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Issue: 1923

Dated: 16 Oct 2004

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'We must reject fortress Europe'

The other day 1,000 migrants arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa in just one single day.

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‘We’ll continue to demand an end to this occupation’

The call for an immediate end to the occupation of Iraq ran through the ESF yesterday.

Debating the future for the anti-capitalist movement

TWO MEETINGS yesterday discussed the future for the anti-capitalist movement.

Your Reports

‘Youth Crime’ DEBATE over Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) was at the centre of the Youth Crimes: Myth And Reality workshop.

Haiti says no to UN occupation

AN ADVISER to deposed Haitian president Aristide has spoken out against the occupation of his country by foreign troops.

Defiance at Canary Wharf

PROTESTERS FOR a living wage defied bosses at Canary Wharf yesterday.

Rap and racism

HUNDREDS OF young people packed into the entertainment pavilion at Alexandra Palace last night to hear an electrifying debate on "Guns, rap and racism". Speakers included MCs Asher D, Skeme and HardKaur, together with Weyman Bennett from Unite Against Fascism.

‘A local and global battle’

I'M FROM the University of Barcelona. There are some 650 of us here from Barcelona and some 1,000 from all over Spain, including activists from Madrid and Bilbao.




Blair’s ‘solutions’ will increase Africa’s pain

YOU CAN tell that this ESF is a really important event as there are hardly any mainstream journalists here.

Radical London

London’s image to many is cold, wealthy and impersonal, but its real history is of revolt and subversion. The crowd—sometimes called the "mob"—has played a big part in London’s history, and has developed a consciousness of us against them, the poor against the rich.

Karl Marx in London

"DRAT THE British!" Karl Marx once said in frustration at his London exile. When the European revolutions of 1848 began to crumble Marx was forced to come to London.

Hazard Warning

The first militant confrontation in the United States between the global justice movement and the neo-liberal junta took place famously at the WTO conference in Seattle in December 1999.

Cameras that put the struggle in sharp focus

I HAD been taking pictures for the Yorkshire Miner and the Morning Star for years before the strike began, so I was very familiar with the issues around the dispute—job losses and the assault on communities.

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