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Issue: 2515

Dated: 02 Aug 2016

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As thousands rally for Corbyn—who says we can't beat the Tories?

Up to 10,000 people joined a rally in support of Jeremy Corbyn in Liverpool on Monday night. It was another sign of the growing support behind his campaign to be re-elected leader of the Labour Party.

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Nazis humiliated with tiny turnouts in Coventry and London

Anti-fascists humiliated Nazis from Britain First in Coventry last Saturday.

10,000 join march for Scottish independence

A big march took place in Glasgow last Saturday demanding a second referendum on Scottish Independence. Organised by the “All under one banner” group, the turnout of around 10,000 surprised almost everyone.

2011 rioters were rising up against injustice

Five years after the summer riots, Alistair Farrow takes aim at claims that they were just ‘mindless’

Yorkshire’s largest protest against fracking says stop dirty drilling

Over 2,000 people marched in York last Saturday in Yorkshire’s largest demonstration against fracking.

Trade unionists fight to save Beccles NHS clinic

Protesters in Beccles, Suffolk, lobbied a meeting of the local Clinical Commisioning Group (CCG) on Friday of last week.

Theresa May delays Hinkley Point nuclear deal as Tory splits fail to heal

A last-minute U-turn on a major infrastructure deal last week dashed any hopes that prime minister Theresa May’s coronation would halt the turmoil in the Tory Party.

Rail bosses' attack on safety is a plot to smash workers' unions—say no to DOO

Workers in Scotland, London and the south east of England are stepping up their strikes to resist bosses’ plans to undermine safety on the railways.

Demonstration called to kick the market out of education

A national demonstration to defend education will take place in central London on Saturday 19 November.

Workers in Britain and Greece suffer biggest fall in wages, says TUC report

Workers in Britain have suffered the biggest fall in wages of the world’s richest countries since the economic crisis began in 2007.

Reports round-up: ‘We are the gays and we don’t like May’ say Norwich Pride marchers

LGBT+ marchers at Norwich Pride | Engineers ballot at Network Rail | VTEC rail workers could strike against cuts | Prudential ballot against outsourcing | Job losses at Lloyds bank | Shop fitters slam HMY Radford pay offer | Journalists resist restructuring at Trinity Mirror

Anger at bosses' collusion on immigration raid but migrant pay strike at Fawley wins

Bosses hope discrimination will divide us, but a successful strike of migrant workers at Fawley refinery was an important victory, writes Dave Sewell

Detention centre death slammed by Home Office's own report

A seriously ill 43 year old man died handcuffed to his hospital bed because immigration detention officers feared he would escape.

Weymouth bus walkouts can drive pay message home

Bus drivers in Weymouth, Dorset, plan a week-long strike from next Monday.

Durham teaching assistants receive boost from Corbyn

Teaching assistants (TAs) in Durham fighting the Labour council’s plans to slash their pay by 23 percent received a boost from Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn last week.

Samworth Brothers food bosses take on the union


Health workers take on ISS privateers at east London hospital

Health workers employed by outsourcing giant ISS at Homerton Hospital in east London are fighting attacks on their hours and jobs.

Labour hustings in Cardiff - Corbyn looks to anti-austerity to win debate, and election

Labour’s two big obsessions—electability and party unity—were the big themes of its first leadership hustings in Cardiff last night, Thursday.

Activists protest across Britain against police racism

Anti-racist campaigners have held rallies and protests across Britain. Some 200 people marched from the Broadwater Farm estate in Tottenham, north London, to Tottenham police station today, Saturday. They were demanding justice for Mark Duggan and all other victims of police racism and violence. 


Tug of war in Turkey over coup aftermath

A battle is taking place in Turkey to decide who will gain in the wake of an attempted military coup last month.

Angry over deaths in France? You’re banned

French cops kettled 1,000 people in Paris last Saturday to stop them marching for justice for a black man who died in police custody.


Stafford Cripps - a one-time Labour radical who was a turncoat twice over

Simon Basketter continues our series of columns on the Labour Party with a look at one of its lesser-known radicals

The ‘constraint of unity’ fatally weakened the Bennite left

Calls for a truce in the Labour Party risk leading the left to repeat the mistakes of the 1980s, warns Sadie Robinson

There is no ‘lesser evil’ in the US election

Now that Hillary Clinton has been confirmed as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate the usual arguments are being mobilised to brigade the left behind her. The most important one stresses not the positive qualities of the Democratic candidate but the negative qualities of their Republican opponent.


As the Rio Olympics loom - the brutal reality of Brazil's eviction games

A city planned for the rich and ‘slavery’ for workers while the poor are cleansed for being in the way. Andy Brown and Simon Shaw expose the Rio Olympic Games


66 Days—a fine lesson in the brutality of the British state

Several attempts have been made to dramatise Bobby Sands’ fatal hunger strike—but 66 Days succeeds where others have failed, says?Sarah Bates

Don’t miss chance to see Barry Lyndon in cinemas

Stanley Kubrick’s film Barry Lyndon is often described as an underrated classic. 

What We Think

Labour right has no clue on beating the Tories

Jeremy Corbyn’s critics inside the Labour Party have perfected missing the point.

Theresa May’s first war as bombs drop on Libya

Politicians have learned nothing from the Chilcot report.

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LETTERS: Stand with refugees against councils and media smears

Residents on the Scottish island of Bute have hit back at pernicious claims made in the Daily Mail newspaper last week that Syrian refugees here “want to leave”.

The things they say

‘The radical and corrosive Left retains a stranglehold on our wider culture’

Cameron’s cronyism is a fitting legacy for pig man

David Cameron’s legacy is as it should be. A load of honours for his mates.

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