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Issue: 2474

Dated: 06 Oct 2015

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If we fight we can win - Victimised union rep Candy Udwin slams Trade Union Bill

Sacked PCS union rep Candy Udwin won her reinstatement after an all-out strike at the National Gallery.

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Junior doctors spread revolt

More than 800 junior doctors marched in Manchester on Tuesday of last week to chants of “Tories out” and “strike, strike, strike”. 

Edinburgh says refugees are welcome - but not Nazis

Anti-racist and anti-fascist protesters outnumbered Scottish Defence League (SDL) protesters by ten to one in Edinburgh last Saturday.

Campaigners get organised to bring solidarity to refugees - and challenge divisive myths

Activists across Britain are organising solidarity with refugees and challenging the right’s scapegoating and racism.

Students and staff protest against University of Manchester cuts

Students led a demonstration on Friday of last week against planned job cuts at the University of Manchester. 

Teesside construction workers take pay fight to Liverpool plant

Construction workers from Unite, GMB and Ucatt unions protested in Liverpool on Wednesday of last week.

News in brief

Tractor factory walkouts, Jersey anti-cuts protest, Unite cancels conference, Globe workers accept deal, fast food party

Hillsborough - 'Inspector put words in my mouth' says ex-cop

A former police officer has told a court that a West Midlands Police (WMP) officer pressured him to change his evidence on the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

SNP slammed over payout to cronies as its MPs cash in on property deals

The Scottish National Party’s (SNP) teflon coating has begun to come unstuck after revelations of a handout to a big music promoter and MPs cashing in on property deals. 

Hillsborough - more evidence heard about altered police statements

An inquest court has heard evidence about the alteration of police statements in the wake of the Hillsborough disaster.

Shaker Aamer still fears for his life from more US torture

Shaker Aamer, the last British resident held in the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, still faces brutal treatment even though he is up for release.

Rulers' empty rhetoric is leaving refugees to rot

A month after David Cameron pledged to take in 20,000 Syrians from refugee camps near Syria, details remain vague. 

New rules target Palestine solidarity movement

New rules target Palestine solidarity movement

Workers say unions must act to save jobs in Redcar

Steel giant SSI which owns the Redcar steel works in Teesside, north east England, went into liquidation on Friday of last week.

NSL Camden strikers want to step up pay action

Traffic wardens in Camden, central London, have voted for further action in their pay dispute.

The lights go out in Sheffield

Around 40 street lighting workers in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, struck on Friday of last week against attacks on pay.

Say no to a third runway at Heathrow

A protest against a proposed third runway for London’s Heathrow Airport was set to take place in the capital’s Parliament Square from 11am this Saturday. 

Thousands join Jeremy Corbyn rally in Manchester as anti-Tory protests continue

A week of resistance to the Tories is continuing in Manchester.

Vote John Burgess to get a real fightback in Unison

Nominations for the general secretary election for Britain’s largest public sector union, Unison, end on Friday of this week. 

Fresh walkout hits Barnet council bosses

Workers at Barnet council in north London were set to strike for 24 hours on Wednesday of this week. 

National Gallery strikers march back to work with their rep reinstated

National Gallery strikers marched back to work on Monday of this week after beating bosses’ attacks on their terms and conditions. They had been on  111 days of strikes against privatisation.

Draconian anti-union law isn’t going to resist itself

Unite union general secretary Len McCluskey offered last week to abandon opposition to a key section of David Cameron’s new Trade Union Bill.

Manchester echoes with rage at Tory conference

A big turnout on last Sunday’s TUC march shows a growing mood to fight, Socialist Worker reports

Resistance to Tories in Manchester continues with anti-racist march

Hundreds of people protested outside Tory Party Conference yesterday, Tuesday, in support of Refugees. The protest was organised by Stand up to Racism (SUTR).

Essex tractor workers strike for higher pay

Workers at an Essex tractor factory are fighting for a pay rise—after years of bosses using “flexibility” to squeeze as much out of them as possible.


Portuguese right loses its majority in election

Portugal’s right wing government lost its majority in parliament to parties of the left in a general election last Sunday. 

Crackdown in old city of Jerusalem

A crackdown has left 77 Palestinians injured by live rounds and rubber bullets in clashes with Israeli settlers in the West Bank and Jerusalem last Sunday.

French councils push pork in schools

Chalon-sur-Saone council in southern France voted last week to ban schools from providing alternative meals for children who don’t eat pork. Anti-racists protested outside.

Syrian intervention is no solution - say no to attacks from Washington and Moscow

The Tories are talking up the prospect of winning a vote for airstrikes in Syria.

Outrage over ‘war crime’ as US bombs kill 22 people in an Afghan hospital

US bombs killed 22 people in a hospital in Kunduz in northern Afghanistan last Saturday. The dead included 12 doctors and ten patients. 

Peace was bombed in Turkey - eyewitness report from Ankara

Two bombs exploded at a peace demonstration in Turkey's capital Ankara yesterday, Saturday.


Syria is a battlefield of imperialist rivalry

Russia’s military intervention in Syria has confirmed the most basic reality of the war—outside powers increasingly dominate Syria’s fate. 


In the danger zone - the oil rig workers fighting to defend safety at sea

North Sea oil bosses are driving through cuts that will put the lives of those on oil rigs at risk. Workers preparing to resist spoke to Raymie Kiernan about what is at stake

Cultural vultures? Anti-racism and cultural appropriation

Racism distorts culture and produces toxic stereotypes. But Ken Olende warns against throwing out the class solidarity that our rulers fear in opposition to ‘cultural appropriation’


BBC crime drama River flows in some unexpected directions

BBC One’s crime series River is more like an art film than a TV series—and is stronger for it, says Judith Orr

Black History Month reviews round-up

Socialist Worker takes a look at a selection of upcoming events for this year’s Black History Month:

Soldiers and Suffragettes: the Photography of Christina Broom

Christina broom was one of the first press photographers in Britain. Her photographs—some never displayed before—capture London in the beginning of the 20th century. Royal pomp continues as the city mobilises for the slaughter of the First World War, but powerful social movements are also pushing for change. 

What We Think

It’s the best of times and the worst of times

Manchester this week was a tale of two cities. One is behind the police cordons and giant metal security fence. Within this enclosure the rich and powerful mixed in comfort.

Echoes of an egging

Terrible violence marred last Sunday’s protest against the Tories in Manchester. It was a sorry day for the movement against austerity.

Other Categories

Denis Healey 1917-2015

Denis Healey, an old Labour right winger, called himself socialist. But his real legacy is dumping principles for power, says Simon Basketter


Readers write in on the Labour Party’s debate on Trident renewal, the Tory conference, and doctors' protests

Hard working tax breaks for the hard working millionaires

David Cameron claims he will leave office having made the Tories the party of “ordinary working families”.

The things they say

‘It’s important to do the stuff behind the scenes’

Labour’s mixed up message on migration

Andy Burnham’s speech welcomed refugees but said migrants cause low wages, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

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