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Issue: 2494

Dated: 08 Mar 2016

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Junior doctors need our solidarity in fight for NHS - join the picket lines

Solidarity for junior doctors was growing ahead of their planned 48-hour walkout this Wednesday against the imposition of a dangerous new contract.

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A big welcome in the Valleys for Jeremy Corbyn

Over 1,000 Labour members and supporters heard Jeremy Corbyn speak in Aberdare, South Wales, last Saturday. It was the biggest political meeting in the Valleys for decades, and a real tonic.

David Cameron sinks deeper into the sewer to block refugees

Iranian refugees on hunger strike led a 70-strong protest in the Calais “jungle” shantytown against its demolition on Monday. It was the fifth day of hunger strikes.

Small Heath teachers need support as they step up fight to save their rep Simon O'Hara

Victimised union rep Simon O'Hara (Pic: Guy Smallman)

CCTV strikers in Glasgow keep an eye on the bosses

Glasgow CCTV workers struck for 48 hours last weekend in a fight over unsocial hours pay.

March for Lambeth libraries as new strikes loom

The battle against library cuts in the Labour-run south London borough of Lambeth is hotting up.

Horror of anti-refugee racism must be challenged - step up the fight

Meetings across Britain have shown the potential to build big anti-racist demonstrations on 19 March—now it’s time for the final push to show that Britain says ‘refugees welcome here’

Hillsborough match commander admits he made mistake during day of disaster

Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield accepted that it was a mistake not to close the tunnel to pens 3 and 4, a court has heard.

Protest in Cardiff says no to Tories' Trade Union Bill

Around 500 people protested against the Tories’ Trade Union Bill in Cardiff last Saturday.

Reports round-up

Socialists, activists and asylum seekers in Huddersfield staged a protest vigil against the Tories’ Immigration Bill on Thursday of last week.

New dispute at Tube Lines

RMT union members employed by London Underground have accepted bosses’ offer on the Night Tube operation by 84 percent. The vote follows the suspension of strikes in January after bosses made concessions.

International news round-up

Far right gains in the Slovak election and resistance in France over new employment law

News round-up

News shorts from the week including rich gifts to the Tories, Tory gifts to the rich, Tory attacks on workers' pay and disabled people's benefits

More strikes needed in bitter campaign to defend NUT union rep Simon O'Hara

The NUT leadership called off a strike at Small Heath School to defend victimised rep Simon O’Hara this week—while Simon remained suspended.

Protest set to demand an end to Yarl’s Wood shame

Protesters from all over Britain are set to surround Yarl’s Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire this Saturday.

College pay battle is thrown away in a disastrous retreat

The UCU union has ended its pay campaign for further education members.

'I'll be there on 19 March' anti-racist demo, Iraqi refugee says - make sure you are too

Iraqi teenager Amyna fled her home city of Mosul after Isis took control in 2014. Now she is planning to join thousands of others marching for refugees and against racism on Saturday 19 March.

Junior doctors' strike takes on the Tories

Junior doctors in England have walked out against the imposition of a dangerous new contract today, Wednesday.

Junior doctors' strike for the NHS and against Hunt's contract, Wednesday 9 March

Junior doctors went on strike across England today, Wednesday, in defence of the NHS and against Tory Jeremy Hunt's unsafe and unfair contract.

Trade unionists rally to junior doctors' strike

Around 200 junior doctors and their supporters rallied outside the University College Hospital (UCH) in central London and marched on the BBC today, Wednesday.

Solidarity keeps junior doctors' strike going strong as walkout enters second day

Junior doctors' determination to resist a dangerous new contract remained firm as they began the second day of their 48-hour walkout today, Thursday.

Enthusiastic meetings to build 19 March anti-racism demonstrations

Meetings and rallies continued this week to build the Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) demonstrations in London, Glasgow and Cardiff on Saturday 19 March.

Don't deport Luqman - Sussex students protest to save their classmate

Students in Sussex University were set to protest tonight, Thursday, against the deportation of student Luqman Onikosi. Some 17 students occupied a university building on Wednesday night.

On the march in east London to support junior doctors

Over 1,500 junior doctors and their supporters marched from east London into the City of London at the end of their 48-hour walkout today, Thursday.

Junior doctors' strike shows determination to win—let's make sure they do

A 48-hour strike by junior doctors this week was met with massive support, reports Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Asylum seekers' horror shows why we should march on Yarl's Wood

Some 569 asylum seekers in Britain were forced to sleep in a disused freight shed in Dover between August and October last year. This included 90 children, who also had to sleep on the concrete floor with no bedding.

