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Issue: 2475

Dated: 13 Oct 2015

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Junior doctors revolt over Tories' plot to privatise healthcare

Growing resistance among junior doctors is blocking NHS attacks, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

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The things they say

‘Deeply insulting and not grown up’

Theresa May attacks migrants as refugees are locked out

The Tories’ Immigration Bill scapegoats migrants while Syrian refugees suffer, writes Ken Olende

SNP helps out fracking bosses and tax-dodgers as its conference begins

As the Scottish National Party (SNP) conference gets underway this week, key manifesto pledges and the integrity of its MPs are firmly under the microscope.

Hillsborough cop says inaccuracy in statement was not "deliberate"

A police officer on duty during the Hillsborough disaster has denied deliberately lying in his statement.

Momentum builds for Jeremy Corbyn

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have launched a new initiative to galvanise the enthusiasm generated during his leadership campaign.

Bombs will worsen the situation for Syria - whether Western or Russian

The Tories want to push forward with proposals to join the US in bombing Syria. They claim this will stop the rise of Isis and make Britain safer.

Solidarity boosts strikers in Barnet

Barnet council workers in north London struck against outsourcing on Wednesday of last week. 

All out to build John Burgess’ left challenge for Unison union leader

We have an opportunity to win significant change in Unison and put up a real fight against the Tories.

Norfolk workers refuse to take bosses' trash

Refuse workers in the GMB union in Norfolk are preparing to take on bosses’ attacks on working conditions.  

Cuts help create £2 billion NHS deficit

The NHS is heading for a £2?billion deficit. New figures from health watchdog Monitor show that the NHS “overspent” by £930 million in three months.

Hackney traffic wardens win Living Wage

Traffic wardens in Hackney, east London, have won the London Living Wage of £9.15 an hour and new talks over pay after calling a five-day strike.

Fresh walkouts for Welsh museum workers

National Museum of Wales workers are set to begin strikes across seven sites on Tuesday of next week. 

Hundreds join protests to stop London councils’ bonfire of books

Some 300 people protested against library closures in Lambeth, south London, on Monday of this week.

Call for Ambulance strikes in Scotland

Ambulance workers in Scotland have voted overwhelmingly for an official strike ballot.

Exclusive—‘Who will protect us from the police?’ ask Yemeni family

A Yemeni Muslim family in Birmingham have told Socialist Worker they were harassed by police who then tried to recruit their son as an informant.

Anger as MPs debate attack on trade unions

Trade unionists were set to protest and rally in parliament on Tuesday of this week as the Tories’ Trade Union Bill moved to committee stage. 

News in brief

Redcar ovens shutdown; Royal Mail selloff; black people tasered more; and Rotherham cop pleads guilty

London mayor hopefuls all say no to Heathrow expansion

More than 2,000 people rallied in Parliament Square last Saturday against proposals for a third runway at London Heathrow airport.

Policing of anti-fascist protest in Preston raises questions for council

Around  450 people joined an anti-Nazis demonstration in Preston on Saturday.

Mass protest of junior doctors in London as revolt against new contracts grows

More than 20,000 junior doctors and their supporters marched through central London yesterday, Saturday.

Mass turnout for funeral of Mushin Ahmed in Rotherham

Around 700 people from across Rotherham attended the funeral of grandfather Mushin Ahmed on Friday of last week.

Victory as blacklisting firms 'run up the white flag'

Some of the biggest construction companies could have to pay out tens of millions of pounds in damages.  

Freedom Riders fight to stop new fare attacks

Up to 20 Freedom Riders lobbied the South Yorkshire Transport Committee in Barnsley on Monday, demanding no further cuts to concessionary travel in 2016/17.

News in brief

DLR pay strike | Northern Rail walkout | fast food organising | Stansted scanner operators strike | climate conference

Education round-up

Birmingham strike to stop academy, Open University protests, students defend grants, lobby to defend Esol, occupation at Soas

Thousands join protests over dangerous gas plans in Scotland

More than 2,000 protesters formed a human chain across the iconic Forth Road Bridge in Scotland last Sunday.


International day of protests called in solidarity with refugees

Anti-fascists from around Europe met in Greece last week and called a day of protests on Saturday 19 March.

Monster march in Berlin says no to the bosses’ TTIP treaty

Up to 250,000 people marched through Berlin last Saturday against the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Fasting in solidarity with Shaker Aamer

Protests are growing for the immediate release of Shaker Aamer, the last British resident held in US prison camp Guantanamo Bay.

Fury in Turkey after bombing

Strikes and protests gripped Turkey on Monday and Tuesday of this week in response to the ­bombing of a peace march last Saturday—and the government’s attempts to deflect blame. 

The conditions are ripe for a Third Intifada



‘Britishness’ is a sham that only serves the ruling class

David Cameron has said that Jeremy Corbyn has a “Britain-hating ideology”. He meant that Corbyn disagrees with him on the need to wage bloody wars.


How struggle won women the vote

A sea of suffragette colours will mark next week’s centenary of the Representation of the People Act. The Act gave some women in Britain the right to vote for the first time.

Planning the end of Europe's empires—the 1945 Pan-African Congress

In 1945 Pan-African nationalists met in Manchester to debate the fight against racism and imperialism. Only 200 people attended the event. But the meeting helped plant the seeds of revolt across a continent, writes Ken Olende

Suffragette—the revolt that won the vote

The upsurge of radicalism that won women the vote is well worth celebrating. But, Judith Orr argues, it was more than a movement led by the middle classes seen in the new film Suffragette. It involved a mass movement of thousands of working class women fighting for their class


Communists and cops—the radical roots of Henning Mankell’s noir

The late Henning Mankell’s Wallander stories built on social realism—but the genre’s roots lie in a Marxist critique of Sweden, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Reviews round-up

Diffusion 2015: Looking for America; Invisible Heroes; and South London Shorts

What We Think

Fiscal row flags up tensions in Labour

Bungling baron George Osborne was set to push through a fiscal charter in parliament this week.

No to a bosses’ Europe

The European Union (EU) referendum campaigns are an unappealing bunch.

Other Categories


Warmongers look for fresh excuses to wreak mayhem. Also: students and anti-racism, supporting refugees

The Troublemaker

Oh my Lords! The meetings and the shares stay secret

Glasgow's proud history of solidarity with refugees

Successes in building links with refugees and local people can be a model for others, writes Margaret Woods of Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees

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