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Issue: 2500

Dated: 19 Apr 2016

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Don't let the Tories off the hook

Under fire over tax havens, junior doctors’ contracts and school academies, the Tories are desperate to appear united. But the European Union (EU) referendum makes that impossible.

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Action needed to back junior doctors

Tory Jeremy Hunt is worried, but he won’t cave in easily

All health unions must join the junior doctors' fight

As junior doctors head into a "full walkout", other unions must join them to defend the NHS

Teachers get to work to build for anti-academies strike vote

Tory plans to force every school to become an academy would see profit-making businesses take over schools. But growing opposition could soon lead to action, reports?Sadie Robinson

Scottish PFI schools funding farce cost billions

When Storm Gertrude hit Scotland in January it didn’t only blow apart a wall at a privately built school in Edinburgh. It also blew the lid off the public private partnership models used to fund infrastructure projects.

Strikes and protests make an Unhappy meal for fast food fat cats

Campaigners from the Fast Food Rights campaign and the Bfawu union took action across Britain last Thursday. They targeted McDonald’s in solidarity with striking McDonald’s workers in the US.

Reports round-up

The Scottish TUC Congress met in Dundee this week, less than three weeks ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections.

Pasties are binned in Lincoln walkout over half-baked wages

Three workers in a Lincoln high street bakery shut down their store and threw away all the pasties in it to demand thousands of pounds of unpaid wages.

TUC gives the EU too much credit - and unions too little

As union leaders gleefully jump into campaigning for the EU, Joseph Choonara says they are spinning against themselves

Housing campaigners keep up pressure as Tories suffer defeats in Lords

The Tories suffered a double humiliation on Monday as two amendments to their flagship Housing and Planning Bill were passed in the House of Lords.

Blacklisting bosses feel the heat as workers win big payouts

Blacklisting bosses have settled claims with another 180 workers.

Journalists’ union leaders spike resistance at conference

A Victory against Johnston Press bosses in Northern Ireland brought the NUJ journalists’ union conference in Southport to life last weekend.

Museum workers in Wales could step up their strikes

Museum workers in Wales could escalate their action against bosses’ plans to slash weekend pay.

Clean up your act, janitors warn Glasgow council

School janitors were set to walk out for three days on Wednesday as they resume their fight over equal pay with bosses at Cordia, a Glasgow council-owned firm.

Fresh war threat in Iraq

The US is ramping up its military presence in Iraq as it prepares for an assault on the Isis-held northern city of Mosul.

Clinton wins in New York: where now for Sanders campaign?

HILLARY CLINTON has defeated Bernie Sanders in the New York contest to decide who will be the Democratic Party candidate for US president.

Stop the deportation of Mabel Gawanas

Mabel Gawanas, one of the leading anti-deportation activists in the Yarl’s Wood detention centre, faces deportation to Namibia tomorrow, Thursday. 

Refugee speaks out from inside detention camp on Chios in the Greek islands

More than 7,000 refugees are now locked in detention camps on the Greek islands, following a European Union (EU) deal with Turkey last month. They face prison-like conditions and uncertain futures. But they are also fighting back.

Celebrate election of Malia Bouattia as NUS president

Racists and the right wing press went into meltdown over the election of a black Muslim woman as president of the students’ NUS union.

Verizon striker says, 'There’s 40,000 of us out to stop corporate greed wrecking our lives'

Raymond, a Verizon striker in the United States, tells Socialist Worker why 40,000 workers are taking part in the biggest US strike since 2011.

'Health rationing' as a cover for cuts

NHS bosses are denying thousands of people who are overweight or smokers vital operations in a bid to save cash. That is the shocking conclusion to a report by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) released today, Friday.

Say no to civil service DWP pay deal

A pay debate is coming in the civil service. The civil service workers’ PCS union group executive representing members working in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has voted by 17 to nine to recommend a package of proposals on pay and working conditions.

How police harassed Barton Moss anti-fracking protesters

 A new report formally launched at the House of Lords on Wednesday of last week exposes the police treatment of anti-fracking protesters.

Parents' meeting denounces Tory academy plan and testing regime

Around 200 parents met in central London today, Saturday, to launch a new campaign—Parents Defending Education.

Unofficial strike on the North Sea rigs: send solidarity

Offshore workers downed tools yesterday on energy giant Shell’s North Sea Shearwater platform in fury at the announcement of another round of job losses in Shell’s Brent oil field.

Campaigners meet to plan solidarity with refugees and migrants in Calais

Campaigners from across Britain came to central London today, Sunday, for a Trade Unionists for Calais summit hosted by Stand Up to Racism.

Unison conference delegates show solidarity with junior doctors

Delegates at the Unison union’s health conference in Brighton plan to join junior doctors’ picket lines tomorrow morning, Tuesday. Junior doctors in the British Medical Association (BMA) in England plan to stage two ten-hour “full walkouts” on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Solidarity and strikers across England fight Tory NHS cuts

Solidarity and strikers across England fight Tory NHS cuts


New mood of opposition sweeps United States

The United States is changing, and there were three examples of this in recent days. There has been a big strike, a civil disobedience movement and huge turnouts at rallies for Bernie Sanders.

Growing protests defy Egyptian regime’s brutality

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Egypt last week—and none of them were arrested.


Jeremy Corbyn is wasting a golden opportunity by backing the European Union

It’s probably hard to make a good speech when you’re uncomfortable with the message you’re communicating.


Drawing on resistance in occupied Palestine

Since last October Israeli forces have killed more than 200 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. Socialist Worker cartoonist Tim Sanders visited the occupied territories earlier this month to document life there. These are his drawings

‘Accept that migration is the way of the world’

Guardian journalist Patrick Kingsley spoke to Socialist Worker about his new book on the reality of migration into Europe

Mythical Muslims

The programme What Muslims Really Think peddled a toxic stereotype. It bears no relation to reality, argues Yuri Prasad

Two hundred years since the heroic Barbados slave rebellion

 April 2016 marks the centenary of the Easter Rising in Dublin. But this month also marks the bicentenary of an earlier and less well known heroic “Easter rising” - by slaves in Barbados in 1816.


Much Ado About Nothing? Why read Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare was more than the royal court’s bard. On the 400th anniversary of his death,?Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at his real legacy

What We Think

Racism in the race for London mayor

Zac Goldmsith’s campaign to become London mayor is remarkable for one thing only—its filthy racism.

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LETTERS: Getting paid less is an insult too far for us young people

I still remember the look of self-satisfaction on George Osborne’s face when he announced his new “national living wage” to a raucous House of Commons.

The things they say

‘They’re right to protest, they’re absolutely right. It is an obscene amount of money’

George Osborne pulls his Europe figures out of a hat

Bungling baron George Osborne has one trick— making numbers appear out of nowhere. But he uses it often.

What is education for? How the market fails our children

Schools are increasingly focused on exams and targets. Adam Unwin, co-author of a new book on education, told Sadie Robinson competition lets children and teachers down

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