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Issue: 1923

Dated: 14 Oct 2004

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Iraq is a fight for National Liberation - Walden Bello

THE QUESTION is no longer whether Washington will eventually be defeated by the Iraqi resistance. It will be defeated.

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We're here

Samarendra Das is from Orissa, India. He is an activist with the Socialist People’s Council, a grassroots campaigning organisation:

Don’t let them take away our right to demonstrate

BOSSES AT Canary Wharf in east London, where many multinational companies have their headquarters, have used a court injunction to prevent a demonstration in support of low paid cleaners.

London ‘hosts the future’ as ESF begins

HUNDREDS CRAMMED into Southwark Cathedral last night for the mayor of London’s welcome event.

We're here

'I HAVE come to the European Social Forum because, if you want to change the world, you need to know the world. Here you can find out what people around the world are doing to fight for change.

Blair’s insult to family

ROSE GENTLE’S 19 year old son Gordon was killed serving with the British army in Iraq.

‘I know it will be amazing’

MY ESF began on Thursday morning.




Take the movement to a new level

It’s been five years since the Seattle demonstrations kickstarted the global justice movement. What do you feel we have achieved so far?

Words of resistance

Bookmarks’ Words of Resistance event was a brilliant and stimulating kickoff to the ESF at a packed hall in Bloomsbury.

‘We want a world of happiness’

Haidi Giuliani received a prolonged standing ovation from hundreds of people as she welcomed them to the ESF last night.

Public power in the Age of Empire

I’ve been asked to speak about "Public power in the Age of Empire." I’m not used to doing as I’m told, but by happy coincidence it’s exactly what I’d like to speak about tonight. When language has been butchered and bled of meaning, how do we understand "public power"?

Gillo Pontecorvo: ‘My film shows what can happen when people unite’

How did you come to make The Battle of Algiers?

Showing today

Injustice Dir: Ken Fero and Tariq Mehmood


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