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Issue: 2470

Dated: 08 Sep 2015

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Open the border—Tories out, refugees in

Ordinary people across Europe have reacted with horror to the plight of refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war and other conflicts—and sent solidarity. David Cameron reacted with callous cynicism.

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Over 130,000 people back the National Gallery strikers

The National Gallery workers are entering their second month of all-out strike, reports Nick Clark

Protest marks a breakthrough for anti-racists in Rotherham

Some 400 anti-racists gathered in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, last Saturday to oppose the Nazi Britain First group and remember a murdered Muslim man.

Fair Play for Palestine demo in Wales shows solidarity movement is growing

Up to 1,500 Palestine solidarity campaigners marched through Cardiff last Saturday as the Israeli football team played Wales in the Euro 2016 qualifiers.

MPs to debate assisted dying

MPs were set to debate a private members’ bill on Friday of this week that would legalise assisted dying.

Refugee crisis - your questions answered

Why is this happening at what can we do to solve it? Nick Clark answers your questions

Activists to turn Manchester into rebel city to welcome Tory conference - join them

David Cameron can expect an angry welcome when he heads north next month

Trade Union Bill is 'seeking to undermine the rights of all working people'

The Tories’ Trade Union Bill 2015 is “seeking to undermine the rights of all working people”, human rights groups argued on Monday of this week.

Reports round-up

March for Sheku Bayoh; water and catering workers ballot; Pizza Express workers score victory; airpotrt workers walk out; and Sotheby's Two protest

Cardiff bus workers say, ‘No more lies, give us a rise’

Bus workers in Cardiff struck against low pay on Wednesday and Saturday of last week.

Meter readers at EDF have the power to stop cuts

Around 500 EDF energy workers struck at sites in London and across southern and western England on Wednesday of last week. 

Education round-up

NUT union members at Bluecoat School in Coventry struck on Thursday of last week against attacks on working conditions. 

Museum strikers exhibit defiance against pay cuts

National Museum of Wales workers struck for a further two days last weekend. 

Tories’ solution to Syrian refugee crisis—murder by remote control

The Tories’ solution to the Syrian crisis is assassination. 

Take action this Saturday - protest to welcome refugees

“Refugees welcome here” protests will be held across Britain this Saturday. In London demonstrators will assemble at 12 noon at Marble Arch and march to Downing Street. 

Mood for change boosts John Burgess campaign for Unison general secretary

The election for general secretary of the Unison union is underway. And the campaign of John Burgess, a left wing challenger to the current leadership, has got off to a flying start.

Local government round-up

A 10-day strike by Doncaster council workers planned for Friday of last week was suspended at the 11th hour following a dramatic climbdown by bosses. Plus short stories on the fight for Barnet libraries and pay deal at Scottish councils.

Tube walkout called off—but threat of cuts remains

The RMT union has suspended strikes set for this week on the London Underground. The union said bosses made new proposals at talks.

Road block at London arms fair over arms sales to Israel

Protesters blocked a jeep on its way to an arms fair in east London on Monday of this week.

Wardens’ strike just the ticket to resist

Traffic wardens in Camden, central London, walked out for four days on Wednesday of last week.

Liverpool blockade over construction blacklisting

Protesters blocked roads in Liverpool on Friday of last week because a construction firm will not hire blacklisted workers.

Hillsborough cop says he didn't cover victim with bin bag

Fresh inquests resumed last week into the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans who died as a result of the Hillsborough disaster.

Tories forced to bail out hospitals because of cuts and privatisation

The Department of Health was forced to spend £1.2 billion in 2014/15 bailing out NHS providers facing financial meltdown, as hospitals reeled from cuts and privatisation.

Hundreds-strong protest greets Israeli leader Binyamin Netanyahu in London

Some 800 people blocked the road outside Downing Street today, Wednesday, as Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited London.

Sellafield construction workers begin wildcat strike

Construction workers have turned a three hour stoppage into a three day unofficial strike at Sellafield in Cumbria.

Join the day of action to say, "Refugees welcome here"

Ordinary people in towns and cities across Britain will hold events tomorrow, Saturday, in solidarity with refugees.

Refugees welcome here rallies and Labour leadership results as they happened

The news as it happens

SWP statement on election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader

The Socialist Worker's Party has released a statment on the election of Jeremy Corbyn:


Greek workers vote with their feet and protest ahead of new election

With just days to go before a new election in Greece, the left wing Syriza party is rapidly losing ground.

International news in brief

Turkey assault on Kurds, strike in India, Guatemala ruler jailed, health march in Galicia

Protests in Syria show ‘pockets of hope’ for an alternative

Syrian socialist Joseph Daher spoke to Socialist Worker about what the solution in Syria could be.

Migrants across Europe defy cops and racist rules as rebellious mood spreads

The refugees shut out to die by Fortress Europe have refused to go quietly. Borders were temporarily opened last week as anti-migrant governments tried and failed to hold them back.

Syrian refugee speaks out - ‘The police treat us like we’re animals’

Farid has come more than 3,000 miles from Syria to the “jungle” in the French port town Calais. He spoke to Socialist Worker about the refugees’ struggle to find safety.


Unions need to defy the law—not just talk about it

To defeat the Tory Trade Union Bill we will need more from union leaders than fighting rhetoric, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

The 'China dream' is rapidly falling apart

It's been a dramatic summer—Greece, the European refugee crisis, Jeremy Corbyn. But the big story for the world economy has been the collapse of the Chinese stock market. Since peaking in June, falling share prices have wiped £3 trillion off its value.


Anti-racist convoy unites with refugees in Calais

A Stand Up To Racism convoy took solidarity and supplies to refugees in Calais last weekend.

Letter to a Jeremy Corbyn supporter

Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to be Labour leader has inspired people who want a better world—and uniting in struggle can help us to win it, argues Charlie Kimber


Boy Meets Girl sitcom can help challenge transphobia

Writer Elliot Kerrigan’s new BBC sitcom Boy Meets Girl is a funny take on human and sexual relationships. 

Reviews round-up

No Colour Bar; Dissemble; Beauty Behind the Madness

What We Think

The EU referendum cracks deepen

David Cameron suffered his first defeat in the House of Commons on Monday of this week just four months after the general election.

Let’s organise to seize this moment of hope

There is a sea change sweeping through British politics. The cruel scapegoating of refugees has briefly paused.

Other Categories

Bernie Passingham, 1925-2015

Bernie Passingham was a leading figure in the 1968 Ford women sewing-machinists’ strike. 

John Alexander, 1923-2015

John Alexander, who was Dorset Socialists’ oldest member, died recently at the age of 91.


This week's letters include readers' thoughts on the US presidential elections, Greece, mental health cuts and Trident

Should we limit how many migrants are allowed in?

Should we limit how many migrants are allowed in?

Western bombs and civil war lie behind Syria refugee crisis

Dave Sewell looks at how Western imperialism and the crushing of the Syrian revolution are now forcing thousands to flee—and what the real alternative is

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