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Issue: 2493

Dated: 01 Mar 2016

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Tories’ Calais crime—fight to let the refugees in

At Britain’s border in Calais and Greece’s border with Macedonia, Europe’s police are using pepper spray, tear gas, batons and riot shields to terrorise desperate refugees.

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Police chief at Hillsborough made 'serious mistake', court is told

Police chief David Duckenfield accepted it was a “serious mistake” to accept the role of match commander in the run-up to the Hillsborough disaster, a court has heard.

Mass demo says Trident has got to go

Tens of thousands of people marched against Trident in London last Saturday in the biggest demonstration against nuclear weapons in a generation.

Liverpool resists the Nazis

Around 500 anti-fascists protested against a small group of fascists in Liverpool last Saturday.

Unofficial strike on aircraft carriers’ site wins

Some 150 construction workers on two new Royal Navy aircraft carriers in Rosyth on the Firth of Forth struck unofficially—and won.

Industrial round-up

Mushin Ahmed’s killers found guilty | Stormy weather ahead for Met Office bosses | Firefighters turn the heat up on bosses | Co-op truck drivers balloted for strikes | GMB union sounds the alarm in Sussex | Reinstate RMT union rep Glen Hart

Go all out for 19 March anti-racist demos

Activists across Britain are building for monster demonstrations on Saturday 19 March to say refugees are welcome.

Butterfields tenants say they won’t budge

Around 60 Butterfields Estate tenants and supporters packed a meeting in Walthamstow, north east London, on Wednesday of last week.

Solidarity builds for junior doctors' strikes

Junior doctors are set to walk out next Wednesday in the first of three planned 48-hour strikes against the imposition of a dangerous new contract.

Border controls tighten as EU elite show true colours

European Union (EU) states turned on each other last week in a bid to keep out refugees.

PCS union must call strikes to stop HMRC job cull at tax offices

The PCS union held a rally outside parliament on Tuesday against Tory plans to close tax offices and slash thousands of jobs.

English National Opera singers promise songs of resistance

Singers at the English National Opera (ENO) in central London have voted to strike against redundancies and pay cuts.

Unison union strikers operate in this area

Glasgow CCTV workers were set to strike for 48 hours this weekend in a battle over unsocial hours pay.

Escalating library strikes can bring Lambeth Council bosses to book

The Unison union has announced that it will consult its members working for Lambeth Council over a council-wide strike against library cuts.

Sixth form teachers prepare to strike against Tory education cuts

NUT union members in sixth form colleges across England are set to strike on Tuesday 15 March. They are fighting the impact of Tory funding cuts on teachers’ conditions—and want to stop the assault on education.

Small Heath teachers vote to escalate strikes to defend victimised union rep

Teachers at Small Heath School in Birmingham have overwhelmingly voted to escalate strikes to defend their victimised NUT union rep Simon O’Hara.

Activists rally for refugees as EU leaders ramp up racist clampdown

The European Union (EU) president Donald Tusk has issued a threat to desperate refugees trying to get into Europe. “Do not come to Europe—it is all for nothing,” he said in an attack aimed at “potential economic migrants”.

SNP fails to deliver on its pledge to scrap council tax

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has proposed minimal changes to the deeply regressive council tax system which could have been implemented under existing powers years ago.

Domestic violence survivor speaks out against cuts - 'I wouldn't be here today without Doncaster Women's Aid'

Doncaster Women's Aid faces closure after losing its funding after 40 years in the South Yorkshire town. Emma, a survivor of domestic violence, will be joining a protest in the town tomorrow, Saturday, against the closure. She told Socialist Worker that the service saved her life - and that women will be in greater danger if it goes.

CND demonstration against Trident 27 February 2016

CND demonstration against Trident 27 February 2016

Scottish college lecturers deliver overwhelming strike vote in equal pay fight

Thousands of lecturers in Scotland have delivered a thumping 93 percent vote in favour of the first national further education college strikes in over 20 years. The turnout in the EIS-Fela union ballot was 64 percent.

Hundreds join Stand Up to Racism rallies ahead of mass demonstrations on 19 March

Hundreds of people attended eight rallies around Britain yesterday, Thursday, as support for the anti-racist demonstrations on Saturday 19 March reached new levels.

Thousand rally for Jeremy Corbyn in South Wales

Over 1,000 Labour Party members and supporters came to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak in Aberdare in South Wales today, Saturday. It was the biggest political meeting in the Valleys for a generation. 

Lambeth campaigners tell London Labour council, 'Don't steal our libraries'

A 500-strong march against library cuts brought library workers, users and local residents together to oppose Labour's cuts yesterday, Saturday

Thousands-strong demo in London says 'Stop Turkey's war on Kurds'

Thousands of people joined a powerful demonstration In London today, Sunday, to say “Stop Turkey’s war on the Kurds”.


Elections reveal anger and divisions in Iran

Early election results from Iran have indicated large gains for the List of Hope, the “reformist” wing of the Islamic Republican regime’s ruling class.

Kurds killed as Turkey’s clampdown continues

Kurdish people in southern Turkish cities are facing brutal repression by the state, reports Charlie Kimber

Clinton and Trump ahead in US election race but Super Tuesday tells us more

The results of the voting yesterday, Tuesday, in the United States are almost universally portrayed as a crushing victory for Hilary Clinton on the Democratic party side and Donald Trump for the Republicans. It’s not that simple.

Indian students march against government's 'war on democracy'

A wave of protests has gripped India since the arrest of students’ union leaders in the capital, New Delhi, last month. With a march to the parliament planned for today, Wednesday, Kavita Krishnan explains what is at stake

Syrians take to the streets in their thousands under a fragile ceasefire

Thousands of Syrians took to the streets across the country in lively demonstrations of Friday of last week. The protests were reminiscent of the popular movement that started the revolution five years ago.


What would anti-austerity economics look like?

Dave Sewell looks at alternatives to the policy of cuts, and asks whether Labour’s plans go far enough

The EU's ‘internationalism’ is a liberal myth

It’s not really that surprising that in the Brexit debate the European Union (EU) is portrayed as somehow embodying internationalism. After all, xenophobic Little Englanders such as Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith and Ukip leader Nigel Farage dominate the Leave campaign.


Let’s get to work in Labour, says FBU leader Matt Wrack

Firefighters’ union leader Matt Wrack told Nick Clark the left needs to build fighting organisation in the workplace—and get stuck into the struggle to reshape the Labour Party

Ireland's political revolution

The crisis was supposed to be over for Ireland’s elites. But last week’s election saw a disaster for them—and a surge for the radical left. New socialist TDs told Simon Basketter the rebellion against austerity is just getting started


Unexpected Eisenstein—sketching the inspiration from revolution in Russia

An exhibition of Sergei Eisenstein’s drawings reveals some of the Soviet film maker’s power and little known aspects of his work, says?Roger Huddle

Murder—not the normal drama, not the usual take on crime

BBC Two’s dark crime drama Murder breaks new ground in an increasingly crowded field.

What We Think

Showtime for Blairites

Labour has a problem with bullies—but not the ones you might have heard about.

Tory budget cuts pose a challenge to unions

Tory chancellor George Osborne’s lies about the economy are falling apart.

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Letters: It’s right to reject the bosses’ EU

I’m delighted that Socialist Worker has come out boldly in favour of a “Leave” vote in the forthcoming referendum on European Union (EU) membership.

The bosses’ EU blocks the policies that help workers

‘Captains of industry’ love the European Union because it helps them profit. And a new deal has them licking their lips. Socialist Worker investigates

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