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Issue: 2471

Dated: 15 Sep 2015

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After Corbyn's victory - a new hope

Thousands cheer Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide election as Labour Party leader, reports Nick Clark

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Jubilation spreads with news of Jeremy Corbyn's victory

There were jubilant scenes last Saturday as Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader was announced.

News in brief

RMT union members at Blackpool North struck last Saturday and Sunday in defence of dismissed colleague Chad Vickers.

Action targets arms fair over sales to Israel

Activists ended a week of protests against arms sales to Israel last Saturday.

Roof demo at Strangeways takes on 'joke' conditions

Visits were suspended and roads closed to traffic at HMP Manchester after prisoner Stuart Horner began a rooftop protest last Sunday.

Support grows for Unison's John Burgess

It is increasingly likely that there will be a left wing challenge to the leadership of Britain’s biggest public sector union, Unison.

Big picket at Winterbourne Academy as teachers strike

Teachers at Winterbourne International Academy (WIA) held a massive picket on Thursday of last week during a one-day walkout.

The things they say

‘I do worry that there are some people who want to bring protest on to the street’

New Tory anti union bill must be taken on

The Tories chose to debate their new trade union bill as the TUC met in Brighton, writes Raymie Kiernan

Manchester demo can terrify the Tories

Just two weeks remain to make the TUC’s march a real show of anger, says Nick Clark

TUC demands more than platitudes to take on the Tories’ latest attack

Trade union leaders ratcheted up their rhetoric against the Tories’ new anti-union bill on Tuesday of this week at the annual TUC conference in Brighton.

National Gallery strikers need real support from the TUC

National Gallery strikers visited the TUC conference in Brighton on Tuesday of this week to raise support for their all-out strike.

A deepening revolt in construction sees more unofficial walkouts

Construction workers turned a three-hour stoppage on Wednesday of last week into a three-day unofficial strike at Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant in Cumbria.

Huge day of protests to support refugees

Thousands take to streets to demand Britain accepts more than the 20,000 refugees planned by David Cameron

TUC debates Tory policies

Union delegates at the TUC conference in Brighton debated how to oppose the Tory government on Monday of this week. One motion supported the aims of the Fast Foods Rights campaign. 

Opposition blocks council house selloff in Haringey

Labour-led Haringey council backed off last week from proposals to privatise an estate of around 1,000 council homes in the Noel Park ward of Tottenham.

Prepare for Paris talks on climate

Environmentalists and trade unionists were set to gather in Sheffield this Saturday for a conference called by the trade union group of Campaign Against Climate Change (CCC) with Sheffield Climate Alliance.

No zero hours at Sports Direct!

Over 40 branches of Sports Direct across Britain saw protests on Wednesday of last week. They were organised by Unite union members, against zero hours, agency contracts and draconian workplace practices. 

Thousands join marches for refugees in Europe

At least 30,000 people protested in support of refugees in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

European rulers close borders as more drown

At least a further 34 people, including 11 children, drowned in the Aegean Sea off Greece this week.

Unite the Resistance debates organising the fightback in Scotland

Some 75 trade union activists joined the Unite the Resistance conference in Glasgow last Saturday.

TUC delegates welcome Jeremy Corbyn as a 'breath of fresh air' after conference speech

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to fight Tory austerity was greeted with rapturous applause by TUC conference delegates in Brighton today, Tuesday.


Fear of growing support for Kurds lies behind Turkey's new attack

Ron Margulies from the DSIP socialist group in Istanbul explains Turkey’s latest assault on the Kurds

Syriza's last chances run low as new election looms in Greece

The left party’s crisis is unlikely to be solved by an election as more radical groups gain support—especially among workers, says Dave Sewell

Yanis Varoufakis - ‘Left should beware of friends who fear confronting the rich’

Greece’s former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis was among those who rebelled against Syriza’s support for austerity in parliament. He spoke to Socialist Worker:


David Cameron plays party politics in Syria

Expect to hear a lot about military action in Syria in the next few weeks, writes Alex Callinicos. This is all about David Cameron playing party politics. It doesn’t mean that Britain is about to weigh seriously into the war in Syria.


Welcome to their playground - the rich and the speculators who are transforming Vauxhall

Vauxhall in south London is changing. Skyscrapers full of luxury flats that may never be lived in are being built along the banks of the Thames. Meanwhile ordinary Londoners struggle to find affordable housing. A drive for profit lies behind the madness, writes Simon Basketter

History of hypocrisy over refugees

David Cameron stands in a long tradition of British politicians turning away refugees. Sadie Robinson takes on their myths


This is England '90 - fun amid the bitterness of Margaret Thatcher's Britain?

The latest instalment of Channel 4’s This is England is a fitting return for characters shaped by the dark days of the 1980s, says Robbie Shaw

The Rising Tide packs a punch

Despite being funded as one of Boris Johnson’s corporate schemes, artist Jason de Caires Taylor’s latest work The Rising Tide packs a punch.

What We Think

The times are changing

Something has changed in British politics and it was captured in a single day last week. 

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Reformism in Greece, murder by drone, solar cuts, scrap the queen, Cuba, communism, IDS and the TUC

Scotland's radical mood is still alive - but where can it go now?

One year on from the Scottish independence referendum, Yes campaign supporters spoke to Raymie Kiernan about how politics have shifted and debate where next for the movement

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