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Issue: 2499

Dated: 12 Apr 2016

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Tory posh boy admits he IS a rich tax dodger

It took six days to get it straight—but Cameron did profit from daddy’s tax scam

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2,000 march to support Carnegie library fightback in south London

Some 2,000 people joined a march today, Saturday, in support of the occupation of Carnegie Library in Lambeth, south London. It was one of the biggest local marches since protests against the poll tax.

Glasgow CCTV workers' strike puts council bosses under pressure

Council officials and bosses at a Glasgow City Council-run company are starting to feel the pinch from strikes by CCTV workers.

National Museums Wales bosses hit by fresh strike wave over pay

Workers at National Museums Wales began a wave of strikes last weekend against bosses’ plans to slash weekend premium pay rates.

'We don't believe a word they say' - Lambeth residents take on Labour over cuts

Top Labour party politicians avoided angry campaigners fighting to save their libraries at a party fundraiser in south London last night, Monday.

Edinburgh PFI schools fiasco shines a light on all the mainstream parties

A Private finance initiative (PFI) consortium faces financial penalties after the shock closure of 17 Edinburgh schools last Friday.

Teachers' academies fight could help bring down the Tories

Teachers are preparing to ballot for strikes against the impact of forced academies, reports Sadie Robinson

Protests and sleepouts planned as councils could sell even more homes

The Tories want to change their pro-privatisation Housing and Planning Bill—to make it worse.

Rage at David Cameron and Tory hypocrisy bursts onto the streets

Anger at David Cameron spilled onto the streets last Saturday. In central London over 1,000 people laid siege to the Tories outside Downing Street and the Conservative Party’s spring conference.

Hundreds protest against Poland’s abortion ban plan

Around 300 people rallied outside the Polish Embassy in London last Saturday against a proposed law that would ban abortion.

Marchers slam hypocrisy of ‘Northern Powerhouse’

Around 500 people marched through Sheffield last Saturday attacking the Tories’ “Northern Powerhouse” sham.

Construction workers demand one rate

Engineering construction workers protested against the undercutting of wages at three power station construction sites last week.

New ballot to back Simon O'Hara

Teachers at Small Heath School in Birmingham are preparing to hold an indicative ballot for strikes

Farage not welcome in Glasgow

 Protesters in Glasgow disrupted a meeting with racist Ukip leader Nigel Farage on Friday of last week.

Anti-fascists kick Nazis out of High Wycombe

Over 250 people joined an anti-fascist protest last Saturday against the English Defence League’s (EDL) attempt to stir up racism in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

Reports round-up

Fast food workers and their supporters were set to take action on Thursday of this week in solidarity with striking workers in the US.

News in brief

Short news stories from the last week including Tory ministers keep their grip on Tower Hamlets council, benefit cuts hit the poor again and the offshore 'saviour' of Tata Steel in Scunthorpe

Syrian refugees in Greece speak out - 'We've decided to live like humans'

Refugees are resisting deportations and state repression in Greece

Activists debate solidarity for the junior doctors

Over 100 people joined a meeting to build solidarity for junior doctors in central London last night, Tuesday.

Launch of united left campaign to leave the EU

Britain will see a united left-wing campaign to exit the EU on 23 June. A number of groups, including the Socialist Workers Party, the RMT union, the Communist Party and Counterfire, agreed yesterday, Wednesday, to launch #Lexit: The Left Leave campaign.

Huge turnout for Bernie Sanders New York rally, and Verizon workers begin strike

OVER 27,000 people joined Bernie Sanders’ campaign rally in New York last night, Wednesday. This is larger than the 24,000 who turned out for Barack Obama in 2007.

Fight for £10 an hour minimum! Protesters take to the streets

Protesters took to the streets yesterday, Thursday, in several parts of Britain and internationally in the fight for £10 an hour ($15 an hour) minimum wage. Fast food outlets were a particular target of the actions called by the Bfawu bakers' union and Fast Food Rights.

Protests for £10 an hour minimum wage and an end to zero hours contracts

Campaigners from Fast Food Rights (FFR) and the Bfawu bakers' union took action across Britain yesterday, Thursday, as part of a day of solidarity with striking McDonalds workers in the US.

Paris: what it is like in the 'Nuit debout' square occupations

Every evening since 31 March, gatherings of around 2,000 people have been debating and organising in Place de la Republique, a central square in Paris.

