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Issue: 2472

Dated: 22 Sep 2015

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Manchester march is our chance to step up the fightback

New Tory attacks will make life harder for the poorest people in Britain.

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Burgess gets onto Unison ballot paper

The campaign for John Burgess in the general secretary election of the Unison union is going strong. He has now passed the requirement for 25 branch nominations.

Conference organises against war

Around 150 people joined the Stop the War Coalition’s annual conference in central London last Saturday.

Unions must lead a fight to save steel jobs

Thousands of jobs could be at risk in the steel industry as bosses try to palm off the cost of a slump in demand onto workers.

Protesters take on housing crisis

Defend Council Housing supporters held a march for homes in Haringey, north London, last Saturday. It was against redevelopment plans that will force poor people out of the borough.

Fury at plans to axe jobs in Edinburgh council

Unison union officials at Edinburgh council have warned of strikes against bosses’ plans to axe as many as 3,000 jobs.

Thousands rally one year after Scottish independence vote

Up to 10,000 Scottish independence campaigners rallied in Glasgow’s George Square last Saturday to mark one year on from the referendum. 

Rationing NHS hearing aids will punish people for being deaf

At least 500 people could lose their right to free hearing aids in a sign of what the Tories’ future holds for the NHS, reports Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Junior doctors could strike

The Tories are also attacking NHS workers—and could face a revolt from junior doctors.

Prevent - We can beat this racist clampdown

More than 200 people, many of them Muslims, came together in Ilford, east London, on Thursday of last week to challenge the government’s Prevent strategy.

Labour MPs plot to push Jeremy Corbyn into compromise

Jeremy Corbyn faced mutiny from the right in the Labour Party, including shadow cabinet members, in his first week as leader.

Corbyn announces new plan for a 'People's Railway'

Jeremy Corbyn has promised to renationalise the railways if Labour wins the next general election.

Winterbourne school shows strikes can win

Teachers at Winterbourne Academy in South Gloucestershire have scored a major victory—and shown that strikes can win.

Fast Food Rights activists organise to spread fightback

The Fast Food Rights Campaign met on Wednesday of last week for a national organising day.

A new week-long walkout for Camden NSL wardens

Traffic wardens in Camden, central London, were set to begin an eight- day strike for higher pay on Wednesday of this week.

Leeds strikers step up to the plate for pay rise

Unite union members at the AGFA factory in Leeds struck for 48 hours against low pay on Sunday and Monday of last week.

Ideal boiler workers turn up the pressure on bosses

Around 200 Ideal Boilers workers in Hull took the first of four planned one-day strikes on Wednesday of last week.

Reports round-up

Arrested activists need your cash | Strikes are the best insurance policy | Workers build fightback at Sita | Nazis outnumbered in Wigan protests | Cardiff bus strikes are suspended | Labour wins local council by-election

Take action to mark 100 days of National Gallery walkout

The TUC has called a national day of action for strikers at the National Gallery set for Thursday of this week.

News in brief

Two-day strike on London Tube | Police defend abuse inquiry | Finland defies cocktail of cuts

Hillsborough victims showed signs of life, inquests hear

Inquests into the deaths of fans who died as a result of the Hillsborough disaster have heard evidence of signs of life in some victims.

Crackdown exposes EU leaders’ lies on refugees

Refugee crisis sees Fortress Europe’s walls go up despite rhetoric of help, write Dave Sewell and Ken Olende

It's official - benefit cuts to blame for man’s suicide

The decision to stop severely ill Michael O’Sullivan’s benefits led directly to his death, a coroner has ruled.

Refugees in Calais march to demand the border is opened

Thousands of refugees and supporters marched through Calais last Saturday demanding the border was opened, including Stand up to Racism activists from London and Birmingham.


Tsipras's return won't end anger at austerity in Greece

The mandate of left party Syriza is weaker despite its re-election last weekend and its austerity plans will spark more struggle, writes Dave Sewell

Protesters take on the Israeli state

Protests have flared up across East Jerusalem and the West Bank as Israeli forces attacked Palestinians defending themselves from Israeli activists.


It’s business as usual as party coup ousts Abbott

Workers face more cuts and attacks as Australia’s new prime minister looks to appease the rich, writes James Supple

Labour’s new leader, the press and a pig

Prime minister David Cameron having sex with a dead pig strangely did not top the headlines on Radio 4’s Today news programme on Monday of this week.


How do our ideas change?

It’s a common argument that socialists must accept some right wing ideas to get elected and make a difference. But Nick Clark argues that ideas can change through struggle

How activists in eastern Europe are resisting attempts to block out refugees

Deadly border fences are going up across eastern Europe as its governments whip up Islamophobia. Dave Sewell spoke to activists there about how the refugee crisis is spreading in the east—and what people are doing to fight back


The Cheviot - a bold revival of a socialist classic on Scotland’s stage

A new staging of 7:84 theatre company’s socialist play The Cheviot is a lively crowd pleaser. It’s just a pity it isn’t more topical, writes Jimmy Murray

The World Goes Pop

Pop Art was never just about “consumerism” in the West, but always had a radical political undercurrent. This exhibition looks at the global impact of the Pop Art movement—from Latin America to Asia—during a time of protest and social change in the 1960s and 1970s

Reviews round-up

Anthems for Doomed Youth | Steel city, city on the move

What We Think

Tory class warriors wallow in hypocrisy

The Tories and their friends have tried their best to shrug off Lord Ashcroft’s allegation about David Cameron and the pig. They have failed.

The Prosciutto Affair reveals the narrow obsessions of the privileged and powerful

The Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky compared in his History of the Russian Revolution the diaries of the French king and the Russian tsar in the period leading up to their respective overthrows.

Other Categories

Louise Rathbone 1966-2015

It is with utter shock and sadness that we learned of the passing of our comrade Louise Rathbone on Saturday 19 September.


Leading on why we should all rise to the challenge posed by Corbyn’s victory 

Porkies, prime ministers and the posho pig parties

David Cameron is accused of having sex with a dead pig.

It will take more than words to stop the Tories' trade union attacks

The Tories’ Trade Union Bill is a massive assault on our right to organise and strike. But Raymie Kiernan argues that union leaders haven’t yet risen to the scale of the challenge

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