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Issue: 2506

Dated: 31 May 2016

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Fresh clampdown forces refugees to risk own lives

Border controls are driving more desperate people to risk their lives at sea.

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Junior doctors must reject Jeremy Hunt’s toxic contract

The British Medical Association’s (BMA) junior doctors’ committee was due to meet on Friday after details of their new contract were released.

Solidarity for Museum Wales strikers as bosses get nasty

Workers in Wales have received huge support—and more solidarity can help them to win, writes Nick Clark

Labour lifts suspension for Jackie Walker, but plots in Lambeth

Labour Party activist and Momentum vice chair Jackie Walker has been readmitted to the party. She had been suspended after claims of antisemitism.

Reports round-up

Teaching assistants (TAs) and the wider trade union movement in County Durham are coming together to resist a major attack on pay voted through by the Labour-dominated council.

Lecturers’ conference meets at crucial time

UCU lecturers’ union members will meet for the union’s annual congress in Liverpool this week amid a Tory assault on education.

Brilliant local action is no substitute for national fight

There were two sides to the story at this year’s PCS conference.

Reject steel pensions blackmail

The government wants to cut Tata steel workers’ pensions to make the firm’s remaining assets in Britain easier to sell. This would rob workers of pensions they’ve already paid for—and set a dangerous precedent.

NUT members ballot over white paper and funding cuts

NUT union members across England are balloting for strikes over the impact of the government’s education white paper and funding cuts.

Nazis’ bank holiday weekend washout

It was a bad weekend for the Nazis last Saturday.

Butterfields residents in Walthamstow prepare to resist new eviction notices

Four households living on the Butterfields Estate in Walthamstow, north London have been issued with eviction notices.

Don’t bail out warring Tories - go on the offensive against them

With deep divisions in the Tory party over Europe, the left must go on the offensive against Cameron’s weakened government instead of arguing for Remain, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

The left debates the EU in Manchester

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, Joseph Choonara from the Socialist Workers Party and other left wingers debated the EU referendum last night, Wednesday, in Manchester.


Key US dispute may end at Verizon as unions claim victory

An indefinite strike at Verizon has made some gains—and has shown workers everywhere that it’s possible to fight back, says Charlie Kimber

Port workers in Greece lead resistance to stop selloffs after new bailout blackmail

Workers at the Greek port of Piraeus near Athens struck for two days last week against privatisation.

The French resistance that could take down a government

A wave of strikes and protests to defend workers’ rights is causing a crisis for France’s Labour-type government.


Crises force cracks in neoliberal agenda

Is the Pope still a Catholic? This is the question provoked by a new article by three International Monetary Fund (IMF) economists


Syrian refugees speak out - 'We are continuing the tradition of the Syrian revolution'

Syrian refugees face repression and danger but they are fighting back. Two refugees told Socialist Worker that facing up to the counter-revolution in Syria showed them how to resist

World in turmoil and workers' struggles fuel interest in socialism

Hundreds have been debating the way forward for the left at a series of rallies organised by the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). Alistair Farrow listened to the debate in Birmingham

Remain or Leave—the left debates different visions of Europe (Video)

Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, debates Joseph Choonara from the SWP and Lexit—the left leave campaign


Biting 19th century satire of corruption The Government Inspector has still got teeth

Disabled actors bring to life a timely new production of Russian novelist Nikolai Gogol’s play The Government Inspector

Children’s books—an infantile disorder?

This exhibition is a rare opportunity to see children’s books from 1920s and 1930s Russia.

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The European Union is a bosses' club—and can't be reformed

Two visions of European unity are starkly on show this week.

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LETTERS: Blacklisting bosses are only sorry that they were caught

Simon Basketter’s article (Socialist Worker, 18 May) sums up how the forces of the state colluded with giant construction firms to attack the rights of workers.

Blackmail and expenses scandals hit toxic Tories

The Tory expenses scandal keeps ticking. So police have been given extra time to investigate a range of election fraud allegations against Tory MPs.

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