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Issue: 2495

Dated: 15 Mar 2016

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‘Refugees dying at border need you to protest now’

Thousands of refugees marched out of the camp in Idomeni, northern Greece, on Monday of this week, looking for a way across the Macedonian border.

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Sixth form teachers' strike fires opening shot in battle to defend education

Teachers in sixth form colleges across England are on strike today, Tuesday, against the devastating impact of Tory funding cuts.

Anger at austerity simmers at SNP’s Scottish election conference

Celebratory party leaders failed to contain SNP delegates’ fury at cuts, reports Raymie Kiernan

Grangemouth dockers launch 14-day strike

Dock workers shut down one of Scotland’s biggest ports, Grangemouth, with a two-week strike from Tuesday in a fight with bosses over new conditions.

Industrial round up

Blacklist protest |Picadilly line |Strike at the Opera |Nazis not welcome in South Wales |TUC women back junior doctors

Scottish lecturers meet ahead of national strike 

The Scottish further education lecturers’ walkout set to begin this Thursday dominated the EIS-Fela union’s conference in Perth last week.

Glasgow school janitors strike over pay as council agrees new cuts deal

Primary school breakfast clubs in Glasgow were cancelled on Monday of this week as school janitors began a three-day walkout.

Victimised rep Simon O'Hara faces new threat as strike suspended

Teachers at Small Heath School in Birmingham were set to hold a crucial meeting on Wednesday to discuss their continuing battle against bosses.

The hateful Tories unite to attack us

A budget of cuts for working class people is one thing the bitterly divided Tory party can still agree on, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Strike plan to save libraries as Lambeth campaign looks to target Labour

Library workers in Lambeth, south London, were set to strike on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

Did the Hillsborough match commander make serious mistakes?

An inquest jury must decide whether Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield could and should have acted differently.

Anti-racism round-up

‘Prevent targets Muslims’ |Bill to ramp up discrimination | Don’t let them deport Favour | Denied the right to settle

Syria: revolt can bring hope

From the US to Russia, the world’s imperialist powers are carving up Syria at the Vienna “peace conference”.

News round-up

South Yorkshire Police (SYP) was accused of letting down victims of child sexual exploitation last week.

NUT 6th form strikers march on the Department for Education

Teachers in sixth form colleges across England struck on Tuesday against the devastating impact of Tory funding cuts.The Tories have slashed some 14 percent from funding in real terms and want to take out 8 percent more. NUT union members say the attacks make their conditions worse—and damage education for students. In London they marched on the Department for Education

Huge votes keep Bernie Sanders in race for the White House

Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a socialist, won huge support in voting to decide who will be the Democratic Party’s candidate for US president yesterday, Tuesday. 

Socialist activist Chris Stephenson detained in Turkish state crackdown

Turkish police detained socialist activist Chris Stephenson, a lecturer at Istanbul’s Bilgi University, yesterday, Tuesday. He is due in court today.

Osborne's budget spells out pain for ordinary people

 Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled a tax giveaway for the rich, more cuts for the poor, and an admission that his economic strategy is in trouble.

Meetings build support for Saturday's anti-racism protests

Campaigners across Britain are pulling out all the stops to build Saturday’s Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) demonstrations in London, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Lecturers in Scotland strike for equal pay

Classes were cancelled at colleges across Scotland today, Thursday, as up to 5,000 college lecturers in the EIS-Fela union staged their first national strike in over 20 years. Reports of big picket lines are widespread.

Activist Chris Stephenson deported from Turkey amid growing state crackdown

SOCIALIST ACTIVIST Chris Stephenson has been deported from Turkey to Britain. He is a victim of the crackdown launched by the state as part of its murderous war against the Kurds.

Protests set to take place across Europe as EU and Turkey debate how to stop refugees

 Protests set to take place across Europe as EU and Turkey debate how to stop refugees

Time to organise against Tory attacks on education and teachers

The Tories are preparing to force every school in England to become a privately-run academy – but the plan has sparked fierce resistance.

