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Issue: 2466

Dated: 11 Aug 2015

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Vile Tory whips up racism—tell Philip Hammond migrants are welcome here

The Tories’ attempts to scapegoat refugees reached a new low this week when millionaire foreign secretary Philip Hammond complained about African migrants “marauding” around Calais.

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Closure of Kids Company highlights lack of real social care provision

Young people and families supported by children’s charity Kids Company protested in the street at the news that it had been shut down.

Most Rotherham abuse suspects are white, says new report

A new report into child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham, South Yorkshire shows that more than two thirds of offenders and suspects in the last two years were white.

Cherry Groce's family to sue the Met police

Cherry Groce's family, who her shooting led to the Brixton riots 1985, to sue the Metropolitan Police for the damage caused to them after she was paralysed

Vigil marks the fourth anniversary of Mark Duggan's killing

Justice for Mark Duggan campaign gathered outside Tottenham Police Station to the launch of the National Injustice Day.

Police Scotland chief met with officers before they gave evidence over death

Calls for the chief of Police Scotland Stephen House to resign after it was found he had met officers being probed over Shaku Bayoh's death in custody weeks before they gave statements to independent investigators.

Back John Burgess for general secretary

Unison NEC member (personal capacity) Karen Reissmann calls to vote for a trade union leadership that will fight against the Tory austerity plans.

Defend Max Watson against compulsory redundancy

Max Watson, Unison union branch secretary at London Metropolitan University, will be making his appeal against compulsory redundancy on 27 August and supporters call a protest in solidarity on the day.

National walkouts at Wales museums

PCS union members at Amgueddfa Cymru/National Museum Wales are set to begin a series of strikes next week.

Tube workers call fresh walkouts to take on bosses

The RMT union has announced two further 24-hour Tube strikes for 25 and 27 August. The other three unions were yet to confirm if they’d join the walkouts as Socialist Worker went to press. 

Offensive Jack the Ripper museum opens to protest

Up to 200 hundred protesters demonstrated outside the new Jack the Ripper museum when it opened in Cable Street, east London last week.

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Sixth form cuts | Private schools | Lord Janner | Healthcare

Right wing attacks add to Corbyn’s momentum

Jeremy Corbyn spoke to Judith Orr at one of the many rallies in his bid to become Labour Party leader

Jeremy Corbyn's mass rallies are a focus for anger—let's turn it into resistance

Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign showed no signs of losing momentum as thousands turned out to his election rallies across Britain last week.

Reports round-up

Pizza Express tips protest | Protest called to target Sotheby’s | Essex firefighters strike against job cuts | Port Talbot vigil for executed miner | Easyjet staff accept deal in close vote | Could Sports Direct be facing strikes? | Strike at Devonport docks | Walkout planned at EDF

More action down the line on First Great Western

First Great Western (FGW) rail workers in the RMT union are set to launch another wave of industrial action from next weekend.

Protest to defend arrested Elbit demonstrators

A protest has been called in support of 19 people arrested on a Palestine solidarity demonstration last month. 

Nine-day bike ride for Gaza

Some 200 cyclists took part in a nine-day cycle tour for Palestine from Edinburgh to London this month.

Refugees and supporters in Calais hold defiant anti-racist march

Weyman Bennett, joint national secretary of the Stand Up to Racism campaign, joined migrants on a solidarity protest in Calais last Saturday. He spoke to Socialist Worker

Evictions resisted in north and south London

Sweets Way resists bailiffs | Six month reprieve in Bromley

Gunstones strikers win pay rises

 Strikers at Gunstones bakery in Dronfield, Sheffield, have won their battle against an imposed pay freeze.

National Gallery workers begin all-out strike

Workers at the National Gallery in central London began an all-out strike on Tuesday of this week.

Solidarity on the National Gallery picket line

Trade unionists from a number of London universities visited picket lines at the National Gallery today, Thursday—the third day of an all-out strike.

Soldier's mother Rose Gentle demands publication date for Chilcot Inquiry

Rose Gentle's son Gordon died in Iraq more than 11 years ago. She spoke to Socialist Worker about the fight to get the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war finally published.


Fury as cops shoot black man at Ferguson anniversary protest

A state of emergency has been declared in Ferguson, Missouri, after cops shot a young black man during a protest to mark the anniversary of the police killing of Michael Brown.

Europe's institutions demand even more from Greece

Greece’s government and its international creditors were in talks over a third bailout agreement as Socialist Worker went to press.

Palestinian Saad Dawabshe dies of burns

Saad Dawabshe died in hospital last Saturday. He was the father of 18-month-old Ali who was killed in an arson attack by two Israeli settlers on his home in the West Bank last month.

Puerto Rico is being punished

Loan sharks who lent to Puerto Rico’s government are demanding massive austerity after it defaulted on a payment for the first time last week.

Britain is 'side by side' with Egypt’s tyrant el-Sisi

Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi presided over the opening of an expansion to the Suez Canal in full military regalia.

Syrian protest calls for justice

More than 1,000 people took part in a demonstration in the regime-held city of Lattakia in Syria last Saturday.

Greek Socialist Workers Party calls for resistance to memorandum

Greek MPs voted to accept a “bailout” from Greece’s international creditors last night, Thursday—with eye-watering conditions. The following is a statement from the Greek Socialist Workers Party (SEK).


How ‘age-old’ national identities were invented

The ideas of nationalism and borders have only developed with the growth of capitalism in the past 400 years, writes Dave Sherry

What will happen if Jeremy Corbyn does win?

The uncomprehending rage of the Labour right as it sinks in that Jeremy Corbyn may well win the leadership is a delight to behold, writes Alex Callinicos


What is class in the 21st century?

Apparent changes to the way we work can make it seem as if the working class no longer exists. But Joseph Choonara argues that we still have the potential to change the world

No safe haven—how desperate refugees fleeing conflicts are turned away

A series of bloody conflicts right across the world lie at the roots of the current refugee crisis.


Algiers—playing the sound of 21st century revolution

New band Algiers from the US deep south are about to tour Europe. Bassist Ryan Mahan spoke to Kevin McCaighy about their music and their politics

Gaza on Gaza

Gaza on Gaza is an exhibition by Palestinian artists put together in response to Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip last summer. 

Red Women’s Workshop

The Red Women’s Workshop was a women’s silkscreen printing collective producing work for the Women’s Liberation Movement in the 1970s and 1980s. A new exhibition in Huddersfield brings together prints, posters and illustrations it produced including Bite the Hand (pictured),

What We Think

A threat to migrants is a threat to us all

When the Tories say they want to charge people not born in Britain for NHS care we know this can be the first step towards bringing in charging everyone.

Capitalism doesn't care

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) watchdog is receiving more than 150 allegations of abuse in adult care services every day, a new report has found.

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Readers respond to the Calais migrant crisis

Things they say

The week's news in their own words

The important thing is that Andy Burnham’s mum thinks he’s cool

Troublemaker watches videos from Labour leadership hopefuls, worries about real heroes, keeps quiet about homelessness and considers some myths

Tories announce more attacks on trade unions

Tories announced plans on Thursday of last week to scrap the automatic union subscription deduction “check-off” for 3.8 million public sector workers | New research shows how the Tory anti-union laws in the Trade Union Bill could stop workers’ exercising their right to strike.

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