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Issue: 2514

Dated: 26 Jul 2016

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10,000 reasons to open borders—report slams Tories for abandoning child refugees

Some 10,000 refugee children have disappeared, potentially into exploitation and abuse, due to Britain’s “deplorable” refusal to let them in.

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KFC’s finger lickin’ zero hours lies exposed

Fast food giant KFC claims it doesn’t use zero hours contracts in Britain. Alistair Farrow takes apart the spin

As MPs organise against Jeremy Corbyn - the Labour right can be beaten

Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to be re-elected leader of the Labour Party kicked off with two big rallies last week.

Migration didn’t cause the attacks in Germany

Refugees are being scapegoated for a series of attacks in Germany last week

London Met workers start indicative ballot on action to defend jobs

UCU union members at London Metropolitan University are holding an indicative ballot for strikes against mass job cuts.

Library cuts revolt spreads throughout south London

Library campaigners blocked roads and library entrances to prevent the books being removed from three of Lambeth’s closed libraries in south London last Saturday.

March in Bromley takes the road in protest at council cuts and privatisation

A 400-strong march of council workers and their supporters defied cops in Bromley, south east London, last Saturday by taking the road and blocking traffic.

Reports round-up

Cleaners at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) offices in Liverpool and Bootle struck on Monday and Tuesday of this week against attacks on pay and conditions.

Campaign to keep Doncaster Women's Aid wins

Women’s Lives Matter campaigners who fought to defend domestic violence (DV) services in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, are celebrating after winning council funding for a new service.

Beat back the bigots as hate crime reports rise by a fifth

Racists are lashing out but there’s no Brexit breakthrough for the right, reports Sadie Robinson

Reconsider hated Prevent strategy, say MPs

The tory government’s Prevent strategy is counter-productive and should be “reconsidered”, according to the Joint Committee on Human Rights parliamentary group.

Weymouth bus strikers speak out over bosses' lies and bullying

After more than six weeks of pay strikes bus drivers in Weymouth, Dorset, were set for talks with bosses as Socialist Worker went to press.

Junior doctor walkouts can beat Hunt

A British Medical Association (BMA) survey of junior doctors closed on Monday.

Guards at Scotrail strike to protect safety

Train guards in Scotland struck for the twelfth time last Sunday in their dispute with bosses at Abellio Scotrail over driver only operation (DOO).

Protesters in Penistone march against bus cuts

Over 70 people, mainly pensioners, marched noisily through the Pennine market town of Penistone last Thursday.

‘Our North Sea oil strike is for safety and is solid'

Money-grabbing bosses claim they must make cuts—but workers aren’t buying it

Campaigners gear up for mass march against support for fracking in North Yorkshire

Protesters from across Britain were set to turn out for what could be Yorkshire’s biggest ever anti-fracking demonstration in York on Saturday.

Migrant workers win equal pay at Fawley oil refinery

Striking migrant workers have won equal pay from bosses at Esso’s Fawley oil refinery near Southampton.

Owen Smith puts on left face to launch his Labour leadership challenge

Owen Smith, who is challenging Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership, officially launched his campaign today, Wednesday. He made a concerted effort to present himself as a left winger.

Striking cleaners protest for sacked colleagues in City of London

Striking cleaners and their supporters protested outside the 100 Wood Street corporate offices in the City of London financial district last night, Wednesday. They are demanding the reinstatement of two of their colleagues.

Black Lives Matter activists block central London streets

Activists staged a Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstration outside Oxford Circus in central London yesterday, Friday. It came amid escalating police racism in Britain and the US.

Corbyn's surging leadership election campaign leaves Smith floundering

Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to be reelected leader of the Labour Party gained momentum this weekend as thousands marched and rallied in the north of England.

The named person scheme – protecting Scotland’s children?

What attitude should socialists take towards a scheme that the Supreme Court says breaches human rights?


Bernie Sanders jeered for backing Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders has spent a year being cheered by hundreds of thousands of supporters across the US for calling for a “political revolution”.

Airstrikes have killed hundreds of Syrians

Western bombs killed hundreds of Syrian civilians last week—and looming major offensives could see many more deaths.

Battle over workers’ rights leaves the French government weakened

After five months of bitter struggles the French Labour-type government finally forced its attack on workers’ rights through parliament last week.

The Failed Coup in Turkey - Roni Margulies

After the attempted coup in Turkey, July 2016, Roni Margulies spoke at a Socialist Workers Party meeting in Haringey, north London. Roni is a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Workers' Party (DSIP) in Turkey


The useless Labour right is flailing into a slow-motion split

The Labour right are a puzzle. How come they are simultaneously so venomous towards Jeremy Corbyn and, as John McDonnell famously put it, so “useless”?


You can’t change the cops

The killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in the US, and Mzee Mohammed in Britain, have inspired a wave of protest.

Why Lenin said Communists must try to affiliate to Labour

How to relate to members of the Labour Party has always been one of the most important questions for revolutionaries in Britain. In 1920, when the Communist Party of Great Britain was founded, it was a central debate.

China crisis - could island strife lead to world war?

A recent dispute over islands in the South China Sea is a sign of how imperialist tensions between the US and China could set the region ablaze, writes Dave Sewell

Surface tension—the battle against the North Sea oil bosses

Offshore oil workers have a tough life—and to keep up profits bosses are out to make it even tougher. But a new wave of strikes could put a stop to that. Raymie Kiernan spoke to trade unionists organising on the North Sea rigs


What We Think

Don't compromise with the Labour right

The leader of the Labour Party called on his supporters last week to join him in building a “social movement” that can force change through parliament.

Capitalism's growing pains

Young adults in some parts of sub-Saharan Africa are on average 5cm shorter than their counterparts 40 years ago, revealed an extraordinary study released this week.

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Obituary: Bartley Willcock, 1934-2016

Bartley Willcock, who died last week, was a much valued comrade. He brought tremendous energy, humour and determination to the struggle for a better world.

LETTERS - We witnessed people power defeat the military in Turkey

I arrived in Istanbul with my partner and our nine-month old baby just as the military coup was beginning in Turkey.

Tory government wants Thatchers’ cosy corruption to be kept secret indefinitely

Tory corruption is to be kept secret. Two files entitled “Cementation contract: Mark Thatcher and the Omanis” are listed as being “retained” for 65 years. Two others were “temporarily retained” with no release date.

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