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Issue: 2483

Dated: 08 Dec 2015

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Tories look to escalate a war on Syria that's already killing civilians

Tory defence secretary Michael Fallon has warned that the war in Syria was “not going to be short or simple”.

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Reports round-up

Fascists march flops in Nottingham; Rise conference in Scotland; victory for the Elbit protesters; and traffic wardens strike over pay

Wave of rolling strikes by Open University lecturers

UCU union members at the Open University (OU) are continuing a wave of strikes against cuts.

Education round-up

Teachers at Tech City in Islington, north London, began a two-day strike on Tuesday of this week.

New challenge to Newham council over Prevent strategy

Anti-racists in Newham, east London, have released a statement opposing growing Islamophobia in the borough and beyond.

Unison union officials caught out in election scandal

Unison union members are furious at news that full time officials have been caught breaking union rules to get general secretary Dave Prentis re-elected.

Activists resist Lewisham council's books bonfire

Library workers and users hit the streets of Lewisham, south London, last weekend to defend the service.

Department for Work and Pensions forced to apologise over claimaint's death

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been told to apologise to the sister of a man who died after his benefits were cut.

Muslim women in front line as racist hate crimes soar

The fallout from last month’s Paris attacks has fuelled a rise in racism—and resistance to it, reports Judith Orr

Firefighters sound the alarm over new cuts

FBU union members protested outside City Hall in south London on Wednesday of last week.

Student nurses protest as talks bog down junior doctors' BMA organisation

Some 400 NHS students protested against Tory plans to axe their bursaries outside the Department of Health on Wednesday of last week.

Striking driving examiners vent fury at new health risk at centre

Driving examiners from the DVSA ended a week of rolling strikes with a national walkout on Friday of last week.

Mass pickets as Arriva bus drivers walk out

Bus drivers working for Arriva in Medway, Kent, struck on Friday of last week and Monday of this week.

Furious flooded residents demand more than the ‘usual promises’ from Cameron

Residents of Cumbria were furious with David Cameron as he came for a photo-op on Monday of this week.

Hundreds attend People's Assembly national convention

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity held its national convention in central London on Saturday of last week.

Bomber Benn gets an earful from protesters in Leeds

Angry anti-war protesters challenged shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn for voting for war outside his surgery in Leeds last Saturday.

Rival powers struggle for influence in Syria

For regional and global powers, the war on Isis has become the justification for military intervention in Syria. Yet Isis emerged in the shadow of the US occupation of Iraq.

Jeremy Corbyn should confront Labour warmongers not appease them

As parliament voted for war in Syria last week, Labour MPs ratcheted up the war on Jeremy Corbyn.

Wave of protests brings anti-war mood onto the streets in anger

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets against Britain joining another war in the Middle East.

Climate protesters hold Paris summit of their own

Thousands of climate activists from around the world gathered in Paris last weekend. They were there to attend a Weekend of Alternatives—a counter-conference to the official Cop21 talks.

Art students occupy against 'ridiculous' cuts at London Met

Students, staff and supporters rallied outside the Cass school of arts and design in east London today, Thursday, in support of a student occupation.

Trial into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham begins

A major trial into alleged child sexual exploitation (CSE) offences began this week at Sheffield Crown Court.

Stop the War takes to streets against Tory war in Syria

 Up to 5,000 people marched through central London in protest at Britain bombing Syria today, Saturday.


Migrants' winter misery caused by Tory policies as EU ministers move to close borders

At the same time as bombing Syria, the government is making it harder for Syrians to escape.

Venezuela election shakes left government

The right wing opposition won a large majority in Venezuela’s parliamentary elections last Sunday.

Fascist FN come on top in French elections

The fascist Front National (FN) topped the polls in the first round of French regional elections last Sunday.


Don’t get tangled up in imperial rivalries

Alex Callinicos argues that socialists and anti-imperialists have to build the broadest and biggest anti-war movement possible. But this task faces new complications


A world with no wars

It’s possible—if we understand what makes them. Tomáš Tengely-Evans takes aim at imperialism

Syria—who lit the fire?

What is Isis and where did it come from?


Starting Again—a hardhitting exhibition that brings refugee families to life

There are few flaws in this new photography exhibition that highlights the pain and joy of reunited refugees living in Scotland, says?Stephen McBroom

Jon Savage’s 1966—when popular music captured the mood of rebellion


Reviews round-up

In this programme Ahmed, a 16 year old Syrian, takes us on an unprecedented guided tour—through one of the biggest refugee camps in the world.

What We Think

Join the struggle to topple their system

The ruling class loves a war. They pretend that we all have a “national interest” against an outside enemy and distract us from the attacks they are raining down on us.

Other Categories

Andy Gallagher, 1951-2015

Andy Gallagher, who has died aged 64, was a revolutionary from a young age.


Our readers respond to Labour's crisis over Syria; the Greek government's deal with Israel; and the failures of the left in Uruguay, plus more

The things they say

‘I think the focus for now is finding a peaceful solution to the civil war’

No profit in peace as war gives gun runners an ‘uptick’

War is good for business. Defence companies have rushed to assure investors that they stand to gain from the escalating conflicts in the Middle East.

Six reasons the Cop21 climate change talks in Paris are worse than a cop-out

The heads of state at the Cop21 climate change talks in Paris know that climate change is one of the most urgent problems facing humanity.

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