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Issue: 2478

Dated: 03 Nov 2015

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Torture Camp Shame - British state colluded in innocent Shaker Aamer's 14 year ordeal

Shaker Aamer’s lawyer, Gareth Peirce, demands the closure of Guantanamo Bay

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New immigration rules will keep killing refugees

As immigration controls lead to deaths at both ends of Europe, the Tories are tightening them further.

Death of 84 year old man is 'tragic indictment' of immigration detention system

An ill 84 year old man travelling through Britain spent his last weeks being jailed, shackled and humiliated because of “Home Office procedure”, an inquest heard last week.

Solidarity boosts solid strike at St Wilfrid's school in west Yorkshire

Teachers at St Wilfrid’s Catholic High School in Featherstone, west Yorkshire, struck today, Tuesday, in a dispute over “leadership and management issues”.

Steel workers to march as more jobs are slashed

Metals company Caparo Industries announced 452 job cuts on Friday of last week, after going into administration last month. 

Get behind the junior doctors' dispute and defend the NHS

The British Medical Association (BMA) was to set to ballot its 56,000 junior doctor members for industrial action from Thursday of this week. 

Labour vote against Trident nukes in Scotland

Delegates at the Scottish Labour Party conference last weekend voted to campaign to scrap Trident nuclear weapons.

‘Hit the ground running to get John Burgess elected’ as Unison general secretary

Voting in the Unison union general secretary election opens on Monday of next week—and activists are launching a left wing challenge to incumbent Dave Prentis.

Limited choice in GMB union election

The deadline for returning ballot papers in the GMB union’s general secretary election has been extended until Wednesday of next week.

Coordinated action can beat oil bosses’ attacks

Industrial action on oil rigs came a step closer last week after Caterers Offshore Trade Association (Cota) bosses reneged on a pay deal.

Defend RMT union activist Glen Hart

London Underground bosses could face a London-wide Tube strike by RMT union members if they proceed with disciplinary action against union activist Glen Hart.

New welfare defence group set up

Around 250 delegates from the Unite and PCS unions, Unemployed Centres, Occupy, Dpac, Black Triangle and others met in Birmingham last Saturday.

DLR workers walk out

Hundreds of workers on London’s Docklands Light Railway (DLR) walked out for 48 hours on Tuesday of this week.

Reports round-up

Protest at Jack the Ripper museum; Fast Food Rights campaign; anti-racists in Kent; Palestine solidarity; High Court ruling

FE strike needs to be launchpad for more action

UCU union members in colleges across England were set to strike on Tuesday of next week.

Unions protest at Tory Trade Union Bill —now launch a real fight

Thousands of trade unionists protested at Westminster on Monday of this week against the Tories’ Trade Union Bill.

News in brief

Iraq war report due in summer | Baseline tests face review | It’s a bad time to be young | Care homes in new danger

Teachers’ march blocks road in London

Over 100 supply teachers blocked Tottenham Court Road in central London on Wednesday of last week.

Back Kiri Tunks and Louise Regan for NUT union vice presidents

Ballot papers are out for the election of senior and junior vice presidents in the NUT teachers’ union. Socialist Worker is supporting left candidates Kiri Tunks from east London and Louise Regan from Nottinghamshire.

Marxism in Scotland debates austerity, racism and left alternatives

More than 200 people attended the Marxism in Scotland conference in Glasgow on Saturday of last week.

Mobilise to stop the EDL in Bradford

Anti-racists are preparing to march against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Bradford, west Yorkshire, on Saturday 14 November.

Transgender woman Tara Hudson moved to women's prison after protests

Around 30 people joined a protest outside the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) in central London on Friday of last week. They were demanding that transgender woman Tara Hudson be moved to a women’s prison.

EIS union calls FE conference in Scotland to debate how to win equal pay

A special one-day conference of the EIS Fela further education (FE) union to debate how to win equal pay across Scotland’s colleges will be held on Friday of next week in Glasgow.

Workers walk out on third wildcat strike to defend victimsed union rep Sandy Nicoll

Workers at the School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas) in London walked out unofficially on Tuesday of this week. It was their third unofficial strike in a week to defend Soas Unison union branch secretary Sandy Nicoll.

Shaker Aamer free at last after 14 years in US prison

Shaker Aamer was finally released from the US prison camp Guantanamo after almost 14 years of imprisonment without trial and no charges on Friday of last week.

Beaten at length, eyes gouged, fingers bent—torture and the war on terror

A conveniently leaked 15-page US military intelligence report described Shaker Aamer as a “close associate of” Osama bin Laden with a history of “jihadist combat”.

Victory as Soas union rep Sandy Nicoll is reinstated - unofficial action works

Bosses at the School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas) in London have withdrawn the suspension of Unison union branch secretary Sandy Nicoll.

Thousands of students march in London against Tory cuts and racist scapegoating

Thousands of students marched through central London yesterday, Wednesday. They were protesting against Tory plans to scrap the Maintenance Grant, given to students from lower income households, and racist scapegoating.

Hundreds rally in London to demand that refugees are welcome here

Up to 700 people joined a refugee solidarity rally organised by Stand Up to Racism in central London last night, Wednesday.

Hundreds protest against Egyptian dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's visit to Britain

Hundreds protested outside Downing Street on Wednesday evening and again this morning, Thursday, against Egypt’s military-backed president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Hundreds protest against Yarl's Wood detention centre



Greek strike wave continues the fight against austerity deal

Shipping workers began a two-day strike at ports across Greece at 6am on Monday of this week. At the port of Piraeus near Athens it was 100 percent successful—not a single ferry went in or out.


The Austrian government is putting up fences while children freeze

Anger is growing at the Austria’s “razor wire minister” as winter deepens the plight of refugees, reports David Albrich

Fear and unease led to Erdogan’s victory in the Turkish election

We need to build a mass party in Turkey that stands clearly for democracy and peace with the Kurds, and against militarism, nationalism and Islamophobia.


General Sisi—Egypt's butcher president at large

Egypt’s dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is trying to hide his bloody record with a major diplomatic tour—and David Cameron is rolling out the red carpet to help him. But el-Sisi is a killer who must be exposed, writes Judith Orr

Flames of revolt in France—ten years after the riots

What triggered the revolts, and what was the court’s verdict on these events?


Barbarians is a bleak, dramatic production that relives the 1970s

A new play staged in a derelict building offers a powerful take on alienation and racism—and is eerily reminiscent of today, writes Antony Hamilton

Blackalicious—fresh sound with a social conscience

Hip hop’s most dexterous MC Imani and his producer—and their band Blackalicious—are back after a ten-year break.

Burden of Proof: the construction of visual evidence

This exhibition looks at how photography has been used during criminal investigations.

What We Think

Tory hunger games

Hated Tory millionaire Iain Duncan Smith insists his attacks on benefit claimants are about helping them find jobs.

The war on terror left a lasting sinister legacy

The “war on terror” was always a lie. The West had to find an enemy to help it win support for its imperialist project.

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Last week the Guardian newspaper published a statement signed by 343 British academics pledging not to cooperate with Israeli academic institutions. By Friday this list had risen to over 500.

Cameron meets poor people and Tories get charitable

David Cameron insisted he does know poor people on daytime televison this week. Presumbly he meets them on the way to his new club.

Exposed - the system that abandons abuse victims

We’re often told child sexual abuse is mainly carried out by ‘grooming gangs’. But, as Sadie Robinson found out, the real problem lies elsewhere in society

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