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Issue: 2491

Dated: 16 Feb 2016

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The Tories' attack on junior doctors - a threat to every worker and a fight for us all

The Tories have declared war—the unions have to win it.

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Labour MP under fire for betrayal of teachers at Small Heath School

Support is growing for Small Heath strikers and their rep—but not from the local MP, says Sadie Robinson

Jeremy Corbyn inspires trade union activists - despite union leaders' attacks

The first union conference since Jeremy Corbyn’s election to the Labour leadership—Unison’s women’s conference—was held in Brighton last week.

Hillsborough coroner sums up cops' evidence to inquests

Officers in the police control box during the Hillsborough disaster “gave no thought” to the consequences of opening a gate to the stadium, a court has heard.

Reports round-up

Strike for children's services in Oxfordshire | Unofficial walkout hits Coventry bins | No trust imposition say Sandwell children's service workers | Day of action against Sports Direct shame | Students march to stop Nazis in Kent | Protest supports the Heathrow 13 | No public cash to referendum racists

Leicester food workers fight to build the union and stop pay cuts

Some 300 workers at Samworth Brothers food manufacturer in Leicester met on Friday of last week to discuss bosses’ plans to cut their pay.

Wildcat strikes win a first class victory for disabled post worker Andrew Mootoo

Postal workers in Bridgwater, Somerset, won a victory against management this week with the return to work of disabled worker Andrew Mootoo on Monday.

Protests challenge closure of children’s play centre in Wandsworth

Chanting, placard-waving children and parents led a march directly into Wandsworth Town Hall, south London, last Thursday.

Trial into murder of Mushin Ahmed starts

An 81 year old Muslim man was punched and kicked to death in a racist attack as he walked to early morning prayers, a court has heard.

Lecturers' action over pay can test SNP's anti-austerity image in Scotland

The Scottish further education (FE) lecturers’ EIS-Fela union launched a strike ballot for equal pay last week.

Strikes can stop jobs cull at Business, Innovation and Skills department

Tory business secretary Sajid Javid announced the closure of more than 70 Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) department workplaces last week.

RMT union puts the brake on maintenance walkouts on the Tube

Two walkouts by workers who maintain the tracks for London Underground (LU) were suspended by the RMT union last week.

Mass doctors' protest defies the Egyptian regime

Doctors in Egypt are threatening a national strike after two doctors in a Cairo hospital were beaten by police.

Anti-racist rallies build support for mass demos on 19 March

People across Britain are joining rallies against racism, in support of refugees and to build mass demonstrations on Saturday 19 March.

Tunnel walker’s hearing near

Three refugees who walked through the Channel Tunnel will appear at Canterbury Crown Court next month.

Butterfields estate residents speak out - kicked out their homes by rotten profiteers

East London tenants could be just weeks away from eviction but vow to fight back

Defend Rotherham 12 campaign launched

A DEFENCE campaign is being launched in Rotherham to support a group of 12 Asian men facing trial later this year.

The things they say

‘The doctors and their Marxist union’

New leak raises concern about Unison union general secretary election

Did senior Unison union officials use their positions, against union rules, to get general secretary Dave Prentis re-elected last year?

'Either they win or we win' - time to take on the Tories and back the junior doctors' fight

Junior doctors are determined to resist Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt's attack on the NHS and trade union movement. Over 250 people attended a People's Assembly solidarity meeting tonight, Wednesday, in central London.

We all lose from Apple's iPhone privacy row with FBI

That the US state wants to clamp down on civil liberties is not surprising. That global multinationals are opposing them may be.

PCS union leader says Jeremy Corbyn’s election an ‘historic opportunity to challenge the rich’

General secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS), Mark Serwotka, says trade unionists must take advantage of the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party.

Junior doctors back more strikes against Hunt's contract

A significant number of junior doctors are in favour of the British Medical Association (BMA) taking further industrial action against the imposition of a dangerous new contract.

Tories' division over EU referendum is a chance to beat back this rotten government

Tory prime minister David Cameron has announced 23 June as the date for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU).

Bad day for the Nazis in Preston and Newcastle says 'Refugees Welcome Here'

Over 500 anti-fascists gathered in Preston town centre today to counter a march by the remnants of the Nazi English Defence League (EDL).


Imperial carve-up threatens more war for Syrians

The agony of Syria’s people has not been ended by the deal for a partial ceasefire agreed last week by the major imperialist powers. It was falling apart even before it was implemented.

Anger at Pacific island camps grows in Australia

Australia has seen an explosion of grassroots action in support of refugees. It comes as the government tries to remove 267 asylum seekers to detention centres on the remote Pacific islands of Manus and Nauru.

Tens of thousands of workers in Guinea enter fourth day of general strike

A general strike that began on Monday of this week continues today, Thursday, in west Africa’s Guinea. Tens of thousands of workers are taking part.

India - protesters vow to continue struggle to free arrested student union president

The biggest wave of student unrest for 25 years has hit India following the arrest in Delhi of Kanhaiya Kumar, a student union president.


The Nazis are splintered. Let’s keep them that way

A rash of small far right groups reflects setbacks for big ones —a hard won result we must now defend, argues Nick Clark

Nato policing of European borders will make the refugee crisis worse

Jens Stoltenberg is an obscure Norwegian politician who is the current secretary-general of Nato. This is a post reserved for European political mediocrities loyal to the Atlantic order dominated by the United States since the late 1940s.


Do governments or bosses pull the strings of society?

Do corporations run society? Or is it the state? What links the two, what divides them, and how do we challenge them? These questions are as old as capitalism.

New killer cuts hit councils - and help give businesses more power

The Tories are licking their lips as more savage cuts to local services start to bite. Raymie Kiernan looks at what’s at stake


A family’s dreams crash into racism in this fizzing revival of A Raisin in the Sun

Eclipse Theatre company’s production of A Raisin in the Sun brings to life Lorraine Hansberry’s 1959 play of US society in turmoil, says?Dave Gibson

Reviews round-up

Concert to Calais | Red Africa |

What We Think

Finish off David Cameron - vote to leave the EU

The moment David Cameron announces the date of a referendum on Britain’s European Union (EU) membership, the Tory party will plunge into turmoil.

Defend the boycott of Israel

Low-ranking Tory minister Matthew Hancock was set to announce plans this week making it harder for councils and other public bodies to boycott Israeli products.

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Fans score victory over football bosses' ticket price hikes

Is the radical left set to make a breakthrough in Irish vote?

Ireland’s rulers claim that five years of brutal austerity have paid off—but anger is likely to badly bruise the main parties and boost the left in the general election, writes Simon Basketter

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