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Issue: 2501

Dated: 26 Apr 2016

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Hillsborough: 96 were killed by cops and Tories

The jury decisions in the Hillsborough inquests have utterly vindicated survivors of the disaster and families of the dead.

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Tories leave child refugees to rot as protests hit Greek island of Chios

The government was disgracefully fighting to stop unaccompanied child refugees from being allowed into Britain on Monday of this week.

Convoy and vigils show solidarity for refugees and migrants

Vigils for those who drowned in the Mediterranean brought out around 100 people in London, 30 in York and up to 70 in Nottingham last week.

CWU conference votes for solidarity with refugees but also to defend the EU

Postal and telecom workers debated the EU referendum, fighting the Trade Union Bill and their relationship to the Labour Party this week. They were meeting in Bournemouth for their CWU union’s annual conference.

Unison health conference votes for ambulance strikes

Union bosses try to prevent junior doctor from speaking but delegates vote them down

South Ayrshire refuse workers keep up defiance

South Ayrshire council plans to cut working conditions, radically change working hours and cut overtime rates for refuse workers. This has been met by determined action from the workers.

Striking Glasgow janitors raise safety fears

Striking janitors in Glasgow, who held a solid three-day walkout last week, have raised major questions over safety as bosses try to undermine their strike.

Reports round-up

Essex firefighters protest over cuts | Strike as mustard action hots up | Scaffolders build a wage parity fight | Drivers could stop sites | Buyout could save Butterfields homes

Posties' wildcat strike hits Liverpool

Scottish posties vote for strike to defend victimised worker Royal Mail managers vote for strike over pay

Threat to Clyde shipyard jobs as Tories accused of 'betrayal'

Up to 800 shipyard jobs on Glasgow’s River Clyde could be axed by BAE Systems.

Don’t do DOO, say Southern train guards

Southern train guards walked out on Tuesday, causing massive disruption on the new Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) franchise covering London and the south east.

Jeremy Hunt in trouble as junior doctors ‘full walkout’ gets huge support—now let’s finish him off

Junior doctors walked out across England today, Tuesday, against the imposition of a dangerous new contract.

Join the lobby against the Tories' housing bill

Housing campaigners protested outside the landlords’ Property Awards on Tuesday of last week.

Hillsborough campaigner on inquest results - 'I'm elated with the result, but angry at the system'

Ninety six Liverpool football fans who died as a result of the Hillsborough football disaster were unlawfully killed.

Teachers fight job losses at John Roan school in Greenwich

Also: teachers' disputes in West Dunbartonshire, Hackney and Small Heath

Protest at fracking conference in Scarborough

Several hundred people gathered to oppose a fracking conference in Scarborough on Monday.

Wave of fury offshore as work stops on rigs

Anger has spread among workers employed by Wood Group which is contracted to provide workers for energy giant Shell in the North Sea.

Coral reefs dying due to inaction on the climate

World leaders lined up last Friday to sign the toothless climate treaty they agreed to in Paris last December. 

Plans for new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point head towards meltdown

An anonymous letter from managers at French energy firm EDF brought the Tories’ plans for a new nuclear plant even further into question last week.

Teachers and parents can sink latest attacks on education

The government is on the rocks as resistance to academies and Tory tests grows. With big union meetings and angry parents there’s real potential to beat them

Cameron uses anti-Muslim race hatred in desperate bid to win votes

The Tories are whipping up an Islamophobic witch-hunt to try and revive Zac Goldsmith’s ailing campaign in the London mayoral election.

Welsh Museum workers to stage all-out strike


News in brief

Short news stories from the week including Lexit campaign gathers support, care homes crisis deepens, sanctions for those in work

Inquest says fans were unlawfully killed at Hillsborough

Liverpool football fans who died as a result of the Hillsborough disaster were unlawfully killed, a jury ruled this week.

Thousands of junior doctors and teachers march in London

Thousands of junior doctors, teachers and their supporters marched from the picket line at St Thomas’ Hospital opposite parliament to Downing Street, today, Tuesday.

Picketing junior doctors defy smears and scares on second full walkout

Junior doctors walked out across England today, Wednesday, in their second ten-hour “full walkout” determined to resist the imposition of a dangerous new contract.

