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Issue: 1867

Dated: 06 Sep 2003

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The unions must stand up to Blair

THE BLAIR regime is on the rocks. If it goes down it will be a crushing blow against the policies of New Labour.

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Tony Benn speaks on the issues the Hutton inquiry avoids

"The lie that led us to war is not really about the so called sexing up of the dossier. The prime minister’s lie was that he took us to war because he thought there were weapons of mass destruction. In truth he took us to war because President Bush told him to take us to war."

Postal workers stamp on gutter press smears

TALK OF intimidation of workers is a bit rich coming from the Sun. It's an insult.

Poor will lose out in new AIDS drugs deal

"POOR PEOPLE suffering from AIDS will now get cheap life-saving drugs."

Pensions in crisis

MILLIONS OF workers are having their pensions threatened because company directors are grabbing huge payouts for themselves.

A day older and deeper in debt

A QUARTER of all households borrow money just to be able to cover their weekly bills, according to a new survey by KPMG.

The week in brief

UNDERNEATH THE mountain of media coverage of the Hutton inquiry there were some fascinating insights last week.

Against hospital closures and sell-offs in Hartlepool

OVER 150 people protested against the threatened closure of the University Hospital in Hartlepool last week.

Energy giant leaves millions in the dark

THE BLACKOUT that hit London and the south east of England last week was another vivid reminder of the madness of privatisation and spending curbs.

Strike at Rhodia's pensions robbery

A SECOND day of strike action was set for Friday of this week by workers at Rhodia who are trying to save their final salary pension scheme.

Election campaign

Brent THE SOCIALIST Alliance created a real buzz in Brent, west London, last weekend. Brian Butterworth is standing as the Socialist Alliance candidate for MP in the Brent East by-election, called for 18 September.


JOURNALISTS WORKING for newspapers in Sheffield have voted for industrial action over pay.

Yes to action across London

VOTING STARTED this week in a ballot of 58,000 workers employed by local councils across London over their long-running London Weighting dispute.


LAST SATURDAY saw up to 6,000 people from across Manchester come to see acts like Gregory Issacs and Mr Scruff at an vibrant anti-racism festival.

Disputes over bus pay are still spreading

YORK: Bus drivers in the TGWU union in York walked out on Wednesday of last week in their first day of action against their employer, First Group.

Nursery Nurses

SOME 5,000 nursery nurses in Scotland were due to begin a week-long strike to pile on the pressure in their battle for decent pay and recognition for the work they do.

Love music-hate racism

LOVE MUSIC-hate racism, privatisation and war! That was the message ringing out over the grassy slopes by the sea at Tankerton, Kent, on Sunday.


SOME 120 people turned up to a meeting on Sunday of the coalition mobilising from England to the European Social Forum (ESF) in November.


ENGINEERING workers at saw blades firm BAHCO in Rotherham began a series of week-long strikes over pay after months of talks broke down.

Mood among tube workers hotting up

TUBE DRIVERS in the RMT union at Edgware Road, London, will ballot for strike action over the sacking of a colleague.


IN RESPONSE to the strike planned for 1 September at its West Gorton, Manchester site, IT company Fujitsu Services announced that first-line helpdesk staff nationwide would now get full company sick pay and five days extra holiday.

Bin Workers

THREE WEEKS into a work to rule, the Edinburgh Cleansing Department dispute remains unresolved.

Egyptian activists campaign

SUPPORT IS growing for the anti-war activists arrested under Egypt's notorious security laws. Egypt is a key Western ally in the Middle East. It also saw the region's most significant anti-war movement-where activists braved riot police and threats of arrest to take to the streets.



Politics will fizz in Paris

"THE FAR Left Is In Fashion". That was the headline in the right wing French daily Le Parisien on Wednesday last week.

The political peacocks who call the shots

ONE OF the sideshows to the Hutton inquiry is how the press report what's going on.


We'll hold Blair to account, vow 1,000 delegates

"AS ONE who cast doubts about the wisdom of holding a People's Assembly against the war before the end of August I apologise."

War costs every school one teacher

THE FUNDING disaster facing schools is far deeper than the government has so far acknowledged.

You make Socialist Worker different

AT THE Socialist Worker office we try to make sure your paper is as good as possible and looks professional. But what we do in the office is only a small part of what makes up the paper.

Help us reach our £150,000 target

SOCIALIST WORKER is obviously not owned by some millionaire or corporation. Nor do we carry corporate advertising.

King's dream and the American nightmare

IT WAS a miracle of oratory. Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech 40 years ago projected the struggle for black civil rights in the US to the whole world.

'Racism, exploitation and war tied together'

KING'S STRATEGY of mass mobilisation against segregation produced a violent reaction from the white supremacists.

Message to those who say 'reclaim Labour'

TONY BLAIR is in deep trouble. He has rested his hopes on Lord Hutton excusing his behaviour over the Kelly affair. But the tribunal has inadvertently uncovered mountains of evidence showing the scale of the government lies about the war.


Behind the dieting myths

THE ATKINS diet has been splashed all over newspapers and magazines recently, and has spawned a bestselling book.

When the boat doesn't come in

WORKERS FROM three Tyneside shipyards walked out on strike on Friday of last week in an unofficial dispute over pay.

What We Think

End the occupation and bury the Bush project

SUPPORT FOR the occupation of Iraq is melting away.

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Martin Yates

FRIENDS AND comrades of Martin Yates were shocked to hear of his tragic death. Martin was an active trade unionist in the civil service for 30 years and a leading member of the PCS and the Socialist Alliance in Merseyside.


Artificial limbs use pre-1950s methods SHAMEFUL IS the only way to describe the treatment of a black woman who was told that if she wanted her artificial leg to match her skin colour she would have to pay for it.

Marx was one hundred percent democratic

GEORGE MONBIOT, in his recent book The Age of Consent, makes what is a common complaint against Marxism.

Old people suffer new heartbreak

GEORGE AND Mary Lipsham were inseparable for 60 years. But two years ago they were put in different care homes when Mary developed dementia.

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