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Issue: 2479

Dated: 10 Nov 2015

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Defy Tory Trade Union Bill

Tory MPs were set to push the Trade Union Bill through its third reading on Tuesday of this week. They are determined to axe more public services and undermine any trade union opposition.

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Government to hand £5 million to South Yorkshire Police for Hillsborough legal costs

The government will give up to £5 million to South Yorkshire Police to help pay officers’ legal costs at ongoing inquests into the Hillsborough disaster.

Spying bill makes it legal for spooks to read your emails

Theresa May, the home secretary, presented the draft Investigatory Powers Bill to the House of Commons last week.

Documents reveal army given licence to kill in Northern Ireland during Operation Motorman in 1972

Secret government files have been released about Operation Motorman. That was the large scale incursion by British troops against the “no-go” areas in Northern Ireland in July 1972.

Junior doctors reject sham ‘pay rise’ as ballot begins


Life expectancy gap grows

People from the poorest areas can expect to die more than eight years earlier than those in the richest, according to new figures.

Marchers say Lambeth Labour's library cuts are a ‘disgrace’

Over 500 people marched against library closures by Labour-run Lambeth council in south London last Saturday.

It’s time to get rid of the useless Prentis regime - vote John Burgess for Unison general secretary

Voting in the Unison union general secretary election opened on Monday of this week.

Lowestoft health campaigners angry at local hospital closures

Dozens of angry campaigners protested outside the meeting of the Great Yarmouth and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (Health East) on Thursday of last week.

Cyprus shows up Tory refugee lies

David Cameron is refusing to help refugees on British territory in Cyprus, writes Dave Sewell

Lecturers strike to beat college pay freeze

A walkout by college lecturers could launch a fight to defend education, reports Sadie Robinson

Anonymous Million Mask March hits the streets against system

Thousands of people took to the streets of central London on Thursday of last week to protest against attacks on civil liberties, austerity and inequality.

London Met students fight for arts courses

Up to 300 students held an angry and lively protest outside the Cass art school in Aldgate, east London, on Thursday of last week.

Scottish college workers could take action as top bosses loot thousands

Scotland’s college workers are inching closer to the first national strike for 20 years. Anger at government cuts and a miserly national pay offer have fuelled a mood to fight.

Greece: Creditors hold Tsipras to ransom as general strike looms

Workers across Greece were set to walk out in a general strike on Thursday of this week against deep cuts to their pensions.

First ever strike vote at Open University

Open University (OU) workers have delivered an historic vote for strikes to stop job cuts and office closures.

Education round-up

Planned strikes this week at St Wilfrid’s Catholic High School suspended, Derbyshire school support staff protest council cuts and teachers plan parliament lobby.

Steel workers take to the streets to demand action

Over 2,000 steel workers and supporters marched through Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, on Tuesday of this week chanting, “Save our steel”.

RMT union activists call for action to back rep Glen Hart

RMT union members on London Underground have called on the union to step up the campaign to defend union activist Glen Hart.

Stop the English Defence League in Bradford

Anti-racists were set to protest against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Bradford, West Yorkshire, on Saturday.

Reports round-up

Firefighters in the West Midlands could ballot for action over plans to cut 300 jobs, the FBU union said. West Midlands Fire Service says the jobs will go through “natural wastage”. This means that when a worker leaves or retires they will not be replaced. It will leave the service understaffed.

In brief

Half cannot get enough care | Plenty of cash for prisons | Government taken to court

Spooks, diplomats and Tories organise to push for more war in Syria

Warmongers are using the downing of a Russian jet killing 224 passengers and crew as justification for a new war in Syria.

Labour right go on attack over Trident

The row inside the Labour Party over Trident nuclear weapons continued after the head of the army criticised Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-nuclear position.

Wildcat walkout in Somerset post to defend disabled worker

Postal workers in Bridgwater, Somerset, staged an unofficial walkout today, Wednesday, to demand the reinstatement of a disabled worker.

Unofficial action by post workers forces Royal Mail bosses back in Bridgwater

Postal workers in Bridgwater, Somerset, have won concessions from management after staging a wildcat strike.


Vote in Burma reflects deep desire for change

Burma is not moving away from military rule towards democracy despite the impressive victory of Aung San Suu Kyi’s party in recent elections.

International round-up

Selection of short international news stories

Nazis join racist protest in Berlin

Up to 4,000 racists and Nazis demonstrated in Berlin last Saturday—the largest such demonstration in the German capital in memory.

International round up

Strike over cuts in Switzerland | Madrid march against violence

Big protests during Greek general strike shows workers' willingness to fight austerity

The general strike in Greece today, Thursday, was a bigger success than anyone expected. No boats, no trains and no planes moved. In Athens the Metro stopped all day, as did buses in the morning and evening.

French activists respond to Paris attacks

A series of shootings and suicide bombings saw at least 128 people killed in six sites around the French capital Paris last night, Friday. Activists in the New Anticapitalist Party (NPA) in Paris spoke to Socialist Worker on Saturday morning.


There’s nothing inevitable in this autumn of layoffs

Unions are treating mass job losses like a done deal. Instead they should learn from last time, argues Simon Basketter

Economic recovery has a human price

WHICH WAY is the world economy going? The view seems quite different depending on which side of the Atlantic you are.


How does revolt end war?

Imperialism and international competition lies behind wars the world over. But if capitalism causes war, what ends it? Dave Sewell looks at the revolts that stopped the slaughter

Sandy Nicoll victory: 'You don't get me I'm part of the union'

 Unison union rep Sandy Nicoll won reinstatement last week after an unofficial walkout by fellow workers at the School of Oriental and African Studies. He spoke to Raymie Kiernan about how activists there have built the union


Mr Robot Television series takes a swipe at a deeply alienated society

Based around a hacker who hates the corporations, TV series Mr Robot brings out a human story about coping with capitalism, says?Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Arts round up

Luis Bunuel: Aesthetics of the Irrational | Chicago: The Great teachers’ strike

What We Think

Mass resistance can beat divided tories

George Osborne’s announcement of 30 percent cuts to the budgets of four government departments is just a taste of what is to come.

Join Paris protests

The world’s average surface temperature is set to reach one degree Celsius higher than pre-industrial levels, the Met Office predicted this week.

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I read with interest your article on child abuse (Socialist Worker, 7 November).

The things they say

Sun columnist Rod Liddle in a bizarre attack on refugees

Meddling man with medals worries Corbyn won’t kill

General Sir Nicholas Houghton—chief of the defence staff—decided to use Remembrance Sunday to argue for the importance of killing lots of people.

Junior doctors take on Tory lies over NHS

As the Tories and their media mates go on the offensive against them, angry junior doctors spoke to Tomáš Tengely-Evans about the reality of the job—and why they’re fighting back

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