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Issue: 2465

Dated: 04 Aug 2015

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As Cameron attacks Calais refugees, we say 'Let them in'

Tories announce new clampdown as migrants die in Calais, reports Ken Olende

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Masses come to Jeremy Corbyn rallies

Some 2,000 people turned out for a rally to elect Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party in central London on Monday of this week.

Cop on Hillsborough pitch was ‘unhelpful’, inquest hears

The husband of a victim of the Hillsborough disaster has told an inquest into her death that police blocked him from searching for her.

The things they say

The week's news in their own words

Closures as hospital PFI debt crisis gets worse

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in south London is the latest to face a financial meltdown.

Union leaders vow to take on Tories’ Trade Union Bill—but the question is how

Over 400 people gathered in central London last Wednesday to oppose the Tories’ attack on trade union rights. 

Reports round-up

Victorious Glasgow caseworkers return to work | Work to rule at Sellafield | New strike called at First Great Western | Barristers' action extended | TUSC to stand Haringey candidate | March for justice for Mark Duggan | Hundreds of anti-facists marched against the EDL in North Shields | Oppose the racist ‘white man march’ in Liverpool | Unite campaigns for fair tips at Pizza Express | Thousands attend Pride marches in Brighton and Leeds | Save the Marcus Garvey library in Haringey

Charges over protester at Israeli arms factory

Palestine solidarity protesters arrested outside an Israeli owned arms factory last month have been formally charged by police.

Go all out to build support for National Gallery fight

Strikers at the National Gallery have voted to bring forward their planned all-out strike after bosses announced their privatisation plans could go through as early as next Monday.

Protesters in North Yorkshire want facts not fracking

Around 400 people attended a Facts Before Fracks meeting about the appalling health impact of fracking in Ryedale, North Yorkshire, on Wednesday of last week.

Immigration raid targets London's East End

Immigration officers raided a sandwich factory in east London last week.

Tube strike can halt the greedy bosses’ attacks

A strike by workers in all four Tube unions was set to bring London grinding to a halt on Thursday of this week.

Britain will continue bombing Iraq for another year

The RAF is to continue bombing Iraq for at least another year, defence secretary Michael Fallon has revealed.

Did the police cover up child abuse for former Tory prime minister?

A retired cop has claimed that Wiltshire police covered up allegations of child abuse by former Tory prime minister Edward Heath in the 1990s.

Firefighters strike to stop cuts dismantling Essex fire service

Essex firefighters are planning to strike on Thursday of this week in defiance at cuts to jobs which will decimate the county’s fire and rescue services.

News in brief

Cuts for child abuse victims | Libor scandal banker on trial | It’s no help to be an academy | Rich council drives out poor

Why did no one save Jack Susianta?

Police officers refused to enter a canal to help a drowning 17-year old, it has been alleged.

Museum workers in Wales hit back at pay attacks

Over 120 strikers and supporters attended a rally outside Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales on Saturday in protest against museum bosses plans to scrap weekend allowances for the lowest paid staff.

Sotheby’s auction house warned of escalation

Supporters warn of more action after the reinstatement of only two out of the four victimised workers at Sotheby’s auction house in central London.

Busting racist myths about asylum seekers

The lies the racists tell - and how to answer them

Rage as Manchester council moves to ban homelessness camp

Manchester's homeless people and their supporters took it to the streets last Saturday after the city council was granted an injunction banning protest camps in the city centre.

Campaigners in Newham warm up to tackle the Boleyn rip-off

Saturday housing campaigners took to the streets to demand social housing in Newham borough, east London which has some 24,000 on its council waiting list.

Urgent solidarity needed as National Gallery workers vote to bring forward all-out strike

Strikers at the National Gallery have voted to bring their all-out strike forward to Tuesday of next week.

Second solid Tube strike halts London

Tube workers brought London to a halt today, Thursday, with a total shutdown of the network.


Greek workers resist austerity in fresh strikes

Train services were cancelled across Greece on Monday of this week, as rail workers held a five hour strike.

Israel’s racist society caused the West Bank arson murder

Israeli settlers burned an 18-month old Palestinian baby to death in an arson attack in the early hours of Friday morning last week.


The nuclear bomb took capitalist logic to its obscene conclusion

On the anniversary of the US dropping a nuclear bomb on the city of Hiroshima, Simon Basketter argues the destruction was a tool in the battle for strategic control.

Syriza left needs to fight against deal

Anyone who imagined that Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras’ capitulation to the European Union (EU) in July would end the Greek crisis was kidding themselves. Unfortunately this is more because of what Europe’s rulers are doing than resistance from Syriza.


Postcapitalism - Will the system die a natural death?

Journalist Paul Mason's new book claims that a “post-capitalist” world can emerge without the need for a workers’ revolution—but his arguments don’t stack up, argues Dave Sewell

Anger, fear and resentment stalk the streets of Dover

Queues of lorries choke the streets of Dover in Kent. They tail back from the port town, through Kent’s roads and onto the M20 motorway.

The truth about Calais—migrants speak out

David Cameron calls them a ‘swarm’ and to Sun columnists they are ‘cockroaches’. But every migrant in Calais tells a human story of war and poverty. Dave Sewell went to listen


Jack the Ripper museum is ‘profiting from the blood of women’

A new museum was meant to celebrate working class womens’ resistance. Instead it has glorified their murders, writer Louise Raw tells Judith Orr

Shirley Baker—Women, Children and Loitering Men

This is a rare chance to see the work of street photographer Shirley Baker.

Facing History—Contemporary Portraiture

This exhibition features a variety of portraits by contemporary artists and photographers.

What We Think

People want change—not cuts and racism

Whenever Labour politicians lurch to the right, they always seem to find a way of blaming it on the prejudices of ordinary people.

Broken promises are Obama's real legacy

Barack Obama announced the final version of his “Clean Power Plan” on Sunday.

Other Categories


Readers weigh in on the Labour leadership debate, a witch-hunt in Greece, and how to fight the Tories' new anti-union laws

Can you help the Tory axeman?

It’s no secret that government departments are feeling the strain after years of austerity. But it’s come to something when George Osborne can’t even draw up a new plan for cuts without help.

Migrants and minorities aren’t ‘milking’ benefits

People from ethnic minorities are actually disproportionately affected by the attacks in George Osborne’s July budget, according to a new report from the Runnymede Trust.

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