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Issue: 2486

Dated: 12 Jan 2016

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Junior docs strike blow against the Tories' plan to wreck the NHS

Junior doctors struck across England on Tuesday of this week to defend their contracts—and the NHS.

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TUC says call walkouts to defend union rights

A government watchdog has warned the Tories’ Trade Union Bill could breach human rights.

Corrupt cop helped Rotherham child abuser avoid arrest, court hears

A court hearing evidence of alleged child sexual exploitation offences has heard that a corrupt police officer helped an abuser avoid arrest.

British economy on the slide: “Sell everything” says bank

British manufacturing is in recession, undermining chancellor George Osborne’s forecasts of steady economic growth.

French court jails trade unionists as government steps up repression

A French court jailed eight trade unionists for taking action to stop bosses closing their factory, yesterday, Tuesday. 

Spirit of US fast food strike movement comes to London protest at McDonald's (inc. video)

McDonald’s workers from the US brought the spirit of their fight for $15 an hour to Britain yesterday, Wednesday, with a noisy protest in central London.

Rotherham trial hears police officer and councillor did deal with accused abuser

A police officer and a councillor were involved in a deal to help an alleged child abuser escape arrest, a court has heard.

Are we heading for another world economic slump?

Across the world stock markets and commodity prices are tumbling. Those in the ruling class who gloated about “recovery” last year now warn that the global economy could crash again. Some blame it on oil prices, others on China’s slump – Socialist Worker sorts the fact from the fantasy

Trash Trident: six deadly nuclear myths...and how to defuse them

The government plans to put the renewal of Britain’s Trident nuclear submarine programme to the vote later this year. It wants to spend more than £160 billion on four Scottish-based submarines whose only purpose is to threaten the whole of humanity.

After Port Talbot cuts—we need a fight for steel jobs

Steel firm Tata announced 1,000 new job cuts this week, including 750 at the Port Talbot steel works in South Wales.

Singing pickets in Small Heath defend their school and their rep

Teachers at Birmingham’s Small Heath school began a three-day strike today, Tuesday, to stop their school becoming an academy.

Exclusive - Moazzam Begg and Shelly Asquith defy smears - fight racist witch hunt

The Daily Mail newspaper is spearheading a racist witch hunt against the Muslims and students standing up to the government’s Prevent agenda.

David Cameron quietly steps up land war in Libya

The Tories have sent 1,000 British troops to Libya to defend oil fields threatened by the advance of Isis-supporting forces.

Anger and enthusiasm on picket lines as junior doctors strike

Junior doctors held picket lines at hospitals across England today, Tuesday, on strike against attacks on their contracts and in defence of the NHS.

Message from SWP conference - build up the movement that helped Jeremy Corbyn win

Revolutionaries debated the political situation and how to shape it at the 2016 Socialist Workers Party conference

News in-brief

Housing workers in Sheffield struck against bosses’ attacks on their terms and conditions on Wednesday of last week.

Five-day strike hits EDF bosses

Up to 50 pickets turned away cars from EDF Energy’s head office on Monday of this week, as around 70 Unite union members began a five-day strike.

Refuse workers in Somerset back five weeks of walkouts

Recycling refuse collectors in Somerset voted for five more weeks of discontinuous strikes for pay on Thursday of last week.

Offshore workers prepare to challenge ballot result over bosses' deal

Unite union members working under the Offshore Contractors Association (OCA) agreement voted to accept bosses’ latest offer in a consultative ballot last week.

Planned post cut is 'postponed' in Leeds after strikes

Post Office supply chain workers in Leeds have forced bosses onto the back foot after two 24-hour walkouts.

'Uplifting' rally to kickstart legal aid fight in 2016

The Justice Alliance’s “Voices for Justice” rally held in Conway Hall in central London last week was a statement of intent.

London Tube unions announce new strikes

Tube unions have called fresh walkouts on London Underground in their long-running dispute over Night Tube and pay.

Solid school action puts Dunbartonshire council on back foot over cuts

Secondary school teachers at Labour-run West Dunbartonshire Council in Scotland struck on Tuesday of this week.

National pay fight looms in Scotland's colleges

Over 4,000 lecturers across Scotland’s further education (FE) colleges are set to begin a national strike ballot over pay on 20 January.

John Cabot academy strike off after workers win all their demands

A strike at John Cabot academy in Kingswood, South Gloucestershire, planned for Tuesday of this week, was called off after workers won all of their demands.

Small Heath teachers call weekly three-day strikes in academy dispute after rep suspended

Teachers at Small Heath school in Birmingham have voted to escalate their anti-academy strikes following the victimisation of NUT union rep Simon O’Hara.


A cover up by Paris cops?

French police shot a man dead in Paris on Thursday of last week. Their version of events rapidly went around the world’s media.

Syrians fleeing war deported from Lebanon after EU-Turkey deal

Over 250 refugees were deported from Beirut airport in Lebanon to Syria on Friday of last week.

Refugees in French camps to resist cruel clampdown

French authorities were set to bulldoze huge swathes of the refugees’ “jungle” shantytown in Calais by the end of this week at just days’ notice.

Greek lawyers stage indefinite strike against pension cuts

Lawyers across Greece began an indefinite strike yesterday, Thursday, against pension cuts the Syriza government is pushing through to appease its creditors. Up to 15,000 lawyers and supporters marched through the streets of the capital Athens.

Security forces arrest Egyptian socialist

A doctor and socialist activist in Egypt was arrested by Egyptian security forces last week.

Anti-racists in Germany take on politicians promoting panic over refugees

Racist politicians are trying to use horrific New Year’s Eve attacks on women in German cities to push back against solidarity with refugees. Their attempts are also boosting racist groups.


Does the left only represent a 'north London clique'?

Nick Clark takes issue with Labour right wingers’ simplistic and patronising view of what it means to be working class


Disability—produced by profit

Roddy Slorach’s new book A Very Capitalist Condition puts forward a Marxist analysis of disability. Sadie Robinson looks at how its insights can help activists in the fightback

1956 - 60 years on from the end of an era

Simon Hall spoke to Socialist Worker about his new book on 1956 and the events of a momentuous year


Will new TV show Jericho do the navvies' story justice?

ITV’s new series tries a bit too hard to make sure you know it’s set in t’ North—but the true story behind it means there’s still hope, says?Simon Basketter

Celtic Connections festival celebrates Easter Rising

There’s a fascinating line-up to look forward to at this year’s Celtic Connections, an annual music festival held in Glasgow.

Reviews round-up

As millions died in the trenches of the Western Front, thousands of women were pushed into the workforce in Britain.

What We Think

Corbyn must stand firm on Trident nukes

Does the Labour Party support spending tens of billions of pounds on new nuclear weapons that threaten the future of the earth?

Cameron’s contempt for the poor

David Cameron launched a fresh attack on poor people this week, in the name of helping them.

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I’m a disabled pensioner at risk of pneumonia, and I’ve been living in the upstairs of a damp house since the floods on Boxing Day.

The Troublemaker

Bungling Baron George Osborne warned against complacency over the economy last week.

'Tories are using housing as a weapon in their class war'

Social housing tenants could be forced out of their homes as a new bill is set to become law. Dave Sewell examines its effects—and meets some of the campaigners who are fighting back

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