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Issue: 2498

Dated: 05 Apr 2016

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Panama Papers scandal shows how capitalism works - we need to get rid of it

Politicians who insist there’s no money for wages, pensions, benefits or public services had their secret hoards exposed this week.

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Escalating the junior doctors' action can topple Tories

Junior doctors were set to walk out against the imposition of a dangerous new contract on Wednesday and Thursday.

Mass protests push prime minister of Iceland to the brink

Iceland's prime minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson was under immense pressure yesterday, Tuesday, from huge demonstrations against his family's holding of millions of dollars in a tax haven.

Junior doctors strike across England

Junior doctors struck today, Wednesday, across England against the imposition of a new and dangerous contract by health secretary Jeremy Hunt. Pictures from the picket lines across England

Solidarity pours in for junior doctors as they start a 48-hour strike against new contracts

Junior doctors in England have walked out against Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt's imposition of a dangerous new contract, today, Wednesday.

Jury retires to consider its decisions in Hillsborough inquests

The jury in the Hillsborough inquests has retired today, Wednesday, to consider its decisions. The jury will consider the medical cause and time of death of the 96 Liverpool fans who died as a result of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

Soas workers and students walk out in solidarity with striking junior doctors

Around 50 workers and students from the School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas) walked out in solidarity with junior doctors this lunchtime, Wednesday.

More pictures from the junior doctors' strike

Junior doctors walked out today to begin a two-day strike across England

Junior doctors resolute on day 2 of their strike against dangerous contracts

Junior doctors' determination to stop Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt's imposition of a dangerous new contract has remained firm into the second day of their 48-hour walkout.

Occupation of Carnegie Library in Lambeth, south London, against closure

The occupation against the closure of Carnegie Library in Lambeth, south London, entered its eight day today, Thursday. The sit-in began last week when people refused to leave at closing time on the last day.

Hundreds of junior doctors and supporters rally amid calls for joint workers' action

Up to 200 junior doctors and trade unionists from across east London rallied outside Hackney Town Hall this lunchtime, Thursday.

WATCH: East London rally shows solidarity with junior doctors on strike

Junior doctors solidarity rally at Hackney town hall. The rally in Hackney was part of a bigger push to organise solidarity. Trade unionists have organised a junior doctors’ support group inside the hospital and junior doctors have spoken at workplaces.

Carnegie Library occupation going strong after a week - join a solidarity protest this Saturday

Carnegie Library in Lambeth, south London, has been occupied for over a week and is drawing strength from a constant stream of visitors, messages and donations.

Campaigners push Tories into U-turn over hated baseline tests for four year olds

Teachers, parents and campaigners are celebrating after the Tories were forced into an embarrassing U-turn on baseline testing.

Cameron admits he profited from offshore fund. Get him out!

After days of ducking and diving, David Cameron finally admitted that he profited from his late father's offshore investment fund. Cameron had previously evaded answering direct questions about his links to Blairmore Holdings.

Over 1,000 on protest in London demanding David Cameron's resignation

A protest demanding David Cameron's resignation laid siege to the Tories in central London today, Saturday. 

Over 1,000 march in Newcastle in solidarity with junior doctors - and to save the NHS

Over 1,000 people joined a North East march to save the NHS in Newcastle last Saturday.

Parents occupy south London's Alton Activity Centre in protest at cuts

A group of around 20 parents occupied their local children’s centre yesterday, Wednesday, in protest at cuts. The occupation was continuing this morning.

Carnegie library in Lambeth is occupied to stop closure

Dozens of local residents, library users and campaigners against south London Lambeth Labour council's cuts have occupied Carnegie Library in a bid to stop its closure. They refused to leave the building after it was due to close its doors for the last time at 6pm this evening.

France: over a million workers and students march

The revolt against French president Francois Hollande's attack on workers' rights reached new heights today, Thursday. People struck and protested all over the country.

Carnegie library occupation deepens cracks in the austerity Labour Party in Lambeth

The Labour Party in Lambeth, South London, is in crisis after being caught off guard by the scale and determination of opposition to its council's library cuts. Councillors face strikes, protests and an occupation – while big chunks of their own party's membership are also attacking them.

Port Talbot protesters demand nationalisation to save steel jobs

Trade unionists, campaigners and residents rallied in Port Talbot, South Wales, demanding that the town's steel works is nationalised, today, Saturday. The 60-strong protest came after a Tata Steel company insider told the bosses' Financial Times newspaper that bosses "are now going to shut it down."

Anti-fascists defy Nazis in Dover

Some 300 anti fascists outnumbered and defied a small band of Nazis in Dover today, Saturday, despite heavy handed policing.

Trade unionists show solidarity with Calais refugees facing state repression

A group of trade unionists took over £1,000 to refugees in Calais last week. The French state has demolished half the camp since our previous visit several weeks ago. It was a shock to see.

Tata bosses dump their workers to save their profits

Steel workers and their supporters protested in Port Talbot on Saturday against the planned closure of the steelworks.

People's Assembly protest on 16 April can give anti-austerity resistance a boost

Campaigners are finding enthusiasm for a planned national protest against austerity, reports Nick Clark

Tories retreat on hated benefit schemes

Private firms paid billions to hound disabled and unemployed people could lose their contracts.

