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Issue: 2516

Dated: 09 Aug 2016

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Filthy rich bosses grab 10 percent pay rises

Britain’s richest corporate bosses got pay rises of 10 percent on average last year.

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New Tory detainee plan - lock up kids and punish migrants with isolation

New guidelines to detention centre guards will mean migrants can be kept in solitary confinement—even if it could kill them. It’s all part of a new onslaught, says Dave Sewell

Ukip racists tear each other apart as Brexit vote leads to leadership crisis

The racist Ukip party has descended into civil war after the favourite to be the party’s next leader, Steven Woolfe, was banned from standing.

Wood Group oil workers escalate action over pay on Shell North Sea platforms

An oil workers’ strike in the North Sea shows how to beat the energy bosses, reports?Raymie Kiernan

Weymouth bus drivers wait for a week of strikes then two come along at once

Weymouth bus workers returned to the picket line on Monday in their long-running dispute with First for pay parity with workers at the Yeovil depot. They are the lowest paid in First Group.

Bank of England’s desperate measures won’t stop turmoil

The Bank of England is fighting to avert a new recession by throwing billions of pounds at the City of London.

Survey shows up extent of historic child abuse

One in 14 adults in England and Wales suffered sexual abuse when they were children, according to figures released last week.

‘Serial killer’ cop complains that he’s treated like a criminal

Also: Man dies after pepper spray, new unit to terrorise us, Stephen Lawrence CCTV out

Reports round-up: Anti-fascists humiliate Nazi EDL in Nottingham

Also: Unions slam payouts for post office bosses | Walkouts can win at London Met | Pride marches in Brighton and Leeds | Sussex hospital drivers vote to strike for liabilities | Nationwide gets shifty in Swindon | Cleaners' fight is over at 100 Wood Street | French state plans attack on ‘jungle’ | Protest in Brixton against arch-enemy council | Magistrates find against reverend’s tax protest

Janitors in Glasgow call a week-long strike over pay

Janitors working for Glasgow City Council-owned firm Cordia were set to begin a five-day strike next Monday.

Serious action needed to defend civil service workers’ redundancy pay

The PCS civil service workers’ union has said it is refusing to sign up to Tory government plans to cut redundancy pay for its members.

Bosses in disarray after Southern Rail strike

Train guards on Southern Rail have defied lies and slurs to launch a five-day walkout over safety concerns. Raymie Kiernan reports from the picket lines

Corbyn—we’ll win by offering an alternative

An obsession with ‘credibility’ goes to the heart of the divisions in the Labour Party, writes Nick Clark

GMB’s move against Corbyn warns us that union leaders can be fair weather friends

The GMB union’s decision yesterday, Wednesday, to back Owen Smith in the Labour Party leadership election is a significant blow to Jeremy Corbyn.

Muslim women are worst affected by discrimination and Tory policies, say MPs

Muslim women have been forced to abandon wearing the headscarf in order to find work, a parliamentary committee has found.

Junior doctors call for strikes

Tory Jeremy Hunt wants to rip up health workers’ contracts and privatise the NHS—but junior doctors are up for the fight, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans


The siege in Syria is broken but bombs still pound Aleppo

Syrian opposition forces in Aleppo were fighting to recapture the north western city as Socialist Worker went to press.

Anger at lack of change sets back ANC in South African elections

Also: Olympic protest in Rio, hunger strike in Israeli jails and BDS clampdown


Latest strike figures show a drop - but they don’t tell the whole story

Official figures show a sharp drop in the number of working days “lost” to strikes in 2015 compared to 2014. But the figures don’t necessarily show a recent shift in class struggle.

Why the Labour right love to twist the truth about Trotsky

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson is hardly the first to use Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky as a cheap insult.

Stand with Corbyn - not Smith or Jones

As the Labour leadership contest hots up, Alex Callinicos looks at the roots of the conflict gripping the Labour Party and explains why it matters that Jeremy Corbyn wins


How runaway train profits derail safety

Private train firms are wreaking chaos on the railways and making passengers’ lives a misery. Now they want to ram through even more attacks—but a series of strikes to defend safety could stop them in their tracks, writes Raymie Kiernan

Why Frantz Fanon’s call to rise against racism still resonates today

Frantz Fanon was a giant of the fight against colonialism. Chris Newlove hails a revival of his ideas—and argues for taking them further, not letting academia tone them down


Bertolt Brecht is back—and still as relevant 60 years after his death

The great radical playwright Bertolt Brecht died 60 years ago this week. Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at the legacy of his plays and politics

The Paris Commune brought to life

This graphic novel tells the real-life story of revolutionary and anarchist Louise Michel.

Moazzam Begg’s ‘confessions’ tell the story of an Islamophobic age

Moazzam Begg knows what it’s like to exist under the War on Terror. In new documentary The Confession he recounts a life that can inspire resistance to racism and repression, writes Talat Ahmed

What We Think

Theresa May's grammar schools will write working class children off as failures

The Tories could open new grammar schools. The right wing press eagerly explained that this is part of Theresa May’s drive to boost “social mobility”.

Turn the radical mood into a mass movement against Tory austerity

One thing the surge in support for Jeremy Corbyn shows is that working class people are seething with anger against politicians and the bosses.

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LETTERS: NHS treats LGBT+ people like second class citizens

Several leading media outlets have responded to ground-breaking advances in HIV prevention with homophobic slurs.

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‘I’d have to go for Trump’

Pigs have got their snouts in the trough - and so have MPs

Chief constables and senior officers are grabbing tens of thousands of pounds in expenses—on top of huge salaries.

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