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Issue: 2517

Dated: 16 Aug 2016

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Take back our trains from the fat cats

Delayed, overcrowded, and expensive trains. That’s what the privatisation rail rip-off has brought us.

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Eric Pickles fans racist stereotypes on voter fraud

Tory MP Eric Pickles said that authorities are “turning a blind eye” to election fraud among Muslims in a new government report published last Friday.

School janitors in Glasgow make a clean sweep with a strike

Glasgow school janitors began a five-day strike on Monday in a long-running dispute over pay with bosses at Cordia, a city council-owned firm.

Kiss-in defies shop bosses' homophobia in Hackney

Around 200 LGBT+ people and supporters joined a mass “kiss-in” in a Sainsbury’s supermarket branch in Hackney, east London, last Saturday.

Royal Mail pension cut must be met with action

The CWU union, which organises postal workers, has warned Royal Mail that its members could strike. This follows reports that bosses plan to attack workers’ pensions.

Virgin Trains East Coast faces action against cuts

Some 2,000 RMT union members working on Virgin Trains East Coast were set to strike for 24 hours from 3am on Friday of this week.

Talks break down in Southern Rail dispute

The RMT union suspended a strike by train guards on Southern Railway last Wednesday for talks “with no pre-conditions”.

Strike on North Sea oil rigs suspended for more talks

A series of strikes by outsourced Wood Group workers on Shell North Sea offshore platforms, set to begin on Wednesday, were suspended by the Unite and RMT unions.

Industrial round-up

Riders for the Deliveroo delivery company protested outside the company’s offices in central London last week. Strikes and protests by riders over attacks on pay forced bosses to make concessions this week.

Way to beat Labour right is to keep mobilising in streets

Labour’s right are trying to discredit supporters of party leader Jeremy Corbyn by labelling them “extremists” and “entryists”.

Jeremy Corbyn urges his supporters to build a ‘mass movement’

Jeremy Corbyn supporters have spoken out against attacks on them by the right wing of the Labour Party.

Ukip keeps on tearing itself apart

The racist Ukip party is losing money and members. It was over £850,000 in deficit last year and its membership dropped 4.5 percent.

French cops ramp up terror as refugee numbers grow in Calais

A wave of state harassment and the arrival of new refugees are making conditions in the “jungle” shantytown in Calais even more intolerable.

Dalian Atkinson dies from cops’ taser

Former Aston Villa football player Dalian Atkinson died in Telford on Monday after police tasered him outside his father’s house.


Fury on the streets following racist murders in the US

A shooting of another black man and the murder of two Muslims has sparked anger, says Charlie Kimber

Freedom for Egyptian revolutionaries but many more face state repression

Egyptian revolutionary socialist activists Mahienour el-Massry and Yousef Shaaban have been freed from jail after serving 15-month sentences on trumped-up charges.



The real cost of the Tories’ war on welfare reveals the truth behind it

David Cameron and his crusading work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith made a mission of “reforming” benefits.

Here to stay, here to fight - how the Grunwick strike changed everything

Forty years ago this Saturday Asian women workers at Grunwick photo processing plant in north west London walked out. Socialist Worker looks at how their strike, which lasted for nearly two years, was a game-changer in the struggle against racism


Syria Speaks is an art book so subversive it can get you arrested

Reading about art and culture from the frontline of Syria’s revolution was enough to get Faizah Shaheen, a Muslim woman from Leeds, held under the Terrorism Act last month.

What We Think

Don't forget the message of Marikana

This week four years ago South African police gunned down 34 striking mine workers at the Lonmin corporation’s Marikana mine.

Trotsky was right - we need a revolution

Tom Watson’s dossier on “Trotsky entryists” into the Labour Party has been used as an attack on the whole left.

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LETTERS: I came to seek asylum—but they locked me up instead

I come from Cameroon, where it is illegal to be gay. In 2012 I was caught with another man in a hotel and arrested.

The things they say

‘They were presumably plotting the workers’ revolution’

A revolving door of people who grant bosses pay rises

The people hired by big companies to decide how much bosses should get paid are earning around £170,000 for attending a handful of meetings.

Who owns Britain? How the rich kept hold of land

The death of a billionaire landowner last week highlighted how much land in Britain remains in very few hands. Tomáš Tengely-Evans investigates

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