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Issue: 2496

Dated: 22 Mar 2016

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David Cameron’s crisis grows after Iain Duncan Smith resigns

Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation has exposed deep divisions within the Tory party, writes Charlie Kimber

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Teachers slam Tory academy plan—and prepare for mass protests

The Tories want to force every school in England to become a privately-run academy—but the plan has sparked fierce resistance.

Support victimised NUT rep Simon O'Hara—and defend trade union rights

Teachers at Small Heath School in Birmingham were set to meet on Tuesday of this week to discuss further action to defend conditions and union rights. Also: strikes at St Peter's Collegiate School and Lambeth College

Junior doctors vote to step up action as Hunt digs in

Junior doctors are stepping up their fight against Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s imposition of a dangerous new contract.

Reports round-up

Social work students hold campaigning conference | Final curtain for Opera pay dispute | Holiday hold-up for hot cross buns | Electric action at Network Rail | Heathrow Tube strike takes off | Buses set to stop around Manchester | Coop lorry drivers win talks at Acas | London left rallies against bosses’ EU

CCTV workers defy night shift robbery as Glasgow council cuts rebellion grows

Glasgow trade unions are moving towards a council-wide strike against the cuts. The Labour-run administration is attacking workers’ terms and conditions.

Lambeth library staff strike to stop Labour council's cuts

Library workers in Lambeth, south London, began a solid two-day walkout on Tuesday in their battle against the Labour council’s deep and unpopular library cuts.

Disability campaigners celebrate Iain Duncan Smith's resignation

Poor and disabled people who spent years on the receiving end of Iain Duncan Smith’s attacks celebrated his departure.

Good polls for Corbyn are a blow to Labour right wingers

A poll last week put the Labour Party ahead of the Tories for the first time since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader.

Belgians fear repression after bombings in Brussels

Bombings in the Belgian capital Brussels had left a reported 31 people dead as Socialist Worker went to press.

Make the spy cops probe transparent

The father of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence has demanded that Lord Justice Pitchford must conduct an “open and transparent inquiry” into undercover police.

Refugees rounded up into camps by EU’s brutal deal

Refugees arriving in Greece are being rounded up into detention centres under a new deal backed by Tory David Cameron.

Hillsborough police officers lacked direction, hears inquest

Police officers lacked direction during the Hillsborough disaster, an inquest jury has heard.

Sanders wins two out of three US states by big margins

 BERNIE SANDERS won overwhelmingly two of the three states that voted yesterday, Tuesday, to choose the Democratic Party candidate for US president. Sanders, who calls himself a socialist, is still finding a big audience for his message that the political and economic system is broken and needs to change.

Junior Doctors escalate industrial action

The British Medical Association escalates its programme of industrial action as Tories refuse to come to table

Workers back council-wide strike to defend Lambeth library service

The fight to save Lambeth libraries from the cuts of the south London Labour council is hotting up.

Teachers march against Tories' academy plans

Thousands of teachers, parents, students and trade unionists marched through London and other cities.

Rage against academy plans: Manchester, Chesterfield, Nottingham, Cambridge, Sheffield and Leeds protests

THERE IS deep anger against the government’s plans for forced academies and other attacks on education.

Teachers march against forced academies: London

Thousands of teachers, parents, students and trade unionists marched through London on Wednesday, to demand the Tories drop their forced academy plan.

French students defy repression to protest against new law

French police failed to smash striking students off the streets on their third national day of action against a vicious new employment law today, Thursday.

Teachers vote for strikes against forced academies and cuts

Teachers have voted overwhelmingly for strikes against the impact of forced academies and funding cuts.

Bernie Sanders sees "path to victory" after huge wins in three states

BERNIE SANDERS, who calls himself a socialist, recorded three massive wins in contests last Saturday to choose the Democratic Party candidate for US president.


Students in revolt defy French cops to fight proposed employment law

A protest movement in France against an employment law is gathering support, reports?Dave Sewell

International news round-up

Protests against Donald Trump in the US elections continue, as does Israel's brutal repression and violence against the Palestinians


‘Jeremy Corbyn gives us hope to fight,’ says Bfawu union leader Ian Hodson

What did Jeremy Corbyn’s election mean for the left and trade unionists?

More repression won’t stop terror attacks

Within hours of the killings in Brussels, commentators were speculating about whether the bombings were “revenge” for the arrest of Salah Abdeslam.


Rallying to resist racism—thousands take to the streets across Britain

Twenty thousand people marched through London last Saturday to say refugees are welcome and to reject racism and scapegoating. Over 3,000 marched in Glasgow and 300 in Cardiff

‘Justice can make but one reply’ - how Sylvia Pankhurst helped expose the repression of the Easter Rising

Sylvia Pankhurst, the militant anti-war socialist and suffragette, was in Newcastle when she first heard news of the Easter Rising in Dublin in April 1916.

Labour's right is learning from the last civil war

As the Labour left fights to defend leader Jeremy Corbyn, Nick Clark argues that the early 1980s show how focusing on internal party battles ends in giving way to the right


Follow the Money—dredging up the evidence of a criminal society

BBC Four’s Danish detective drama Follow the Money serves up an engrossing feast of corporate intrigue and financial skulduggery, writes?Charlie Kimber

Strange and Familiar—taking aim at class society in Britain

This exhibition takes a stand against our rulers’ attempts to make even the starkest poverty and most obscene degradation seem “natural”.

Marcus Barnes—‘You’re never going to stop people writing on the walls’

Graffiti artist turned journalist Marcus Barnes told Alistair Farrow why he’s relaunched magazine Keep the Faith—and why public space needs defending

What We Think

Tories in crisis—this is no time for business as usual

The government is extremely weak. But it will survive unless it faces serious resistance.

Who needs the EU? They do

The EU is a key part of the US imperialist project. Its rulers are desperate for Britain to remain in the EU rather than weaken it.

Other Categories

Ian Murray 1954-2016

Our longstanding and much loved comrade Ian Murray died unexpectedly last Friday of a suspected heart attack.

Letters: New Zealand zero hours victory shows we can win

News that the number of zero hours contracts has risen in the last year by over 100,000 to 801,000 shows just what the Tories’ “recovery” really means.

The things they say

‘Bad things will happen’

George Osborne’s bungling budget is an expensive joke

The cost of a George Osborne budget joke has soared.

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