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Issue: 2469

Dated: 01 Sep 2015

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After 400 refugees killed in a week - stop this racist murder

At least 400 refugees died last week because governments refuse to let them into Europe.

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Shift changes are the final straw for Doncaster council workers

Some 200 Doncaster council workers, including street cleaners and gravediggers, were set to walk out for ten days from Friday of this week. 

United walkouts halt Night Tube plans in their tracks

The introduction of Night Tube on London Underground will not go ahead on 12 September as planned.

First Great Western workers strike for train safety in Wales and the South West

Workers at First Great Western (FGW) rail struck for 72 hours over the bank holiday weekend. 

Protest supports Elbit 19

Protesters arrested outside an Israeli arms factory in July appeared in court on Friday of last week.

Care workers kick off Bromley council strikes

Council workers in Bromley, south London, launched a new wave of strikes against Tory mass privatisation plans last week.

Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund launched to help those affected by deaths in custody

A new permanent fund has been set up to help people affected by deaths in police custody.

Scottish top cop House’s downfall follows years of scandalous policing

Scotland’s chief cop announced last week he is to resign by the end of the year, almost a year earlier than planned. His resignation was prompted by a huge backlash over repeated scandals.

Jeremy Corbyn campaign faces a pressure to compromise

The momentum behind Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign is growing despite right wing attacks.

Report refutes racist sex selective abortion myths

There is no evidence that abortions are taking place in Britain on grounds of sex, according to a new government report.

News in brief

Hillsborough inquests resume | Osborne splashes out on Trident base | Tories could snatch food from infants | Bonfire of local authorities

Solidarity helps striking National Gallery workers defy bosses’ pay blackmail

Strikers at the National Gallery in central London have defied bosses’ attempts to bully them back to work.

Iain Duncan Smith can't hide the shame of his benefit attacks

Hated Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith is struggling to bury the truth about how many people have died after he cut their benefits.

Tories lash out at migrant workers

Not content with demonising refugees, Tory home secretary Theresa May has gone on the offensive against all migrants.

Protest against Israeli war criminal Binyamin Netanyahu in London

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu is set to visit London on Wednesday of next week to meet David Cameron. 

Day of protest called in defence of refugees

Activists have called a protest in London on Saturday 12 September in defence of refugees.

National Gallery protest puts pressure on bosses

National Gallery strikers and supporters protested in central London today, Thursday, as they handed in a petition to gallery bosses and Tory culture minister Ed Vaizey.

International Socialist Tendency statement on the European refugee crisis

1. Europe is facing what has been called its “greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War”. Global levels of displacement due to war and persecution have reached horrific proportions. Some 13.9 million were displaced in 2014 alone. The numbers entering Europe in July were three times higher than a year earlier.

Rotherham stands up to Nazis

Some 400 anti-racists gathered in Rotherham today, Saturday, to oppose the Nazis and remember a murdered man.

Outrage over decision to let Chilean navy 'torture ship' dock in London

Chilean political refugees in Britain have reacted with outrage at the decision to allow the Chilean navy ship Esmeralda to dock in London.

Reports round-up

Meter readers call strike at EDF | Stansted security scanners strike for better pay | LGSM leads lively bloc in Manchester pride | Protest against Chile ‘torture ship’ | Stoke housing workers’ pay strike | Essex fire staff keep fighting cuts | Protest called against Ukip in Doncaster | Solidarity with Max Watson

Privatisation scandal of dirty wards in Nottingham

Also: Oxford porters accept pay deal | Construction workers protest at Royal Liverpool Hospital

Attack on Mushin Ahmed was ‘a hate crime’ says cop

Police are treating an attack on Mushin Ahmed in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, as a hate crime.

Indesit striker: ‘We are a force to be reckoned with’

Over 200 drivers, drivers’ mates and warehouse workers employed at 12 Indesit depots struck for two days last week. Indesit manufactures and distributes domestic appliances.

Museum strikers in Scotland and Wales say bosses are out of touch

Members of the PCS union at museums in Scotland and Wales are fighting separate attacks on weekend pay.

DVLA workers drive home opposition to pay cut

A three-day strike by 650 workers at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) contact centre in Swansea, South Wales, caused disruption both sides of the bank holiday weekend. 

Time for Unison branches to nominate John Burgess

The nomination period for the general secretary election in public sector union Unison opened on Wednesday of this week. 


Row over cuts is behind Northern Ireland's crisis

Official politics in Northern Ireland has been thrown into crisis.

Veolia withdrawal in Jerusalem marks victory for campaign

Infrastructure firm Veolia has sold its shares in the Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR) network—meaning it has completely ended all business in Israel.

Al-Jazeera journalists face jail in Egypt

A court in Egypt has sentenced three Al-Jazeera journalists to three-year jail terms after they were convicted of “spreading false news”.

Corruption scandal sparks protests in Malaysia

Tens of thousands of people protested in Malaysia last weekend demanding the resignation of prime minister Najib Razak, who is embroiled in a corruption scandal.

Clashes between protesters and cops in Kiev

Police and nationalists clashed outside the Ukrainian parliament this week as MPs debated granting autonomy to the southeastern Donetsk and Luhank regions

A statement on Lebanon

In support of the popular movement in Lebanon, against state repression:

Syriza's Alexis Tsipras says 'only forward' as his support goes backward

Days after Greece’s caretaker government was sworn in and set a date for new elections last week, the first of a new wave of cuts started to bite.

McDonald's workers form a global alliance

Fast food workers from 20 countries met in Brazil recently in a 90-strong delegation of global allies of the “Fight for 15” US-wide strike movement. 


The left can emerge stronger after Greek election - but it must not rely on parliament

Greece’s election looks set to produce a confrontation between a new coalition government trying to implement austerity and workers’ resistance against it.


Let’s take back our assets from the bosses

 After Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn called for nationalisation, Ken Olende looks at what this would mean for workers—and how to make it a reality

What’s the left alternative to Labour and the SNP?

The launch of Rise, a new left project in Scotland, is positive—but it’s not the end of the debate, writes Raymie Kiernan

‘Marxism insists we can have a society without women's oppression’

Socialist Worker editor Judith Orr spoke about her new book Marxism and Women’s Liberation


A Brief History of Graffiti—the politics of street art

As part of the BBC’s pop art season, art historian Richard Clay looks at how humans have always needed to make a mark. 

Reviews round-up

Help the War Resisters International launch their new book on conscientious objection. Also: Resistance on Channel 4

The Ascent of Woman—looking at pre-history helps us understand oppression

BBC series The Ascent of Woman acknowledges that women’s oppression hasn’t always existed—but can’t explain why

What We Think

It's our rulers who cause racism

Many politicians would have us believe that working class people are racist. They say they talk about immigration so much to address people’s “real concerns”.

Building resistance to the Tories means making the Manchester march massive

Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign for the Labour leadership has captured ordinary people’s deep-seated anger with the austerity consensus.

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Readers write in about Scottish cops, Jeremy Corbyn, Tory crimes and Israeli injustice

The things they say

‘We should be looking at HS2 as motorways for trains and the HS2 stations should be hubs and we want spokes going into them’

Cameron’s Lord cronies don’t even turn up for expenses

David Cameron has dished out peerages to 26 Conservative cronies.

Made in China—how a debt crisis spread

China’s rulers’ attempts to maintain growth have created a mountain of debt and empty buildings

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