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Issue: 2488

Dated: 26 Jan 2016

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Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott show solidarity as refugees protest in Calais

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and shadow cabinet member Diane Abbott showed solidarity with refugees by visiting the "Jungle" refugee camp in Calais today, Saturday.

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‘Tunnel walkers’ in Kent court but still no freedom

Three refugees appeared before a judge at Canterbury Crown Court on Thursday of last week. They had evaded fences, razor wire and police at the Calais entrance to the Channel Tunnel and walked the 31 miles to Britain.

As tensions pull Labour left group in two directions - is Jeremy Corbyn losing momentum?

Momentum, the network set up to organise Jeremy Corbyn supporters, holds its first national meeting on 6 February.

Tories' Islamophobic agenda sparks anger and resistance

Anger against the Tories’ Islamophobic “Prevent” strategy is growing in the face of a right wing witch hunt.

Traditionally submissive? Muslims mock David Cameron's racism

Muslim women took to social media to mock Tory David Cameron’s racist and sexist slur that they are “traditionally submissive”.

Cardiff housing firm climbdown after uproar at red wristbands for refugees

Housing firm forced to back down—but asylum seekers tell Socialist Worker they suffer terrible conditions

Strike threat wins concessions on Tube - but attacks on stations continue

Tube unions Aslef, RMT, TSSA and Unite suspended a 24-hour walkout set to begin on Tuesday of this week after bosses made a new offer.

Don’t stop the fight to defeat Hunt’s attacks

Junior doctors are set to strike across England on Wednesday 10 February. 

Key evidence ‘disappeared’, Rotherham abuse trial told

Police have never interviewed the key defendant in a child sexual abuse trial, a court heard last week.

Mario Cravo Neto and Maud Sulter—pictures on the effect of history

The London Autograph ABP gallery has two interesting exhibitions. One is by Brazilian photographer and sculptor Mario Cravo Neto.

Ukip loses Thanet majority

UKIP has lost its majority on Thanet District Council in Kent.

Lecturers in Scotland fight bosses’ pay shenanigans

Scottish education union EIS-Fela has called on the Scottish National Party (SNP) government to make college bosses comply with a new national bargaining process.

Strikes can bring library bosses to book

Also: fighting dismissals at Glasgow Life

Time to fight for our unions

Despite minor setbacks, the Tories’ push for even more anti-union laws continues—and must be resisted.

Industrial round-up

Strikes backing Fife postie |London students stage rent strike | Motherwell XPO workers’ pay fight | Protest against fracking in valley | Occupy to save 120 cider jobs

Sky high strike vote at Ainscough cranes

Around 500 crane operators and support workers employed by Ainscough, Britain’s largest mobile crane hire firm, have voted overwhelmingly to strike over pay.

Judge orders blacklisters to look for key documents

A High Court judge has ordered 30 contractors, including Sir Robert McAlpine and Balfour Beatty, to disclose all correspondence linked to blacklisting. This practice denied work to thousands of trade union members.

Holocaust Memorial Day - Nazis Never Again!

Anti-fascists across Britain and the world will mark Holocaust Memorial Day today, Wednesday, and remember the genocide of 12 million people, including six million Jews. Holocaust survivors and their relatives have spoken to Socialist Worker about their experiences and why it's important to keep up the fight against fascism today:

Protesters slam Cameron's racism and language classes cuts

Up to 100 students, teachers and anti-racists joined a protest outside Downing Street in London tonight, Wednesday. They demanded decent funding for English for Speakers of Other Languages (Esol) classes - and an end to the Tories' racist targeting of Muslims.

Rotherham defendant found not guilty of conspiracy to rape

A defendant on trial accused of historical child sexual abuse offences has been found not guilty of one offence.

Flood victim slams the Tories - 'We're made to feel like beggars for asking for help'

As thousands of people across Britain fear flooding, many are still reeling from the impact of floods last month. And they are angry at the lack of official support they have received.

EXCLUSIVE - Prepare for new Labour leadership race, warns key Corbyn ally

A key ally of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has told party activists in north London to prepare for another leadership contest.

1,500 march to say Kill the Housing Bill

Around 1,500 people joined a lively march today in London to protest at the Tories’ housing bill which condemns millions more to a lifetime of insecure private renting.

Anti-fascists stand up to Nazi National Front in Dover

Some 270 anti-Nazis confronted some 150 fascists in Dover today, Saturday.

Small Heath school strikes halt academy as fight for union rep continues



Unemployed uprising on the streets of Tunisia

Five years since revolution brought down the Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, mass protests have returned writes Jaouhar Tounsi

Egyptian state cracks down on activists on fifth anniversary of revolution

Security forces in Egypt targeted activists and critics of the military regime in the run-up to the fifth anniversary of the 2011 revolution on Monday.

Racist rhetoric from French prime minister

French prime minister Manuel Valls claimed last week that refugees coming into Europe were threatening “the very idea of Europe”.


Tories' legal aid climbdown is victory for campaigning lawyers

Last Thursday saw a tremendous victory for legal aid. After three years of campaigning Michael Gove announced a U-turn on the government’s plans for a two-tier duty contracts system.

Turmoil shows up problems for the 'recovery'

Since the start of the year the stock markets have been going crazy. At one point global share prices were 20 percent below the high they reached last year. Some £2.8 trillion was wiped off shares.


A Red in the White House? How Bernie Sanders is shaking up US politics

Is politics in the United States about to get the shake-up it has needed for generations? With the campaign bandwagon of left wing Democrat Bernie Sanders gaining ground, it’s the question for millions of Americans. Charlie Kimber assesses his chances—and his politics

Waging war in the name of women

Our rulers often push racism to aid their war drives, while telling us they are defending women. Sadie Robinson demolishes their lies—and says liberation can only come from below

Dripping blood from every pore—why Rhodes must fall

Oriel College, part of Oxford University, announced this week that having considered all the arguments—in particular those from its wealthy donors—it had decided not to remove a statue of Cecil Rhodes.


A play that opens up debate as the witch hunters shut it

Hassan Mahamdallie spoke to Saba Shiraz about his play, The Crows Plucked Your Sinews, on Somali history and the war on terror

Exhibition—In the future they ate from the finest Porcelain

In the future they ate from the finest Porcelain Larissa Sansour’s exhibition features three short films set in the context of the urgency of Palestine’s political problems.

What We Think

Don't let the Tories get away with murder

Turn anger against the Tories into action

Shankill bomb revelation blows the cover of British state terror

Extraordinary new revelations this week show that a notorious bombing by Irish Republicans was planned and overseen by a British agent.

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Esol teachers slam Cameron's cuts hypocrisy and a warning from a former prisoner

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Google pays some tax and Osborne goes in a chopper

Google has agreed to pay back £130 million in back taxes, which is nice of them.

How Asda is making workers pay the price of a failing firm

Multinational retailing giant Walmart is slashing 16,000 jobs and its subsidiary Asda is following suit. Nick Clark looks at what’s behind the attacks and how they can be beaten

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