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Issue: 2473

Dated: 29 Sep 2015

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Give the Tories the chop

The Tories think they are born to rule—and sometimes it seems like nothing can bring them down.

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Day of action in support of National Gallery strikers marks 100th day of dispute

Strikers at the National Gallery marked their 100th strike day with a day of action called by the TUC today, Thursday. PCS leader Mark Serwotka said pressure from the strike and the support mean ongoing talks could be “moving towards a settlement”.

Students inspired by Jeremy Corbyn say something must change

Students have been affected by the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader and the atmosphere of hope it has created. 

TUC protest on 4 October is our chance to take on the Tories

Activists are gearing up to confront the Conservatives in Manchester, reports Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Homeless people pay the price of the Tories’ attacks on council housing

The death of a two month old baby boy last week who lived in a car in Dorset with his homeless parents underlined the shocking extent of Britain’s housing crisis.

Activists step up global refugee solidarity action

Anti-racists in Britain are keeping up solidarity work as more refugees are killed trying to get into Europe.

Racist Tory strategy takes aim at children

Muslim school pupils, teachers and academics are increasingly being treated as a threat, says?Judith Orr

Nine year olds face ‘racial profiling in British schools’ because of Prevent

Primary school children face increasing racial profiling, according to a new report. 

Anger but no fight as steel plant mothballed

The bosses of the last steel plant in Redcar, Teesside, announced they were “mothballing” it on Monday of this week, with the loss of 1,700 jobs. Production was “paused” earlier this month.

Ballot in colleges for strike over pay freeze ‘offer’

College lecturers are balloting for strikes over pay.

Sita workers bring dispute back to recycling bosses

The 24th day of protest with Sita Waste Management at the ICI Wilton complex near Redcar took place on Friday of last week.

Strike suspended at National Museum Wales

Planned strikes at the National Museum Wales were suspended last weekend following talks with bosses.

Natalie Bennett rules out a move to the right at Green Party conference

Up to 2,000 Green Party members met for their conference in Bournemouth last weekend.

News in brief

Around 200 workers at Carlsberg’s site in Northampton were set to begin a continuous overtime ban and work to rule on Thursday of this week.

Shaker Aamer to be freed

The US government has announced it will release Shaker Aamer, the last British resident detained in Guantanamo Bay. 

News in brief

Academies leech millions, care services inadequate, rich still live longer

Hillsborough inquests hear fans' evidence that crush victim showed signs of life

Fresh inquests are continuing into the deaths of fans who died as a result of the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster.

Large picket lines boost Camden traffic wardens' confidence in pay battle

Traffic wardens in Camden, central London, began a seven-day strike against low pay on Wednesday of last week.

Debating where next for TUSC after Corbyn’s win

Around 200 people joined the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition’s (TUSC) annual conference in central London last Saturday.

Barnet workers strike against privatisation

Workers at Barnet Council in north London were set to strike during the Tory party conference to highlight the danger of outsourcing local government services.

Get behind John Burgess for Unison union leader

Activists in the Unison union have until 9 October to argue for nominations for John Burgess in the union’s general secretary election.

Deaf and disabled people take on Tories

Around 1,000 deaf and disabled people marched on Downing Street last Saturday. 

Doctors' protest for NHS blocks Whitehall

More than 3,000 junior doctors marched on Downing Street and blocked Whitehall in central London on Monday of this week. 

Big powers row over military intervention in Syria at United Nations talks

The world’s rulers were debating plans for Syria at the United Nations in New York as Socialist Worker went to press.

Labour Party conference: left hopeful for change but Corbyn faces huge challenges

Nick Clark finds a mood of optimism at Labour conference in Brighton. But the right set out to undermine Corbyn

Evidence of Hillsborough crush victim's heard

Fresh inquests are continuing into the deaths of fans who died as a result of the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster.

Corbyn's conference speech enthuses delegates as a 'real source for change'

Jeremy Corbyn used his first conference speech as Labour Leader to promise the kind of change in society that his supporters want to see.

Junior doctors' protests spread to Manchester

 More than 800 junior doctors marched in Manchester tonight, Tuesday, to chants of “Tories out!” and “strike, strike, strike”.

National Gallery strikers celebrate as sacked rep is reinstated

National Gallery workers have suspended their strike as bosses conceded to almost all their demands

Protesters in Manchester kick off week of resistance to Tories ahead of TUC demo

The week of resistance to the Tories in Manchester kicked off today, Saturday, with a host of protests and campaigning activities across the city.

Mass march in Manchester shows fury at the Tories and austerity

Working class resistance filled the streets of Manchester today, Sunday, as 100,000 people marched on the Tory party conference.

National Gallery strikers return to work amid applause from their supporters

National Gallery workers marched back into work this morning, Monday, after they beat bosses’ attacks on their terms and conditions and union rights.


Panicking elite try to divert blame for Hajj disaster

Political pressure is growing in Saudi Arabia after over 700 pilgrims were crushed to death last week

Greek movement resists Nazis' attempts at revival

Thousands marched through Athens last Saturday to mark two years since Nazis murdered anti-racist rapper Pavlos Fyssas.


Class prevails as the nervy Tories fall out

It took a week. Asked about the allegation that he put his penis in the mouth of a dead pig, David Cameron said, “Everyone can see why the book was written and everyone can see straight through it.


Cash and burn - the truth behind the Volkswagen scandal

Volkswagen have been caught trying to rig emissions tests to make their diesel cars seem “cleaner”. The scandal has exposed how car manufacturers bend and break the rules in the drive for profit. But, as Simon Basketter argues, corruption and con tricks aren’t about bucking the system—they’re part of it

Labour - a party founded on conflict

Divisions between the left and right within the Labour Party are big news. They flow from a compromise that lies at the heart of the party, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans


Fuck the Polar Bears - a funny play about the planet that takes a swipe at the rich

Theatrically brilliant Fuck the Polar Bears gets across the claustrophobia of family life—but don’t pity the miserable rich, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Royal Academy show doesn't do hero Ai Weiwei justice

As Tory chancellor George Osborne drummed up British business links in China last week, one of its dissidents opened a major exhibition at London’s Royal Academy.

Three ways to celebrate Black History Month

Socialist Worker takes a look at a selection of upcoming events for this year’s Black History Month. For more go to

What We Think

As Labour MP calls for nationalisation - Occupy to save Redcar

Steel giant SSI’s decision to mothball its Redcar plant and throw 1,700 workers on the dole is a disgrace. The company whined that it wasn’t making enough profits.

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I just returned from a Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees solidarity delegation to Greece. 

David Cameron loves all the animals except for the foxes

David Cameron has yet to explain why he wrote to the government’s top lawyer after a friend at Heythrop Hunt was charged with fox hunting in 2008. 

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