of Solidarity - Scotland’s Socialist Movement met in Glasgow last Saturday to discuss the organisation’s strategy in the 2016 Scottish parliament election.

Counter demos keep Nazis in check

Hundreds of anti-fascists took to the streets last Saturday in Sheffield and London.

Furious protests as Osborne unleashes budget for the rich

Reports from a budget day of strikes and demonstrations

Shutdown of London's Tube shows the power of united workers

London Underground was completely shut last night and today, Thursday, as all four Tube unions staged a 24-hour strike. Not a train moved and not a station opened.

Marxism 2015: new mood of resistance on show at opening rally

The opening rally of Marxism 2015 thundered with applause from up to 900 people this evening, Friday, as strikers addressed the Institute of Education’s Logan Hall in central London. 


International round-up

Yemen bombing | Crackdown in Egypt | Victory for German strike | Migrant deaths in Calais

Workers in Greece defy bankers’ blackmail

Millions refused to be bullied—now their struggle can inspire resistance, writes Dave Sewell in Athens


Fighting on All Fronts—resisting the slaughter of war across the world

Donny Gluckstein writes on the new book he has edited on those who fought both against imperialism and fascism during the Second World War

OXI vote boosts Greek workers’ confidence

People in Greece are elated with the referendum result. They have said no to austerity and showed they are prepared to stand up to the bankers’ pressure.

Building on OXI vote can win real change

There are historical moments when the normal rush of events comes to a standstill. These are often occasions when the usual relations of power are reversed, the mighty humbled, and the poor and needy uplifted.


Aftershock—the brutal truth of Israel's war on Gaza

A year after Israeli bombs and troops killed thousands in Gaza, Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer talks to Nick Clark about what he saw there—as well as the continuing oppression and the resistance of ordinary people

Who has power in society?

As the global ruling class continues its clampdown on Greece, Tomáš Tengely-Evans asks where real power lies—and argues that workers can change the world


The Outcast—exposing myths of middle class idylls

BBC One’s new drama The Outcast is set in a small village in the 1950s.

Reviews round-up

The east End Film Festival features international premiers, independent film releases, music and art. 

Them and Us—learning the lessons about how to give bosses a kicking

We live with zero hour contracts, creeping casualisation and a brutal austerity drive.

What We Think

We need a party that looks to the class

Time and again the Greek working class has shown its ability to challenge the bosses. When the collective power of workers is mobilised, anything is possible.

Reject Tory spin on low pay

Tories are attacking tax credits out of spite

Other Categories

Angus McKendrick, 1959-2015

Angus McKendrick has died suddenly from a virulent bacterial infection. 


Leading on: Our resistance to big firms shows how to beat fracking and the ongoing debate on the European Union (EU)

Crooked cops and the robbery that won’t die

How long did it take cops to work out that John Palmer, who was shot in the chest, didn’t die from natural causes? Six days of investigation apparently.

Tories' sinister clampdown will not stop terror attacks

Politicians and newspapers are whipping up Islamophobia—and continuing a process that was ramped up a decade ago after the 7/7 London bombings in 2005, argues Simon Basketter

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