May Day greetings from Socialist Worker

Best wishes and solidarity from Socialist Worker on International Workers' Day. A history of May Day is here. A pdf of solidarity messages placed in Socialist Worker is available here

Outrage as Hillsborough cops told "You did a good Job"

South Yorkshire Police (SYP) officers did a "good job" in the 1980s, according to an organisation for retired officers.

Build on the support for junior doctors' fight

Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt was rocked by two solid junior doctors’ walkouts last week—now is the time to press home the advantage. 

Welsh museum workers go all out

Museum workers across Wales are in urgent need of solidarity after beginning an all-out strike today, Thursday.

Lexit campaign to put workers and migrants at heart of Europen Union debate


Workers Memorial Day event in London

Workers' Memorial Day was marked with a number of vigils and rallies on Thursday 28 April. The same day saw a 60 year old worker killed on the new Forth Bridge construction site.

Protesters block roads and students walk out in Brazil

Brazil awoke on Thursday to extensive blockades of 30 highways in 10 states by activists of the combative homeless workers’ movement MTST.

Livingstone, Labour and the fight against racism

Tomáš Tengely-Evans and John Rose look at the response to accusations of antisemitism in the Labour Party

Anger as London Metropolitan University moves to sack union reps

Two leading trade union activists at London Metropolitan University were last week told that they will be made redundant. The move against UCU union branch chair Mark Campbell and branch secretary David Hardman is a serious attack on the union.


Protests in Egypt met with brutal repression

Demonstrations were pushed back on Monday but the regime is still in trouble

Austrians vote Nazi into pole position

Presidential election results has shaken Austrian politics to the core. In the first round the fascist candidate Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party came first with over 35 percent of the vote.

India - thousands protest over changes to savings scheme

Protests by thousands of workers in Bangalore have forced the Indian government to reverse changes to savings schemes.

Revolt in France: ‘The strikes are growing’

Strikes and protests intensified in France this week in the run-up to a coordinated day of action against the government’s proposed Work Law on Thursday.

French resistance grows despite repression

As French MPs prepare to debate a new law attacking workers’ rights, the centre left government is digging in its heels against workers, students and the new “Nuit Debout” movement.

Syria: Aleppo under fire as big powers jockey for position

Dozens of civilians have been killed and hundreds more injured by regime airstrikes on Aleppo in the past ten days. Dictator Bashar al-Assad’s exploding barrels signalled the end of the partial, and fragile, ceasefire that came into effect in March. 


The Tories are in crisis over the EU - don't rescue them, exploit their crises

It's been pleasant to watch the awkwardness of the right wing Leave campaigners over Barack Obama’s intervention in the Brexit debate.


Migrants against the EU

European migrants in Britain told Tomáš Tengely-Evans why the European Union (EU) is not a friend of migrants and refugees—and why they say vote Leave

Kienthal - the small beginnings of the anti-war tradition

In 1916 socialists arguing against war were a minority, but change was coming. Alistair Farrow looks at how it started

Is the left to blame for antisemitism ?

The ruling class is desperate to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and the broader left. Nick Clark looks at the real agenda of right wingers who have accused anti-racists of antisemitism

Hillsborough: The police pushed fans back in pens

Establishment and police contempt for supporters had deep roots

Hillsborough: How police and Tories conspired to blame fans

The cover-up over the cops’ role in the Hillsborough disaster began the same day—and it went straight to the top of South Yorkshire Police

Hillsborough: The Truth

Forget the smears about fans—police caused the Hillsborough disaster, says Sadie Robinson


In the darkroom—looking at how photography developed

The Science Musuem’s exhibition about photographer Fox Talbot’s life is an exciting insight into how art and science developed

What We Think

Steel fight is not won yet by a long way

The Mirror newspaper heralded a “stunning victory for our campaign” to save steel jobs last week. TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady enthusiastically joined in.

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LETTERS: Would leaving the EU boost the right or damage the Tories?

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech in favour of staying in the European Union (EU) gave the Remain campaign badly needed credibility.

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"Direct and serious threat"


Some 120 billionaires have stashed a total of £343.9 billion in Britain.

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