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Issue: 2509

Dated: 21 Jun 2016

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Convoy to Calais - solidarity and anger as French authorities clamp down

Hundreds of vehicles set out to give solidarity to refugees in Calais last Saturday. But the convoy was banned by the French authorities, reports Dave Sewell, pictures Guy Smallman

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NHS staff crisis leaves A&E ‘more like a warzone’

Sadie Robinson talked to workers and patients about the scale of the crisis at one north London hospital

Welsh museum strike forces bosses to make concessions

Bosses at National Museum Wales have given ground—but some strikers want to keep up the fight, reports Nick Clark

Protest demands Leicester union member Kumaran Bose's reinstatement

Supporters of victimised food worker Kumaran Bose protested in Leicester city centre last Saturday to demand his reinstatement.

Rally demands justice for Orgreave

Ex-miners, trade unionists and campaigners gathered at Orgreave in Sheffield last Saturday to remember the Battle of Orgreave.

Police cars had ‘no regard for safety’, hears inquest into death of Henry Hicks

The inquest into the death of north London teenager Henry Hicks heard evidence from four police officers on Monday.

LGBT+ Against Islamophobia meets

LGBT+ activists, Muslims and anti-racists joined an LGBT+ Against Islamophobia’s organising meeting in London last Sunday. Dani, one of the organisers, said, “LGBT+ people and Muslims are both experiencing oppression.

Rent strikers beat ‘back door fees hike’

A rent strike at University College London (UCL) has forced management to reduce their sky-high rents.

Wave of walkouts hits new set of campuses

University workers took part in a wave of strikes across last week as part of a national campaign over pay.

Reports round-up

NUT ballot|NPC delegates demand action|Tottenham vicar's council tax rebellion|BIS action short of strike|Menzies Distribution strike vote

Marchers call for defiance of the Tories’ Housing Act

Some 500 people marched in London last Saturday to demand the Tories scrap their poisonous Housing and Planning Act.

Teaching assistants strike in Derby

A STRIKE by teaching assistants (TAs) in Derby shut thirty schools and partially closed many others last Thursday.

You sold us out on pay, local government workers tell Unison

For the second time in 15 months local government workers in the Unison union have revolted against their leadership after a pay sellout in England and Wales.

Attackers use racial abuse in Rotherham assault

A violent assault was carried out against an Afghan taxi driver in a suspected racist attack in Rotherham last week.

Bus and train strikes scare the fat cat transport bosses

Four strikes hit public transport around Britain this week as workers lose patience with management attempts to squeeze their pay and conditions - First bus drivers in Leeds and Weymouth and train guards on Southern and Scotrail

The ruling class is terrified of leaving the rotten EU

Bosses have fought to defend their interests ahead of the referendum this Thursday, writes Dave Sewe

It’s OK to bash migrants, says EU court

European courts ruled last week that Britain’s government can restrict access to benefits for EU migrants. Meanwhile charity MSF will no longer accept funding from the EU in protest at its clampdown on refugees.

Socialists in Ireland's parliament speak out against the EU

Irish prime minister Enda Kenny and the Irish political establishment have been urging Irish people in Britain to vote to remain part of the EU. He implies that Ireland’s "national interest" lies with the Remain camp.

Unison conference rejects racism

The leadership of the Unison union vowed to challenge racism and homophobia head-on at its annual conference in Brighton this week after the Orlando homophobic massacre and the killing of MP Jo Cox.

Teachers vote to walk out against Tory cuts

Teachers have called an England-wide strike on Tuesday 5 July against Tory funding cuts to education. The NUT union members voted by an overwhelming 92 percent for the action on a turnout of 25 percent.

After EU vote and Cameron goes: unite to shape revolt against establishment

David Cameron has resigned and the Leave vote in the EU referendum has hurled the establishment into a profound crisis.

Action gets results as museum workers in Wales end eight week strike

Striking workers at National Museum Wales have voted to end their dispute after forcing concessions from bosses in their fight over weekend pay.

Protesters put the politics back into a corporatised London Pride march

Tens of thousands of people marched through London on the huge LGBT+ Pride march today, Saturday.

Mobilise as Labour right tries to remove Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents in the Labour Party are trying to force him out, despite his overwhelming support among Labour members.

The left’s advance stalls in Spanish election disappointment

The results of the general elections in the Spanish state yesterday, Sunday, brought disappointment for the left.


French government moves to ban trade unions' demonstrations

The French Labour-type government was threatening to ban unions from demonstrating against its attack on workers’ rights as Socialist Worker went to press. But it was facing threats of defiance.

The people of Fallujah in Iraq fear the city's ‘liberators’

Thousands of people are fleeing the Iraqi city of Fallujah despite claims by the Iraqi government to have liberated it from Isis last Friday.


Don't leave anger at the establishment to the racist right in EU referendum

Labour MP Jo Cox’s horrible murder has haunted the final days of the European Union (EU) referendum campaign. It is now known that her attacker is an open Nazi.


How can we win sexual liberation?

On the first Pride demonstration in London in 1972 cops openly shouted homophobic abuse and were aggressive towards the 2,000 marchers.


Michael Moore is taking aim through rose-tinted glasses

US radical director Michael Moore’s film Where to Invade Next? makes some serious points, but badly idealises European society, writes Simon Shaw

What We Think

Workers must reject our rulers' racism

Both the official Remain and Leave have shown utter contempt for working class people.

Let’s take advantage of the establishment’s crisis

The European Union (EU) referendum has exposed the depth of the crisis in the British political establishment—and that's good

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Bob Holman 1936 - 2016

Bob Holman, who died last week following a battle with motor neuron disease, was a lifelong fighter for social justice. A Christian socialist who gave up an academic career to live and work in deprived working-class communities in Birmingham and Glasgow, he was a fierce critic of the massive inequalities created by successive Tory and New Labour governments.

LETTERS: Don’t condemn all fans for Russian fascists’ violence

It was an open secret that Russian far right ultras aimed to fight in the ongoing Euro 2016 tournament in France.

The things they say

‘We’ll end up being for the elite and the very rich’

Biggest Tory donor raided for money laundering and fraud

The Conservative party’s biggest donor, the telecoms giant Lycamobile, has been raided by French police on suspicion of money laundering and tax fraud.

Why has the Southern railway gravy train hit the buffers?

Thousands of services cancelled and many more delayed, but it’s green lights all the way for bosses’ perks. Raymie Kiernan sees the hand of the Tories behind moves to driver-only trains

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