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Issue: 2511

Dated: 05 Jul 2016

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Anti-war movement was right on Iraq

The Chilcot report into the Iraq war was set to be published this Wednesday. It is expected to expose the lies the West used to wage war on Iraq in 2003. But millions of people at the time saw through the lies and joined one of the biggest movements Britain has ever seen. Judith Orr tells the story

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Teachers' walkout over Tory education cuts has a big impact across England

Teachers across England are out on strike today, Tuesday, in a battle against Tory education policies and cuts.

Marxism 2016 - we can exploit the bosses’ crisis

Around 2,700 people gathered at the Marxism 2016 festival last weekend. Hundreds heard former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg address the opening rally on Thursday of last week.

Solidarity on streets after racist incidents

Hate crime reports have risen but anti-racists are fighting back, reports Tomáš Tengely-Evans

‘Biggest protest for decades’ chases handful of Nazis out of Southampton


Tory thieves fall out in chaotic leadership campaign

Divisions in the Tories have made their race to select a new leader chaotic.

Junior doctors vote to reject rotten deal

Junior doctors have voted to reject a proposed junior doctors’ contract cobbled together by the British Medical Association and Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Strike to guard safety on train lines

Scotrail train guards walked out again last Sunday in their latest strike over bosses’ plans to extend driver only operation (DOO) on the network run by Abellio.

Southern rail bosses put brakes on dispute

The Tory government is allowing Southern Rail bosses to launch a new timetable with 350 less services a day.

Asda in mess over mass equal pay claim

Over 19,000 people are bringing an equal pay claim against the Asda supermarket chain.

Reports round-up

Protesters and oil bosses in a frackas|Glass bosses blow hard, workers strike|Librarians strike to save mobile library|Union calls E.Off meter fixers’ strike|Disability activists stage lively protest|Journalists tell bosses to spike job cuts

Weymouth drivers’ pay fight

Bus drivers in Weymouth entered their third week of pay strikes this week.

Bus bosses suspend strikers

Unite union bus workers in Leeds looked set to reject another pay insult from First bosses.

Strikes are just the ticket for Ealing traffic wardens

Traffic wardens in Ealing, west London, began a week-long walkout last Thursday against private contractor NSL over pay.

Pictures of the teachers' strike across England

Teachers struck across England on Tuesday in defence of education and their working conditions 

Good riddance as Farage says goodbye at long last

Nigel Farage “stepped aside” as leader of the racist Ukip party on Monday saying he wanted his “life back”.

Strike wave spreads through universities

University workers struck at 33 universities on Tuesday—on the same day as an England-wide teachers’ strike.

Police did pursue Henry Hicks

North London teenager Henry Hicks knew he was being chased by police before he died in a crash, a jury decided last week.

Teachers wage war on Tories with England-wide walkout

Teachers in England struck on Tuesday in a battle against Tory education policies and cuts. Thousands of schools were closed as the walkout made a big impact.

George Osborne’s reign of austerity is over—at least for fat cat bosses

Tory chancellor George Osborne revealed on Monday his response to Brexit—a tax giveaway for the bosses.

Tribunal win for Glasgow pool workers

Five workers sacked by Glasgow Life, a Glasgow City Council-run firm, have won their case of unfair dismissal and awarded over £100,000 in compensation.

Corbyn's peace offer won’t stop Labour MPs conspiring against him

Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure to compromise with the right—but that can’t save him, argues Nick Clark

Chilcot report destroys Blair's case for war

The Chilcot inquiry into the 2003 Iraq war delivers its report today, Wednesday

Which current MPs voted for the Iraq War?

Some 414 MPs voted for the war in Iraq on 18 March 2003 including most of the Labour and Tory benches. Despite three general elections and several deaths and resignations, 139 of them are still serving in parliament—66 Labour and 69 Tory.

When did Blair agree to regime change in Iraq?

Chilcot does not accept that Tony Blair had decided to join the US in invading Iraq as early as the start of 2002. But this appears to be contradicted by some of the evidence in the report.

Chilcot on Blair, lies and WMDs

John Chilcot’s speech this morning slammed Blair and others for asserting that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq.

The dodgy dossier, Alastair Campbell and Iraq's weapons

Tony Blair’s “dodgy” dossier gets an entire chapter in the Chilcot Inquiry’s report into the Iraq war, published today.

Chilcot - Blair's 'UN route' was discussed in April 2002 - and it was the pathway to war

The meeting between George Bush and Tony Blair in April 2002 has been described as a turning point the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

Strike after rejection of junior doctors' contract

Hated health secretary Jeremy Hunt announced on Wednesday this week that the government will impose its dangerous new contract for junior doctors by October.

Outrage after US police murder black people

The racist killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police in the United States have sparked an eruption of anger in that country but also more widely.

Pictures of Black Lives Matter protest in Birmingham

People protested in Birmingham after the racist murders by US police

Pictures of Black Lives Matter protest in Brixton, London

People in Brixton, south London, protested on Saturday after the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by US police

Heart surgery, health cuts and the market

A bitter row has broken out between some of Britain’s best known hospitals following plans to reorganise heart surgery for children and babies.


Bombing in Baghdad shows chaos caused by the West

The brutal legacy of the failed US and British 2003 invasion of Iraq was shown in Baghdad last Saturday.

Revolt dilutes the French Work Law

The French government was forcing its Work Law through parliament as Socialist Worker went to press.

Protests sweep Zimbabwe

Protests, strikes and stay-aways have swept Zimbabwe in southern Africa as people revolt against food shortages, unpaid wages, corruption and repression.


Iraq Poem by Alan Gibbons

Author and campaigner Alan Gibbons sent Socialist Worker this poem yesterday, in the wake of the publication of the Chilcot report.

After the EU vote - where do ideas come from and how do they change?

Marxism can help explain why some workers have racist ideas and how that can change, writes Alistair Farrow

Blair’s Iraq war—a disaster on all sides

The evil influence that Tony Blair exerts on British politics has been on display as his creatures in the Parliamentary Labour Party mount their coup against Jeremy Corbyn.


Putting our class on the screen - an interview with Tony Garnett

Tony Garnett, producer of Cathy Come Home, talks to Sadie Robinson about battling BBC bosses, representing working class life and why we need socialist change


A spirited defence of alcohol against middle class panic

The Tate’s Art and Alcohol exhibition shows how working class drinking has been stigmatised—to avoid any deeper questions

What We Think

Put capital on trial

Three bankers were found guilty of manipulating global interest rates this week.

Don’t let the elite’s crisis go to waste

Boris Johnson and Ukip politician Nigel Farage have followed David Cameron into the sunset.

Other Categories

Dave Ellis 1947-2016

It is with sadness that I report the death of Dave Ellis on Friday 8 July due to cancer of the oesophagus.

Matthew Caygill 1955-2016

Last week, like many others on the Left, we were shocked and saddened to hear that the longstanding socialist activist and historian Matthew Caygill had unexpectedly passed away. 

LETTERS: Cuts at councils are putting vulnerable children at risk

The link between poverty and vulnerability is well known. There is a risk of children suffering harm ranging from emotional abuse to physical or sexual abuse.

The Troublemaker

Troublemaker was shocked to hear the results of this year’s Sats tests for primary school children. Nearly half failed to meet government targets in reading, writing and maths.

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