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Issue: 2485

Dated: 05 Jan 2016

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After floods firefighters slam cuts—sack Tories not us

I was responding to the floods in Greater Manchester on Boxing Day, pumping out water and

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Reports round-up

Cass Arts occupation ends over London Met campus cuts | Strike at Thirteen housing association group in Teesside | NSL Brighton traffic wardens vote for pay deal | South Yorkshire fire bosses face action over job cuts | Ballot end could bring library strike in Lambeth | Interpreters beat pay cut at Home Office | Strike votes at Trinity Mirror local newspapers | New ballot for Sheffield Green Company recycling workers | No to the Nazis in Dover

Joint colleges walkout is on the horizon

College workers across two unions, the UCU and Unison, could strike together over pay on 2 March.

First strike in 30 years for West Dunbartonshire teachers fighting cuts

Also: Tech City teachers could strike again | Strike vote at Trinity academy in Somerset | Talks break down at Listerdale school in Rotherham

Fife postal workers fight the sack

Postal workers in Cupar, Fife, walked out last month to defend a sacked colleague.

Politicians plot a fresh clampdown on refugees

An historic migration of refugees has provoked repression—and resistance, reports?Dave Sewell

'Constructive' trade unions aid steel bosses' blackmail

Threats of closure are being used to blackmail steel workers in Scunthorpe into accepting attacks on their pay, pensions and jobs.

Museum strike in Scotland wins support for workers

PCS union members at the National Museum of Scotland struck on 26 and 27 December as part of a three-year dispute.

Caledonian Sleeper rail workers stage a safety strike

RMT union members on the Caledonian Sleeper train service between London and Scotland struck for 48 hours just before Christmas last year.

Northern Rail workers in Leeds strike over pay

Pickets and protesters leafleted Leeds commuters on Monday of this week.

South West London bus drivers take action over toilets

Bus drivers in south west London have reacted strongly against Wandsworth Council’s refusal to provide toilet facilities at the end of the Roehampton routes.

SNP weathers scandals and Corbyn effect

Despite a spate of scandals since its general election landslide last year, the Scottish National Party (SNP) looks set for victory in May’s Scottish parliament elections.

Labour right seeks to block a fight against cuts and war

Hypocrite MPs who accuse Corbyn of division are the real problem. Unity with them is a dead end, writes Nick Clark

Tory spin on cuts doesn’t wash with flood victims

People hit by flooding are turning their anger on David Cameron after Tory cuts to flood defences, councils and rescue services left them unprotected.

Back junior doctors' strikes to defend NHS

Junior doctors’ strikes against new contracts are back on, the British Medical Association (BMA) announced on Monday of this week.

NHS students' fightback over bursaries can fuel united struggle against Tories

Anger at the Tory assault on the NHS is spreading as health care students and their supporters were set to march in central London this Saturday.

Cops face anger at Tottenham meeting on shooting of Jermaine Baker

More than 250 people filled Tottenham Town Hall last month for a meeting to demand answers following another fatal police shooting in north London.

David Cameron steps up racism against Muslims

David Cameron used his New Year’s message to ramp up the racist assault on Muslims.

Stop ‘all-out attack’ on social housing

The Tories were set to try and rush their new Housing and Planning Bill through its last stages in the House of Commons this week.

News in brief

Sexual health services cut | Anti-choice group launched | Bankers let off the hook | Rail fares rip off workers | Fat cats make workers' yearly pay

‘I told that officer, nothing happened,’ alleged Rotherham child abuse victim tells court

A corrupt police officer had sex with young girls and gave drugs to a man accused of abusing children, a court heard last month.

Court told of signs of life among victims as Hillsborough inquests finish hearing evidence

Inquests into the deaths of 96 Liverpool football fans who died as a result of the Hillsborough football disaster finished hearing evidence on Tuesday.

Cops gave information to abusers, Rotherham trial told

A child sexual exploitation trial has heard that police passed information to abusers in South Yorkshire.

Health students march in London to defend NHS bursaries


Junior doctors strike - photos from the picket lines

Junior doctors walked out in strike today, Tuesday, against attacks on their contracts and to the defend the NHS


The British farce in Syria reflects a deeper crisis

Britain’s military intervention in Syria has been exposed as a farce. Westminster’s warmongers argued that it was essential.

Executions in Saudi Arabia spark protests across the region

Protests erupted in Saudi Arabia and across the region after the Saudi regime executed Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr last Saturday.

Catalonia set for new elections after failing to form new government

Catalonia’s parliament looked set to call new elections after failing to form a government last Sunday.

Israeli state announces new clampdown on Palestinians

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has announced a wave of repression against Palestinians in Israel.

Egyptian court refuses second appeal of three jailed Revolutionary Socialists

Egypt’s military-backed president Abdel Fatah el Sisi is trying to build a facade of democracy around his dictatorship with the opening of parliament due on 10 January. But his repression of all opposition continues.

Sexism is not a foreign import—German socialists respond to Cologne attacks

Dozens of women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve in Germany. But rather than connecting the events to everyday sexist violence, politicians and the media have turned to stoking up racism. Silke Stöckle and Marion Wegscheider respond in this article for socialist group Marx21


Religion—is it just ‘the opium of the masses’?

For some, religion lies behind conflict and oppression. For others it’s a comfort. Sadie Robinson looks at the complex reality

Corbyn is right to stand up to his opponents—but he must go further

It is in the interests of everyone who hates austerity, racism and war to support Corbyn against the right. But we also have to urge him to go much further.

Divisions on Europe will dominate Tories

One thing’s certain about 2016. The struggle within the Labour Party will continue, but divisions among the Tories will become high profile.


Billions made from care home crisis

Care homes are charging residents and local authorities tens of thousands every year while many care workers are paid less than the minimum wage. But nursing home bosses predict that scores will close because they are not making enough money. Raymie Kiernan says the big firms that stand behind social care are still raking it in

‘Hope has not died in Egypt’

Five years ago this month protests in Tunisia triggered revolutions, crucially in Egypt. Sameh Naguib spoke to Judith Orr about the events—and the lessons for socialists


London Recruits—‘An opportunity to assist the struggle against apartheid’

Forthcoming film London Recruits tells the story of young activists who fought apartheid. Sabby Sagall spoke to some of them about that struggle

Film round-up - Snowden, Joplin and Zombies

Socialist Worker’s guide to a few films coming out in 2016. Look out for reviews in our coming issues

What We Think

Capitalism is teetering on the edge of crisis

The New Year began with a new shock to global stock markets. For the first time ever, all of China’s main stock exchanges had to use emergency measures to halt trading after shares plummeted on Monday of this week.

Times tables twaddle reflect Tories' testing times

The Tories have announced yet another plan to make life harder for school pupils.

Other Categories


The racism at the heart of Israeli society was exposed last month when a video from a wedding of two settlers was released.

The Things They Say

Soundbites of the week

Expenses for lazy Lords and honours for Tory cronies

Hundreds of thousands of pounds in allowances were paid during 2015 to peers who went through the year without ever contributing in the House of Lords.

Historic documents reveal bigotry at the heart of Thatcher’s government

Newly released 30 year old government documents reveal a world of racism and scheming from Cameron’s pals. Simon Basketter unearths the facts

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