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Issue: 2489

Dated: 02 Feb 2016

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Take to the streets for the NHS as junior doctors plan a strike

Thousands of junior doctors and supporters were set to march through central London on Saturday and Bristol on Sunday.

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Scrap the Trade Union Bill - join the TUC's week of action

Activists are preparing for the TUC’s week of action against the Trade Union Bill, reports Raymie Kiernan

Protest on 19 March to stop deadly racism

At least 37 refugees drowned off the Turkish coast last Sunday, including babies and children, when their boat struck rocks.

Nazis face opposition—no thanks to police

Fascist organisations tried to stir up hate in Dover, Kent, and Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, last Saturday—but anti-fascists were organised to counter them.

‘Islamophobia has become mainstream’, says new report

The Prevent strategy is “undermining children’s rights to freedom of thought”, according to a new report by the Institute of Race Relations.

Resistance needed to stop the spreading civil service jobs massacre

Civil service bosses announced plans to slash jobs across a number of departments last week.

Walkouts called to fight south London library cuts

Library workers in two south London boroughs were set to strike on Monday of next week to defend local library services.

Protesters in Dundee march to save council jobs

Hundreds of people marched through Dundee last Saturday against plans to cut council jobs.

Reports round-up

Stoppage on Financial Times | Friends of the Earth conference backs action on climate change | Protesters take on plans for fracking | Stand with Kurds against a new war | Scottish leftists say leave the EU | Cash splashed on academy transfers | Women-haters met by protests

Stations strike can derail Tube bosses’ plan

London Underground (LU) station staff in the RMT union were set to strike for 48 hours from 9pm this Saturday.

Sixth form teachers vote for action

NUT union members have voted by 86 percent for strikes in a consultative ballot on a turnout of 36 percent.

Crane operators picket in high spirits

Some 500 workers in the Unite union at Ainscough Crane Hire struck across all the company’s sites on Monday.

Huge surge for socialist Bernie Sanders as US election race begins

Bernie Sanders, who proudly calls himself a socialist, was the real winner in Monday’s voting in the state of Iowa.

Unfair and unworkable, Iain Duncan Smith's 'flagship' is full of holes

Universal Credit will make working families poorer and is mired in worse delays than ever, two new reports reveal.

Terror watchdog adds to growing pressure on Tories' Islamophobic Prevent strategy

The government’s own terror watchdog has called for an independent review into its Islamophobic Prevent strategy.

Government admits Loyalist killer was in British army

A terrorist convicted of killing of two men in Northern Ireland was a former member of the British army’s Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR), the government has admitted.

Defendant in Rotherham abuse trial was a police cadet

A defendant in the Rotherham child sexual abuse trial was a police cadet when the alleged offences took place, Sheffield Crown Court has heard.

Junior doctors march in London to stop Tory attacks on the NHS

Over 2,000 junior doctors and their supporters marched through central London today, Saturday.

EXCLUSIVE - leaked minister's letter shows Tory panic over Trade Union Bill

A restricted government document leaked to Socialist Worker shows that the Tories are in disarray over their anti-union Trade Union Bill.

Thousands of Liverpool fans join protest against football bosses' 'war of greed'

Anfield saw a major demonstration over soaring Premier League ticket prices last Saturday. Liverpool FC announced next season’s pricing structures this week, under which a match ticket will cost £77. Season tickets will also top £1,000 for the first time ever.


Syriza faces nationwide strike against pension cut in Greece

Workers in Greece were set to take part in a general strike to defend their pensions, reports Dave Sewell

Zika epidemic in South America hits the poor the hardest

The World Health Organisation declared a global emergency on Monday of this week over the Zika virus epidemic spreading through Brazil and neighbouring countries.

Deadlock continues in Spanish state

The Spanish state’s four leading political parties met with its king on Monday and Tuesday of last week to break the deadlock produced by elections six weeks ago.

Syriza one year on - what went wrong?

The celebration that followed left party Syriza’s election last year has given way to bitterness, says Dave Sewell

Biggest general strike in years defies Syriza's pension cuts in Greece

The huge general strike rally in Athens today, Thursday, was probably the biggest since 2011 and the summer of mass occupations of public squares.

Striking PIA airline workers defy guns and killings in Pakistan

Two workers, ground engineer Saleem Akbar and senior manager Inayet Raza Rizvi, were killed as the military opened fire at thousands of people marching towards Karachi’s airport terminal on Tuesday.


'Free movement' in the EU is just a myth

Supporters of the campaign for Britain to remain in the European Union (EU) are gearing up their efforts. The in/out referendum could come as early as June.


CWU leader Dave Ward says, 'We need a strategy to beat the Tories'

CWU union leader Dave Ward spoke to Charlie Kimber about the prospects for Jeremy Corbyn, why more power has shifted to the bosses—and how we can win it back

1916 in Ireland - a rising against empire

At the height of the First World War a rebellion was staged in Britain’s oldest colony. Simon Basketter looks at how Irish rebels took over Dublin 100 years ago


The Innovation Race— Manchester’s Makers Join the First World War

Just one year into the First World War, the British Army was faced by an acute shortage of shells, having fired so many in the imperialist slaughter.

The Big Short puts the spotlight on Wall Street

A film about the global financial crisis has five Oscar nominations.

Trumbo film delivers a powerful blow to McCarthyite terror

A new film about blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo brilliantly avoids the pitfalls of a Hollywood film about Hollywood, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

What We Think

Tories in crisis—bring down fortress Europe

David Cameron has been seeking to achieve “reforms” of the European Union. He wants to triumphantly announce that he can now call for a “stay” vote in the forthcoming referendum.

David Cameron's rhetoric can't hide Tories’ racist shame

David Cameron has been outraged at racism this week.

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I live in West Northumberland and helped found Tynedale Flood Appeal to help flood victims.

The things they say

‘She’s not going to get away with eating a slice of cucumber or throwing it away’

Tories defeated in Lords and courts—and Wales says no

The Tories have suffered a series of defeats over the past two weeks.

Behind the fake ban, SNP is fracking bosses’ good friend

The Scottish National Party made ‘Frack Off’ one of its main slogans. At the same time it has cosied up to hated bosses and even paid for drilling. Raymie Kiernan digs up the dirty truth

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