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Issue: 2462

Dated: 14 Jul 2015

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Mass strike in Greece—workers resist EU blackmail

Furious workers across Greece were preparing to walk out against a crippling new austerity package imposed by Europe’s rulers as Socialist Worker went to press.

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Union calls fresh strike in fight with Tube bosses

The Aslef Tube drivers’ union has called a fresh 24-hour strike for 5 August. This follows a united walkout by the Aslef, RMT, TSSA and Unite unions on Wednesday night and Thursday of last week that completely shut down the undergound. 

Sean Rigg cop charged with perjury

A police officer has been charged with perjury over the death of Sean Rigg. Sean died in Brixton police station, south London, in 2008. 

First Great Western rail walkout hit bosses hard

Some 2,000 First Great Western (FGW) rail workers in the RMT union struck for 48 hours last week. 

Cuts threaten London GPs’ surgeries

Up to 140 of London’s 1,400 general practitioner (GP) surgeries face the threat of closure during the next three years, local health committees have warned.

Slasher Osborne's Budget Day massacre

Press and pundits focused on George Osborne’s minimum wage rise but missed the real story of the budget—the biggest assault on working class living standards for a generation. Nick Clark examines the budget

Union suspends Scottish ferry action

The RMT union suspended a strike by CalMac and Argyll Ferries workers planned for Friday of last week. 

Education round-up

Workers at Bradford College struck against compulsory redundancies on Thursday of last week. It was the second strike by the UCU union members.

Unite union votes for unlawful acts of civil disobedience

The Unite union changed its constitution to allow civil disobedience in a vote at its rules conference in Brighton on Wednesday of last week.

Support the Sotheby’s Four

More than 24,000 people have signed a petition calling for the reinstatement of four sacked workers who worked for subcontractor Servest at Sotheby’s in central London.

Sweeping vote to act in Doncaster council

An indicative ballot of workers at Doncaster Council in the Unison, Unite and GMB unions has moved them closer to industrial action. 

London council workers coordinate strikes to stop service privatisation

Strikes against Tory privatisation at two London councils grew in strength as council workers walked out on Wednesday of last week. 

Marxism 2015 reflects new mood for resistance

Over 2,700 people gathered in central London for the Marxism 2015 festival last weekend. They included striking workers, students, campaigners and socialists from across the globe.

Labour leadership races to right with welfare attacks

Interim Labour leader Harriet Harman’s announcement that the party will not oppose the Tories’ latest attacks on welfare signals a further lurch to the right. 

Child abuse inquiry—questions that need answering

An inquiry into child sex abuse in public institutions opened last week. 

Reports round-up

New offer in Gunstones bakery dispute | Universal Credit staff set to strike in Glasgow and Bolton | ITV workers accept new pay settlement | Heathrow protesters oppose 'Plane Stupid' new runway | Arrests after demonstration at Israeli arms firm Elbit | Harmondsworth protesters demand an end to refugee detention |

Durham turnout shows Miners' Gala still matters

Some 150,000 people filled the streets of Durham last Saturday for the 131st Durham Miners Gala.

Post workers rally against effects of privatisation

The CWU postal workers’ union launched a campaign against the effects of privatisation in the postal industry on Thursday of last week.

Campaigners stop evictions in Bromley and Glasgow

Campaigners in both Bromley, south London, and Glasgow stopped two evictions in the past week.

New National Gallery boss could face indefinite strike

Workers at the National Gallery in central London plan to walk out for three days every week until August, when they will hold a consultative ballot on an all-out strike.

Glasgow strikers debate council bosses’ new offer

A new offer from council bosses was being debated by a mass meeting of Glasgow homelessness caseworkers as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday of this week.

Greek workers strike and MPs rebel as government votes for austerity

Striking public sector workers marched through Athens yesterday, Wednesday.


International round-up

Palestinian hunger striker released; protest el-Sisi's visit; Ryanair strike in Denmark; Hungary's anti-migrant fence

Iran deal reflects weakness of US - and helps ordinary Iranians

Iranian socialist Nima Soltanzadeh welcomes an historic deal to end economic sanctions that only helped the regime

Greek unions call strike to beat a new austerity deal

Workers had an immediate response to the Greek government’s surrender to its creditors—meeting within hours to call a public sector mass strike.

New austerity deal in Greece will make the crisis worse

Eurozone leaders have pushed Greece’s government into a terrible austerity deal, writes Dave Sewell

‘Uncle Xi’s bull market’ is collapsing in China

Sally Kincaid looks at the causes of China’s stock market crash and how it terrifies the country’s workers and rulers for different reasons


Failure of reformism led to Greek tragedy

The agreement in Greece has been widely described as a coup—and in some ways it is.


1925-27: A fight for freedom in China

A revolutionary upsurge shook China from 1925 to 1927, showing that even in a poor country workers can challenge capitalism and imperialism, writes Sadie Robinson


Ant-Man—astonishing tale to banish superhero fatigue

The latest Marvel comic book superhero to get their own film is actually one of the company’s oldest characters.

Chalkie Davies—piecing together an intimate image of music’s icons

When music photographer Chalkie Davies left for the US in 1985, he locked away his portfolio.

Artist Rooms—Roy Lichtenstein

This exhibition of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein’s work is mostly made up of 16 prints he made in the decade before his death in 1997.

What We Think

Defy Europe’s bosses—organise resistance

Both the deal imposed on Greece’s government and the Tories’ latest budget are dripping with spite. The demands of the European Union (EU) leaders stand out for their petty details.

No western war in Syria

In the same week that the Tories announced more savage cuts on ordinary people, David Cameron promised more money for the military.

Other Categories

Martin Walsh 1948-2015

Martin Walsh died last week from cancer. He was an inspirational teacher and trade unionist who fought all his life for a better world.  


Leading on: How we resisted racism after the 7/7 London bombings and the Greek No vote and the European Union (EU)

Hacker exposes cops’ spy deal with cybersecurity firm

Cops tried to buy fancy surveillance technology from cybersecurity firm Hacking Team, leaked emails show.

London mother and two children kept homeless by racist rules

A homeless London-born mother and her two children were denied help by Southwark Council, using racist immigration status rules, uncovered by Sadie Robinson

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