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Issue: 2480

Dated: 17 Nov 2015

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After the Paris attacks: No to racism—no to war

The world was horrified by shootings and suicide bombings that killed at least 129 people in Paris on Friday of last week.

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News round-up

Police in Northern Ireland have given a commitment not to arrest any more former soldiers over the Bloody Sunday killings.

Wave of Open University strikes looms

UCU union members in the Open University (OU) plan a national strike on Wednesday 25 November followed by a series of regional walkouts.

Small Heath teachers strike again

Teachers in the NUT, NASUWT and ATL unions at Small Heath School in Birmingham were set to strike on Wednesday of next week.

Say no to the racist backlash after Paris

Right wing politicians and the media want to use the terrorist attacks in Paris to ramp up racism against Muslims, writes Judith Orr

Hillsborough victim was alive after match was stopped, inquest hears

A 19 year old victim of the Hillsborough football disaster was alive after the match had been stopped, inquests have heard.

Lambeth libraries workers stage unofficial walkout in protest at council cuts

There is no library service in Lambeth today, Wednesday. Staff at all ten libraries across the south London borough have walked out in protest at the Labour-run council's cuts plan.

Junior doctors vote to take on the Tories in a fight for the NHS

The fight for the NHS is on after junior doctors declared war on the Tories with an overwhelming vote for strikes this week.

DVSA bosses' resolve for cuts put to the test by two-day strike of driving examiners

Driving examiners began a two-day strike today, Thursday, against bosses’ plans at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to increase their working day to fit in more tests.

Unofficial strike delivers blow to Royal Mail bosses

An unofficial post workers walkout in Bridgwater, Somerset, has forced concessions from management.

Protesters target Indian prime minister Modi’s state visit

Hundreds of protesters confronted Indian prime minister Narendra Modi when he visited Downing Street last Thursday.

Protests for Fast Food Rights

Fast food Rights campaigners protested across Britain on Tuesday of last week.

Bosses get injunction to stop construction demos in Teesside

building bosses Suez have been granted an injunction against protests by construction workers in Haverton Hill in Teesside.

‘We need an open border policy,’ Stand Up to Racism protesters demand

Up to 500 people rallied outside Downing Street in central London on Thursday night of last week.

Bradford refuses to let racist EDL exploit child abuse scandal

Up to 100 people rallied against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Bradford, west Yorkshire, last Saturday.

Rulers use Paris attack to silence opposition

A series of shootings and suicide bombings killed at least 129 people in the French capital Paris on Friday of last week.

Union leaders must build a bigger fight to save steel jobs

As steel unions prepared for a mass rally against job losses in Sheffield this Saturday bosses warned of deeper cuts.

Moazzam Begg says, resist ‘the state of fear’

Moazzam Begg was a detainee in Guantanamo Bay. He spoke to Socialist Worker about the aftermath of the Paris attacks

As BMA sets strike dates it’s time to support junior doctors and build solidarity

Junior doctors will strike three times next month if they back industrial action in a ballot ending on Wednesday of this week.

Media and politicians ramp up racism after killings

In the first hours after the attack, journalists and politicians took to Twitter to blame Muslims and demand they disassociate themselves from the violence

Government slashes jobs with HMRC cuts

Some 8,000 jobs could be slashed after HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) announced plans to close 137 tax offices last week.

Strike will drive home opposition

Driving examiners were set to strike on Thursday and Friday of this week over changes to conditions.

Industrial round-up

GMB elects new general secretary | Water workers protest in Durham | Will bus stoppage get drivers a break? | Two-day rail strike called off in Wales | Leicester fire crews protest over cuts | London’s teachers demand housing

Lobby over Lambeth library cuts

Around 200 library campaigners joined a lobby of a Lambeth council scrutiny committee meeting on Tuesday of last week.

Two weeks to go in Unison election

There are just over two weeks left to vote for the next general secretary of the Unison union.

Build yes vote in Scotland as college pay ballot called

Lecturers at Scotland’s Further Education colleges are balloting for sustained strikes over pay in the New Year.

Workers get organised to take on Tories at the Unite the Resistance conference

There was a defiant mood at last Saturday’s Unite the Resistance (UTR) conference in central London.


Anti-racists in France defy protest ban

As the French state locks down following last week’s attacks in Paris, protesters have refused to be silenced. Some have already begun to defy its bans on demonstrations.

Portugal’s left coalition wants cuts compromise

Left wing parties were expected to form a government in Portugal this week. A vote of no confidence on Tuesday of last week brought down the shortest-lived government since Portugal’s revolution, lasting just 11 days.

Mass march of fascists in Warsaw

Around 40,000 fascists and their extreme nationalist supporters marched in Warsaw on Wednesday of last week—Polish Independence Day.

Lebanon’s elite turns terror backlash against refugees

The editorial committee of Al Manshour (Socialist Forum) in Lebanon report from Beirut in the aftermath of last week’s deadly suicide bomb attack

Syria - West's bombs don't bring liberation

The US has launched new extended airstrikes in eastern Syria. French jets bombed the city of Raqqa.


More spies won’t stop terrorism

Whenever there is a terrorist attack the intelligence services use it to demand more resources and powers.

Trans people’s fight needs solidarity—not exclusion

Transgender people face prejudice and violence. Laura Miles takes issue with those who fail to support their struggle

Our job is to defeat imperialism, not Isis

Positively the stupidest thing said about the Paris attacks came from the French president, Francois Hollande, when he denounced them as an “act of war”. Of course they were, but this war didn’t start on Friday of last week.


Union leaders—friends with two faces

Trade union leaders talked a good fight against the Tories’ new bill, but never delivered one. Raymie Kiernan looks at why the officials hold back—and what we can do about it

A disaster made in Europe

Another 14 people drowned off the Greek island of Lesvos last week. Photographer Guy Smallman met the refugees arriving at Europe’s shores and the people helping them. Dave Sewell exposes how European Union leaders claim to be offering “support” but in reality are responsible for the continuing crisis


Hunger Games’ finale is a bittersweet tale of defiance

The bleak Hunger Games book and film saga speaks to a generation. The final instalment, Mockingjay part 2, shows why it’s so popular, writes Dave Sewell

Release of ‘lost’ Percy Shelley poem is cause to celebrate

After some backroom profiteering, Percy Shelley’s Poetical Essay: The Existing State of Things has been made public some 200 years after it was thought lost.

Reviews round-up

This highly awaited series adapts the classic novel by Philip K Dick—in which the allies lost the Second World War.

What We Think

Repression and war make us all less safe

The shock of the terrible deaths in Paris has led to an outpouring of international solidarity from ordinary people.

Other Categories

Letters—Bute shows how anti-refugee racism can be pushed back

Bute shows how anti-refugee racism can be pushed back

We’re halfway to catastrophe—but the blinkers are firmly on

The Paris climate summit may fall short, but a movement can grow out of opposition to it, says Martin Empson

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