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Issue: 2512

Dated: 12 Jul 2016

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Defend Jeremy Corbyn from the right wing in the Labour Party

The Labour leadership crisis has brought the deep divisions in the party out into the open—and they’re pushing it to breaking point.

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The things they say

Millionaire Arron Banks threatens a new ‘Ukip on steroids’ if Theresa May becomes Tory leader

Tories have a new leader in Theresa May - but their party's still divided

The chaos in the Tory party keeps on giving. David Cameron was leaving Downing Street as Socialist Worker went to press.

Chilcot report - Tony Blair should be put in the dock over Iraq war

Warmonger and former Labour prime minister Tony Blair could face a motion of contempt in parliament following the release of the Chilcot report last week. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is reported to be ready to vote for it.

Unite union backs Trident renewal as delegates denounce Len McCluskey's 'fudge'

The powerful Unite union will call on Labour MPs to vote with the Tories to back the renewal of the Trident nuclear missile system next week.

Unite union delegates vow to fight austerity and to defend the NHS at conference

In a session on fighting austerity today, Tuesday, delegates at the Unite union's conference voted for opposition to privatisation and campaigning to repeal the Housing Act.

Fury at police killings in the US sparks Black Lives Matter protests across Britain

The racist killing of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police in the United States last week has sparked an eruption of anger.

Migrant workers die at Birmingham recycling site

Five workers were killed when they were crushed by tonnes of concrete and scrap metal at a recycling plant last week.

Harlow unites against racism

Harlow residents gathered in the town centre last Saturday to show solidarity with migrants and ethnic minorities in the wake of a rise in reported incidents of hate crime.

Anti racists march after firebombing in Norwich

Hundreds of people marched after a Romanian shop in Norwich was firebombed early last Friday morning.

24 hour strike channel at BBC World News

Members of the NUJ union working on the BBC World News channel struck for 24 hours on Thursday of last week.

Rail bosses threaten safety with their lies

Scotrail train guards struck again last Sunday in a dispute over the extension of driver only operation (DOO) on Scotland’s rail network, which is operated by Abellio.

Action over pay keeps on rolling at ten universities while reps sacked at London Met

Strikes were set to hit ten universities this week as UCU union members prepared to walk out over pay and conditions.

Unite union delegates back Jeremy Corbyn

Delegates at the Unite union conference this week were furious at moves against Jeremy Corbyn—and wanted the union to take a stand.

Fresh Glasgow council action possible over pay

Some 150 workers employed by Glasgow City Council-run firm Community Safety Glasgow (CSG) are being consulted by the Unison, Unite and GMB unions on industrial action over a pay review and cuts to unsocial hours pay.

Reports round-up

North sea oil workers ballot|Bectu and Prospect Merger|East London teachers strike against extra hours|Posties ballot against privatisation|Protest against the EDL Nazis in London|Roma genocide commemoration|More Weymouth bus strikes on timetable|Leeds bus strike halted l Protest in support of Corbyn in York|New moves in the steel closures fight

Jeremy Corbyn on ballot for Labour leader - now build the fight against the Tories

Labour’s national executive committee has voted by 18 votes to 14 tonight, Tuesday, that Jeremy Corbyn will automatically be on the ballot paper for the Labour leadership election.

Black Lives Matter protests continue in Britain - here's how you can get involved

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests that burst onto the streets of Britain over last weekend continue throughout this week. They are showing solidarity with the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, who were killed by police in the US earlier this month.

Jeremy Corbyn receives a hero's welcome at Unite union conference

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn received a hero's welcome at the Unite union's conference in Brighton today, Wednesday.

Migrant workers strike because they get half the pay of others

Migrant workers at Esso's Fawley oil refinery in Southampton struck today, Thursday, against bosses who pay them half as much as British workers.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee - the Labour challengers gunning for Jeremy Corbyn

A fresh leadership election has been officially launched in the Labour Party. Nick Clark profiles the plotters who want to oust Jeremy Corbyn

Black Lives Matter protests in Bradford and Leeds

Around 1,000 people gathered in Bradford, and 800 in Leeds for Black Lives Matter/Say No to Racism protests this week.

Unite union backs reselection to make MPs accountable

The Unite trade union has voted for Labour MPs to face mandatory reselection. This means they would be more accountable.

Socialist Workers Party statement on the Turkish coup

The Socialist Workers Party joins the people of Turkey in condemning the attempted military coup in that country.

Voices of the marchers in London against the Tories, racism and austerity

Thousands of people are marching in central London today, Saturday, against austerity and racism

Pictures of the No to Racism, No to Austerity demonstration, London, 16 July

Thousands of people marched on a protest called by Stand Up to Racism and the People's Assembly in London on Saturday.

Thousands say No to Racism, No to Austerity

Around 10,000 people joined the No to Austerity, No to Racism, Tories Out demonstration in London today, Saturday. It was organised by Stand Up to Racism and the People's Assembly. Hundreds also came to a rally in Glasgow.


Elections in South Africa could mean hope as Economic Freedom Fighters take on ANC

South Africa’s local government elections, set for 3 August, will see a bitter battle between the ruling African National Congress and its opponents on both left and right.


Uptick of struggle reflects a political crisis in the US

Alistair Farrow spoke to activists from the US about the growing movement against racist attacks—and for a better system

We must overcome the dangerous divisions in the working class

The Brexit referendum revealed a united ruling class and a divided working class. A few eccentrics aside, big business backed Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU). They are now united in mourning the result of the vote.


How lies created the case for the Iraq war

Tony Blair did not go to war in Iraq because of ‘mistakes’ or ‘honestly held beliefs’—evidence given to the Chilcot inquiry exposes a deliberate process of lies to justify intervention

Revolution and war in Spain in 1936 - a battle that could have been won

This month marks 80 years since fascist General Franco’s coup in Spain sparked resistance that quickly turned to revolt. Socialist Worker looks at how it could have won


Exodus is a unique record of the resilience of refugees

The BBC’s exploration of the refugee crisis in Europe exposes the impact of racist immigration controls on desperate people, writes Margaret Woods

What We Think

Our rulers’ crisis is no spectator sport

Britain’s rulers breathed a sigh of relief when Theresa May became prime minister without the need for a vote. But don’t believe everything is now calm.

Tory leaders are no friend of women

Theresa May has made the Tory party the most progressive party in Britain according to right wing newspapers.

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LETTERS - Don't squander this chance to finish off hated Tories

The Leave vote shows a clear rejection of the establishment, of endless austerity and constant attacks against the working class

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