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Issue: 2468

Dated: 25 Aug 2015

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Markets in turmoil expose myth of economic recovery

Global financial markets were in turmoil this week after China’s stock market suffered its biggest one-day plunge since 2007. The crisis has been dubbed “Black Monday”. 

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Right is in a frenzy over Corbyn’s successes

Labour right smear and attack frontrunner Left candidate Jeremy Corbyn as 620,000 people take part in the leadership election

Elderly Muslim man dies after attack in Rotherham

Over 100 people attended a vigil in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, to remember Mushin Ahmed last Saturday. 

Metropolitan Police begin crackdown ahead of Notting Hill Carnival in London

The Metropolitan Police has begun targeting black people in the run-up to the Notting Hill Carnival on Monday of next week.

Police shoot man during south London eviction

Police shot and critically injured a man in Clapham, south London, last weekend as they assisted bailiffs to evict him.

Rotherham abuse victims speak out - 'We can make a difference for future generations'

Abuse survivors and relatives from Rotherham tell Sadie Robinson that police and authorities are still failing children. But they’re now organising to make sure future generations get real support

All-out National Gallery strike over privatisation grows stronger

An appeal hearing into the dismissal of PCS union rep Candy Udwin on Wednesday of last week upheld National Gallery bosses’ decision to dismiss her.

Determined refugees break down Macedonian borders

Thousands of refugees forced open the border between Greece and Macedonia last Saturday. 

Unions suspend Tube walkout - but more action could thrash the Tories

Unions have suspended London Tube strikes planned for Tuesday and Thursday of this week. The three unions—RMT, TSSA and Unite—said progress had been made in talks with bosses.

‘Four hours of fear’—refugees' deadly voyage to Greece

Refugees are arriving every night on the Greek island Samos. Most are from Syria, others are from Iraq and Afghanistan. And for the first time last week I met Yemeni refugees. 

News in brief

Blacklister gets contract, sackings at Department for Work and Pensions, rents soar faster than living costs, new assault on benefits

South African Miner's murder case dropped

The attempted murder case against South African trade unionist Makhanya Siphamandla was thrown out on the first day of his trial on Wednesday of last week.

Bromley council faces privatisation battle


Protests called over education cuts

Campaigners were set to take part in a national day of action against further education cuts on Wednesday of this week.

Unison union rep Max Watson to appeal forced redundancy

Union rep Max Watson will appeal against his compulsory redundancy on Thursday of this week. 

Industrial roundup

Organising to stand up to Ukip racists | Protesters to target Sotheby’s auction | Demo called to stop threat of eviction | Workers prepare for a nuclear strike | Luggage scanners walk off the job | More walkouts at Indesit UK Ltd

Fascists are outnumbered in Manchester

Some 200 anti-fascists saw off around 40 Nazis from the National Front, North West Infidels and Combat 18 in Manchester last Saturday.

DVLA staff call strikes for bank holiday in pay row

Workers at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) at Swansea contact centre have announced plans to strike on the August bank holiday weekend.

‘Strong support’ for action from offshore workers

An indicative ballot of offshore helicopter pilots has shown “strong support” for strikes over the terms of redundancy deals, said the British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa).

Migrants paid less on construction site

Construction unions GMB, Unite and Ucatt are demanding construction consortium Sita Semcorp pay migrant workers nationally agreed rates.

Essex firefighters and control staff hit back at bosses' attacks with strikes

Firefighters and control room staff in Essex struck together as part of a rolling programme of strikes on Monday of this week.

Lancashire healthworkers show mood for resistance

Health workers at Calderstones Hospital in Lancashire plan to strike from 6am to 9.30am on Thursday of next week. 

Camden Traffic Wardens’ action suspended

A four-day strike by traffic wardens in Camden, north London was suspended after bosses at private contractor NSL made a new offer.

Over 5,000 for Glasgow Pride

Up to 5,000 marched through Glasgow for Pride last Saturday. This marked 20 years of Pride events in Scotland and the central theme was trans rights.

Fight for services, safety and jobs at First Great Western


Walkout on the Thames

Workers at City Cruises on London’s Thames River were set to strike on Thursday of this week.

Rail Gourmet workers on Eurostar to strike

Rail Gourmet workers on Eurostar were set begin a 48-hour strike from 7pm on Thursday of this week. 

SNP to bring back primary school testing

The Scottish National Party (SNP) leader, under increasing pressure over her party’s record in education, now made an announcement to reintroduce national testing into primary schools in Scotland.


Syriza fell in Greece because it gave in to the bosses demands for austerity

Greece’s coalition government, led by the radical left party Syriza, has collapsed because it capitulated to bosses’ pressure to sign a new bailout agreement. This forced Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras to call a new election.

Mass demonstrations in Beirut against the regime

Up to 10,000 people demonstrated on the streets of Beirut, Lebanon last Saturday.

China chemical plant explosion kills worker

An explosion and fire at a chemical warehouse in Shandong province in eastern China last Saturday killed one person and injured nine. 

Turmoil in Turkey as election called

A general election has been called in Turkey for 1 November. This follows close on an earlier poll in June. 

Black teenager shot in the back in St Louis

Protests broke out in St Louis, in the US state of Missouri, after police shot dead black teenager Mansur Ball-Bey on Wednesday of last week.


Racism is at the heart of football in Israel

Israel’s football team is mired in the country’s racist politics. People are right to call a boycott of matches in Wales, writes Nick Clark


Black and white win by unity

It is ‘common sense’ that black people should organise separately to fight racism. But a socialist strategy of unity is more effective at winning change


NWA biopic tries to ‘keep it real’—but bottles the reality

New film Straight Outta Compton captures a US city about to explode—but shies away from exploring Gangsta Rap’s contradictions

Making art more than just a passive spectator sport

This exhibition brings together a range of artist Carsten Holler’s work. 

Reviews round-up

The full programme has now been announced for the Rio + Film Festival.

What We Think

We need to get rid of their bankrupt system

The panic that spread through financial markets at the start of this week exposed the volatility of the system (see page 3).  For all the talk of “recovery” capitalism is fragile.

Break down our borders

It  was wonderful to see thousands of migrants burst through the outer defences of Fortress Europe last Saturday.  

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Sexist media and politicians suggest women candidates in the Labour leadership election don’t look like leadership material but its the politics that needs to be challenged not their sex | Peterloo Massacre memorial | Labour Right attack Corbyn the man for the masses | 'Female Viagra' drug was approved for profit not to serve women | South African miners cleared of attempted murder after first day of trial| Rulers use racism to divide us | Buffy Sainte-Marie should blame the warmongers |

Iain Duncan Smith doles out real sanctions and fake claimants

Iain Duncan Smith launched yet another initiative to attack people on benefits this week.  

Unison candidate John Burgess says, 'The Tories aim to smash us - let's take them on'

John Burgess, standing for leader of the public sector union Unison, spoke to Raymie Kiernan about how the vote could galvanise resistance to the Tories

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