Student revolt in France grows despite state repression

Students have shut down their colleges and universities, joining mass protests of up to 150,000

Osborne's budget means cuts for the poor and handouts for the rich

Cuts to taxes on corporate profits are being paid for by taking money from ordinary people

Victory as Turkish authorities lift deportation of Chris Stephenson

CHRIS STEPHENSON, the socialist activist who was deported from Turkey a week ago has received news from the authorities today, Friday, that now there is “no ban on him entering Turkey” and he can return.

Benefit slasher Duncan Smith resigns. Time to fight as Tories fall apart

THE TORIES are in tatters. Tonight, Friday, Iain Duncan Smith resigned from the cabinet.

As anti-racists gear up for protests, housing campaigners say no to scaremongering

Campaigners for social housing have spoken out against attempts to blame the housing crisis on migrants and refugees.

Grangemouth dock strike and solidarity action forces bosses to back down

Dock workers have forced bosses at Grangemouth docks in Scotland to back down.The Unite union has suspended a two-week strike for new talks over the imposition of new working conditions.

Tens of thousands join anti-racism protests

Solidarity to everyone who is marching against racism today. Protesters are preparing to march in London, Glasgow and Cardiff – and many more will demonstrate across the globe.

Victory for striking Scottish Further Education lecturers

Scottish further education (FE) college lecturers have scored a stunning victory in their battle for national bargaining and equal pay.

London Stand Up to Racism demonstration

Twenty thousand people marched through London today to say refugees are welcome and to reject racism, Islamophobia, antisemitism and scapegoating.

'We've got IDS, now we'll get the rest' celebration

Around 30 Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) activists popped the champagne corks and chanted "We've got IDS, now we'll get the rest" in Parliament Square this evening, Saturday.

WATCH: London Stand up to Racism demonstration

Twenty thousand people marched through London on Saturday 19 March to say refugees are welcome and to reject racism and scapegoating.

South London hospital workers strike for £10 an hour

Workers demand a real living wage from outsourcing giant Aramark

Glasgow Stand Up to Racism demonstration, 19 March

Over 3,000 people jouned a Stand Up to Racism demonstration in Glasgow on Saturday. It was a vibrant show of unity and anti-racist solidarity.


The youth in France are telling the government to get lost

Parisian student Gael Braibant reports from huge protests against the centre-left government’s vicious new employment law

West Bank teachers’ strike fuels a deep crisis for Palestinian Authority

A month-long teachers’ strike in the West Bank has exposed growing dissatisfaction among Palestinians with the governing Palestinian Authority (PA).

Anti-racists will march in 17 countries on Saturday: Greece will see eight demos

This Saturday is the first time since refugees broke through Europe’s borders last year that the mass movement has coordinated internationally.

Protests spark chaos at Trump rallies in US

The Chicago protests marked a shift—and put Donald Trump on the defensive, says?Charlie Kimber


James Connolly fought for a workers’ republic

As Sean Mitchell’s new Rebel’s Guide to James Connolly puts it, “Connolly was an activist, a lifelong Marxist and a revolutionary socialist committed to the destruction of capitalism, both in Ireland and the world over.”


Marxism shows how we can uproot racism

Fighting racism today involves understanding racism as one of the ways in which capitalism divides people.


The bleakest of views from Inside Obama’s White House

A new documentary series examines the legacy of Obama’s presidency, laying bare its failure to deliver the change it promised, writes Josh Hollands

Delacroix and the rise of modern art

This superb exhibition explores early 19th century French painter Eugene Delacroix’s influence on the movements that would later transform modern art.

What We Think

Tories are organised—we need to be too

Thousands of people are furious at our rulers—from their treatment of refugees to the cuts that devastate lives while they bask in luxury.

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LETTERS: Trade unions must fight back now or perish under Tory attack

The Tories’ trade union bill was debated in the House of Lords again on Wednesday. This is an attack on the last bastion of resistance to the Tories’ destruction of public services.

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MPs make 400 claims for expenses less than a pound

Cameron loves you wherever you are|David Lammy’s unsuccessful phone record|Budget is for ‘stupid, affluent and lazy people’ |and more

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