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Issue: 2490

Dated: 09 Feb 2016

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New Google scandal—Tax scam bosses’ bonanza

There’s no austerity for them. Just days after Google did a sweetheart tax deal with the Tories, the firm has handed vastly more money to its top bosses.

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Junior doctors march to defend the NHS from Tory attacks ahead of national walkout

Junior doctors in the British Medical Association (BMA) were set to strike on Wednesday of this week against health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s plans for dangerous new contracts.

Solidarity pours in for Birmingham teachers striking to defend victimised union rep

Teachers at Birmingham’s Small Heath School began a three-day strike today, Tuesday, in an increasingly bitter dispute with school bosses.

Reports round-up

Well-done protest over tips at STK | Strike vote at Spalding Grammar School | Week-long walkout against library cuts in Bromley | Post workers meet ahead of pay talks | NUJ union keeps FT’s presses rolling | Mushin Ahmed murder trial begins in Sheffield | Day of action over Sports Direct

Activists build Kurdish solidarity demo

Turkish state forces massacred 60 people in a basement in the Kurdish district of Cizre on Sunday of last week.

Scottish college lecturers plan to teach the SNP a lesson

College lecturers in the EIS-Fela union were set to begin a strike ballot over pay on Friday of this week.

College workers gear up for joint pay strike

Further education (FE) lecturers and support staff have announced an England-wide strike for Wednesday 24 February.

Is Jeremy Corbyn supporters group Momentum cutting off its grassroots?

Momentum’s ever tighter focus on the Labour Party is a retreat that limits its potential to mobilise, warns Nick Clark

Tube stations dispute called off--but workers didn’t get a say

Also: Maintenance workers' action over safety could have a big impact

Hillsborough inquest jury told to resolve conflicting evidence of fans' behaviour

The jury in the Hillsborough inquests will have to “resolve the conflict” of evidence given about fans’ behaviour, coroner Sir John Goldring has said.

More tariffs won’t save steel jobs

Steel giants Tata and ArcelorMittal posted losses last week for the last three months as low steel prices continue to eat into profits.

‘The job is a nightmare’ say striking Ainscough crane workers

Some 500 crane operators and support staff working for Ainscough struck for the second time on Monday of this week.

Fracking firms fight to return to Lancashire

Protesters rallied outside Blackpool Football Club in Lancashire on Tuesday at the beginning of a five week inquiry that could determine the future of fracking in Britain.

News in brief

ENGLAND’s biggest academy chain is failing nearly half of its secondary school pupils, according to a damning report by schools watchdog Ofsted.

Protesters prepare to take on the racists on Saturday 19 March

Campaigners spoke of a “new hope” for pushing back racism at Unite Against Fascism’s annual conference last Saturday.

The best way to defend union rights is to strike like Lambeth library workers

The TUC’s week of action against the Trade Union Bill began on Monday with plans for workers to hold workplace meetings and protests against the new anti-union laws.

Tories attack prisoner rights

David Cameron said on Monday that prison reform is “one of the great progressive causes”.

Masked workers protest in oil city Aberdeen for safety offshore

Rank and file offshore workers staged a day of protest in Aberdeen today, Tuesday, over job losses and bosses’ attacks on workers’ terms and conditions

Pictures from the junior doctors' strike Wednesday 10 February

Junior doctors are on strike today across England against Tory plans to bring in new contracts. The contracts would tear up workers' terms and conditions, and put patient safety at risk.

Junior doctors walk out against Tory attacks on the NHS

Junior doctors across England walked out for the second time in defence of the NHS, today, Wednesday. 

After Birmingham politicians attack strikers - Labour should back workers, not bosses

Senior Labour Party figures in Birmingham have launched an attack on teachers at Small Heath school who are defending their union rep against victimisation.

Junior doctors strike shows how to take on the Tories

A junior doctors’ strike has challenged Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s plans to push through more attacks on the NHS today, Wednesday. This was the second 24-hour strike by junior doctors in the British Medical Association (BMA).

Jeremy Hunt imposes new contract—a challenge to junior doctors and the union movement

Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt is set to announce that he will impose a dangerous new contract on junior doctors.

Big rally in South London to build Stand Up to Racism 19 March demonstrations

Some 200 people joined a rally organised by Stand Up to Racism in Balham, south London, last night, Wednesday.

Baseline tests for four year olds are unfair and inaccurate, teachers' survey shows

An overwhelming majority of teachers think new tests for four year olds are unfair or inaccurate, according to a survey. And many say the tests are an excuse for the Tories to attack teachers and push the market in education.

'Strike until we win' - trade unionists get behind BMA after Hunt's declaration of war

The Tories have thrown down the gauntlet to the trade union movement by imposing a dangerous new contract on junior doctors. If health secretary Jeremy Hunt gets away with crushing the British Medical Association (BMA), it will give confidence to every union-bashing boss.

Calais refugees face new eviction threat as police violence escalates

Refugees in a large section of the “jungle” camp of Calais have been given a week to leave—or be forced off when it is bulldozed.


Killing of Italian student Giulio Regeni exposes Egypt's 'inhuman' regime


Syrian refugees stuck at Turkish and EU borders

Tens of thousands of people are fleeing Syria’s second city Aleppo to gather at refugee camps around the Oncupinar gate on the border with Turkey.

Radical left looks to make gains in Irish election

A key electoral test for austerity is set for the end of the month in Ireland. Workers have been assaulted by the outgoing and the previous governments for the past eight years.

Bernie Sanders' victory in New Hampshire shows establishment politics in the US is cracking up

Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a socialist, has won a thumping victory in the New Hampshire state election for the Democratic Party presidential candidate.


Russia's proxy war twists the knife in Syria

At a meeting in Manchester last week I heard a Syrian refugee describe his plight and that of his family. It was heartbreaking. Essentially the same story could be told of millions, and their number increases daily.


What’s the deal with Cameron's EU proposal?

How did a dull document about the European Union get the Tories at each other’s throats? Tomáš Tengely-Evans answers your questions

Slaughter of Verdun haunted France

The First World War’s longest battle began 100 years ago this month in Verdun, northern France. By the time it ended in December more than 300,000 had died and many more were missing or wounded.

Flint—the poisoning of a US city

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has shocked people across the world— and it’s just the latest ruling class assault inflicted on ordinary people in the US city, writes Alistair Farrow


City of Thorns—the forgotten refugee camp where lives are left in limbo

New book City of Thorns uses interviews to build a powerful picture of the lives of refugees in the world’s largest camp in Kenya, writes?Ken Olende

Electronic Superhighway—how the internet has transformed art

Electronic Superhighway showcases over 100 artworks that look at the impact of computer and internet technology on artists from the mid-1960s to today.

The Daniel Morgan Murder gets a 10-part podcast serial

Alastair Morgan speaks to journalist and screenwriter Peter Jukes about the murder of his brother Daniel Morgan.

What We Think

Bernie and Beyoncé

One of the biggest sporting events in the world was dominated by a musical tribute to an armed revolutionary group last week.

We can turn the tide on the scapegoating of migrants

Much of the media eagerly publicised the news that professor Angus Dalgleish was due to make a speech attacking migrants.

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Readers write in on the Islamophobia and racism, debate Syriza's record in office, Labour and Momentum, plus more.

The things they say

‘You will not find the Guardian or Observer writing about “bogus asylum seekers”’

Esther McVey is doing okay

Esther McVey, the former TV presenter and employment minister, had the bad luck to be one of the few Tory MPs to lose a seat to Labour last year.

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