Anti-austerity campaigner Louise Harrison denounces Tory on Question Time

Anti-austerity campaigner Louise Harrison tore a strip off Tory MEP Daniel Hannan on BBC’s Question Time yesterday, Thursday.

Protests take to the streets against homelessness and the Tory Housing Bill

Housing campaigners staged sleep-outs and demonstrations across Britain yesterday, Friday.

Protesters head for London to join People's Assembly march against austerity

Around 40 coaches from across Britain are on their way to London this morning, Saturday, for the People’s Assembly demonstration.

People's Assembly march is moving! And it shows the mood to beat the Tories

THOUSANDS of people are taking part in the People’s Assembly march today in London. The front of the demonstration has just left Gower Street, heading for Trafalgar Square.

People's Assembly demo arrives in Trafalgar Square: steel workers and teachers speak out

ARRIVING IN Trafalgar Square, the tens of thousands of marchers on the People’s Assembly demonstration quickly filled the space. On the demonstration there were many chants of "Say hey, say ho, dodgy Dave has got to go."

Build on huge People's Assembly demonstration

The huge People’s Assembly demonstration today, Saturday, is a sign of the deep anger against the Tories. It also shows the potential for a rising curve of struggle that can inflict serious defeats on the divided, reeling government.

People's Assembly march for Health, Homes, Jobs and Education

Video from the People's Assembly national demonstration

Workers must mobilise after impeachment of Rousseff in Brazil

 Brazil’s Congress voted yesterday, Sunday, to impeach centre-left president Dilma Rousseff. Right wing opposition MPs gloated and cheered. Supporters of the Workers Party (PT) government shouted “coup”.

State murder: 400 feared drowned after EU and NATO close route to Greece

As many as 400 people are feared to have drowned today, Monday, in the worst disaster of the refugee crisis this year.

Fury as 1,000 attend protest at Huddersfield A&E closure

 ONE THOUSAND people turned out to protest against plans to close the A&E at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary last night, Monday.


Nightly mass meetings in Paris organise resistance to new law

Dave Sewell talks to activists about how they are organising a movement and inspiring thousands to join unions and take to the streets

US sends B-52 bombers to attack Iraq

The US Air Force has sent B-52 bombers to its air base in Qatar. They will be used in Iraq and Syria.

Cuts provoke a walkout in Greece

Greece’s creditors were in Athens this week negotiating more austerity.

Anti-fascists stop Nazi Golden Dawn marching against refugees in Greece

Greek fascist party Golden Dawn called a demonstration at the port of Piraeus near Athens on Friday night of last week.


A great social process is being revealed by the US presidential race

Media coverage of the US presidential elections is dominated by talk of primaries, caucuses, and delegate numbers. But behind the complex details a great social process is being revealed.


As 5 May elections loom - who do we vote for now?

Who should we vote for in the 5 May elections? We have to look at the wider context of politics and resistance, argues Charlie Kimber

Private matters: How capitalism hides its filthy hoard

There is an exclusive luxury ocean liner with tens of thousands of cabins. The “Panama papers” leak provides a porthole into just one of those cabins.


Dheepan—fighter’s flight is a unique take on war veteran films

The story of the veterans of failed wars has been a Hollywood staple since Vietnam in the 1970s.

What We Think

The Tories’ crisis demands more than making speeches - we need serious resistance

The Tories are on the rocks. How can we smash them? Even more is at stake than David Cameron’s profits from offshore funds, his avoidance of £70,000 inheritance tax or his mysterious share dealings.

Channel 4's What Muslims Really Think peddles the myths of the right

Trevor Phillips dredged up every Islamophobic myth to publicise his Channel 4 show, What Muslims Really Think, in the Daily Mail newspaper this week.

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LETTERS: When our factory closed we occupied - and so can steel workers


The things they say

‘Mr Cameron had acted with integrity and probity throughout’

Why did the press bury a story about Tory minister?

Tory culture secretary John Whittingdale has had a lengthy relationship with Olivia King, a woman who works as a professional dominatrix and escort.

Solidarity and joint action can help junior doctors win their strike

Junior doctors and their supporters talk to Tomáš Tengely-Evans about how joint action with teachers and solidarity from trade unionists and supporters can create a crisis for the Tories

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