Junior doctors march from East London to St Pauls, Thursday 10 March

On the second evening of the junior doctors' strike, around 1,500 strikers and their supporters marched from east London to St Paul's in a brilliant show of defiance of Tory Jeremy Hunt. This is the type of vibrant solidarity event that needs to be repeated on a larger scale, and in every city, on subsequent strike days. 

Protest demands Yarl's Wood detention centre is shut down

Almost 2,000 people marched on Yarl's Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire today, Saturday, chanting "Shut it down!" Rejected asylum seekers, mostly women, are locked there for indefinite periods in prison-like conditions.

Thousands-strong Kill the Housing Bill demo shows rising anger against Tories

Around 8,000 people marched through central London today, Sunday, to oppose the Tories’ Housing and Planning Bill. 

Anti-racists go all out in final push to build Saturday's mass demonstrations

Meetings and rallies to build this Saturday’s Stand up to Racism demonstrations are continuing right up to the wire this week.


Nato forces on verge of new Libyan war

The British, US and French governments are risking a new ground war in Libya.

Bernie Sanders’ shock wins keep coming in US election race

Bernie Sanders’ extraordinary win in the starte of Michigan yesterday, Tuesday, was described by a respected analyst as “one of the greatest shockers in presidential primary history”.

Half a million workers and students march in France against anti-worker laws

 New laws designed to reduce workplace rights have sparked a revolt against the Labour-style government of President Hollande

Election breakthrough for racists sends warning from Germany

A breakthrough for a new party in that has called for shooting refugees and outlawing most divorces sent a warning from Germany last Sunday.


Does breaking the glass ceiling liberate women?

Sadie Robinson looks at what difference electing a woman president would have in the fight against sexism

Republican voters could trump elite

Donald Trump’s sweeping victories in the US primary elections on “Super Tuesday”—last week—has thrown the Republican Party into “a state of pandemonium”, according to the Washington Post newspaper.


Revolt and war in Syria five years on

Five years ago Syrians rose up against the regime. Socialist Worker explains how the revolution’s defeat led to horror, and Razan Ghazzawi looks back at its hopeful beginnings

Hellish kitchen - Leicester bakery workers aren't falling for bosses' porkie pies

Workers at the Samworth Brothers food factories in Leicestershire told Nick Clark why they’d had their fill of management taking all the dough

Cuts that fail our class—the battle for education

The struggle to defend education is taking off in England and Scotland. Sadie Robinson and Raymie Kiernan spoke to lecturers and students about how austerity is wrecking education—and how they’re fighting back


Hail Caesar! A trifle nostalgic —but who doesn’t like that?

Joel and Ethan Coen’s Hail Caesar! is a playful romp through Hollywood’s “golden age”—a deliberately vague time and idea in the film.

Reviews round-up

This year’s AV Festival focuses on socialism—the most looked-up word in 2015.

What We Think

International Women's Day—fight the system to fight sexism

Ultimately women’s oppression is part and parcel of capitalism—and another reason why we need to fight oppression and get rid of capitalism itself.

Take back housing from the Tories and rich

Politicians are queuing up to admit that there’s a chronic housing crisis—but no amount of hand wringing will absolve them for causing it.

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Austin Burnett 1914-2016

Austin Burnett, who has died aged nearly 102, was a long-standing member of the Socialist Workers Party,remaining active in the party until well into his 80s.

Martin Rhodes 1959-2016

Martin Rhodes, one of Barnsley SWP's newest and most respected members, has died suddenly.

Ian Wallace, 1952-2016

Ian Wallace has passed away in hospital after a long fight against illness.

Ravi Jamieson, 1966-2016

Ravi Jamieson, a dear friend and comrade, has passed away after a short battle with cancer. He was 49 years old.


Tory-run Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea councils are lobbying the government for more powers to move homeless people out of London.

The things they say

‘This bloke spent 25 yrs attacking Labour from outside, then says this after 5 days inside. Who does he think he is?’

Congratulations on your 82nd birthday - now you can retire!

“Work until you drop” is the message from the government and private pension firms.

Doncaster Women's Aid - fight to save key service that saves women's lives

Campaigners talk to Sadie Robinson about a battle against the closure of Doncaster Women’s Aid, which supports victims of domestic violence

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