Reports round up

Protesters were set to demonstrate in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, on Wednesday of this week to defend the town’s Women’s Aid service.

Solidarity boosts West Dunbartonshire teachers' fight against cuts

Striking teachers formed large picket lines as secondary schools across West Dunbartonshire in Scotland shut on Wednesday and Thursday of last week.

Revolt against council cuts looms in Glasgow

Glasgow City Unison union is consulting 4,000 members for industrial action over the Labour-run council’s £130 million two-year cuts plan. The ballot ends on 26 April.

Hillsborough cops amended statements ‘significantly’

Coroner Sir John Goldring is continuing to sum up evidence given to fresh inquests relating to the Hillsborough football disaster.

Growing solidarity and trade union support for aid to Calais

Trade unionists are stepping up their solidarity with refugees stuck at Britain’s border.

Campaigners step up the fight against the Tory Housing Bill

The Kill the Housing Bill campaign is taking confidence from Tory ministers’ defeats on Personal Independence Payments. The housing bill is uniting opposition against its threat to end state support for sub-market homes for rent, sell off council homes on the open market, push up rents through "Pay to Stay", encourage large scale demolition of estates and fail to control private rents or improve security .   

Carnegie Library sit-in to stop cuts rocks Labour councillors in Lambeth

The occupation against the closure of Carnegie Library in Lambeth, south London, entered its sixth day as Socialist Worker went to press.

Woman sentenced after having an abortion in Northern Ireland

A woman in Northern Ireland was this week given a suspended prison sentence after inducing an abortion.


Victory for Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin as he turns up the heat on Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders has won the primary in the state of Wisconsin to decide the Democratic candidate for the US presidency.

Anti-fascists plan protest in Greece as Nazi Golden Dawn mobilises against refugees

Anti-fascists plan to gather in the Greek port of Piraeus tonight, Friday, as the Nazi Golden Dawn prepares to march against refugees.

Another victory for Bernie Sanders - but there are limits to his campaign

Bernie Sanders has produced another victory in the battle to determine the Democratic Party candidate for US president. But he has also underlined the limitations of his challenge by repeating that he will back establishment candidate Hillary Clinton if she eventually emerges victorious.

Chicago teachers on strike show mood for change in the United States

Chicago teachers are on strike today, Friday, to try to win more funding to save education in the city

Corruption scandals hit Zuma in South Africa - and cause a crisis for the ANC

South African president Jacob Zuma is under intense pressure to resign after three scandalous revelations pointing towards his corruption.

Striking Chicago teachers say funding crisis takes the biscuit

A teachers’ strike in the US has gained widespread support, reports Kristine Mayle from Chicago Teachers Union Local 1 branch

EU border guards enforce new Turkey deal but refugees resist in Greece

Deportations from Greece began this week as the Aegean Sea lockdown deepens—you are either for the safe passage of refugees or with EU rulers’ cruel punishment, argues Dave Sewell

Fury erupts in Iceland over prime minister's Panama Papers tax scandal

As much as ten percent of Iceland’s population of 330,000 took to the streets on Monday evening, raging against their leaders’ corruption.


Our answer to the steel crisis - nationalise to save jobs, not bosses' profits

Labour’s leaders are right to argue for nationalisation, but it shouldn’t be a temporary phase, argues Nick Clark

Defy the logic of capitalism to save steel jobs

The Tata steel workers threaten to be the latest case in which the brutal logic of capital destroys industries and working class communities. We’ve seen it again and again in the past 35 years—the miners under Margaret Thatcher and John Major, and the Luton and Longbridge car workers under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.


Springtime of struggle in France

A rising movement of workers and students has unleashed a wave of anger against Labour-type president Francois Hollande—and is an opportunity to push back against the fascist Front National. Dave Sewell joined the thousands on the marches and college barricades in Paris during a mass strike last week

US elections - before Bernie Sanders came Eugene Debs

Bernie Sanders is not the first person to define themselves as a socialist and make a big electoral impact in the US. Charlie Kimber looks at Eugene Debs and Upton Sinclair


Don't miss rare performance of an epic play about Irish revolutionary James Connolly

The Non Stop Connolly show is an important 1975 epic play about the life of the Irish revolutionary James Connolly.

Workers or Shirkers? A BBC show about the poor that’s undeserving of praise

Ian Hislop uses his new programme about people’s attitudes towards benefits to placate his ‘One Nation Tory’ conscience, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

What We Think

A left exit from the European Union is possible

Outrage in the right wing press last week showed that it’s possible to put forward a socialist case for leaving the European Union (EU).

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Kevin Doherty, 1954-2016

Comrades and friends will be saddened to learn of Kevin Doherty’s untimely death from cancer.

LETTERS: Steel jobs should be part of the climate change solution

The threat to 40,000 jobs in the steel industry and associated work in Britain is an absolute disgrace.

The things they say - Panama Papers

‘Morally wrong’

The Troublemaker - of Panama

After leaked files from offshore firm Mossack Fonseca expose the secret stashes of the rich and powerful, Troublemaker roots through for the good stuff...

Class has to be at the centre of the poverty debate in Scotland

Gerry Mooney, editor of Poverty in Scotland 2016, talked to Raymie Kiernan about why poverty isn’t the fault of individuals but is the result of a class system

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