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Issue: 2520

Dated: 07 Sep 2016

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Fight to defend migrant rights

Tory prime minister Theresa May could ban European Union (EU) migrants from coming to Britain unless they have a job. The family of a much-needed nurse, teacher or construction worker could be barred.

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Junior doctors’ strike off after their leaders buckle

The British Medical Association (BMA) suspended a planned five-day strike today, Monday.

Questions after police chase leads to deaths in south London

Two people died on Wednesday of last week following a high speed police chase speed through a residential area in Penge, south London.

Tories bail out Southern rail bosses to bash the union

The Southern Railway gravy train was topped up with a £20 million bailout last week from Tory transport secretary Chris Grayling.

Reports round-up: Paralympic protesters launch week of action

Disabled people are highlighting the impact of austerity alongside the Paralympic Games this week. Also: Old Firm clash hit by Glasgow workers’ action | Were steel unions missold PFF? | University workers vote on pay walkout | Ballot on pay freeze at Freightliner| Bectu members vote for merger with Prospect | CPS could charge over Kingsley death

Strike to beat the cuts as schools in England return

The two biggest fights we face in schools are over spending cuts that threaten to wreck education, and ending primary Sats tests.

Strike ballot at London Met

A strike ballot is on at London Metropolitan University to defend jobs, conditions and victimised union reps.

Oxford health workers demand lower rents and higher pay

Some 200 protesters in Oxford last Saturday demanded affordable housing.

Mobilise to stop Nazis from holding Cardiff meeting

Britain First Nazis invaded the Al Manar Mosque in Cardiff as part of building up to a meeting they are holding this Saturday.

Merseyside cleaners win against outsourcer ISS

Bosses at outsourcer ISS caved in to the threat of a cleaners’ strike demanding hours they cut earlier this year were reinstated.

Mass purge in the Labour Party as the right gets desperate to beat Jeremy Corbyn

The real reason for the ludicrous attacks on Corbyn is that the right know they’re losing, says Nick Clark

Tower Transit strikers stop London buses

Also: Solidarity for drivers in Weymouth

College strikers in Scotland want a bigger share and equal treatment

Some 2,500 support staff across 20 Scottish further education colleges walked out on Tuesday over pay. It was the Unison union’s first Scotland-wide college strike.

Just weeks to go before march on Tory conference in Birmingham

Activists are preparing to mobilise for a national demonstration outside the Tory Party conference in Birmingham on Sunday 2 October.

DPAC blocks Westminster Bridge as part of week of action

Hours before the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Brazil tonight, Wednesday, disabled activists blocked Westminster Bridge in London.

Home Office deportations to Jamaica show racism at core of British state

Some 60 people were deported to Jamaica today, Wednesday, on a flight chartered by the Home Office and with the cooperation of the Jamaican state.

Train guards strike to protect safety on Southern rail

Disabled passengers joined the picket line today, Wednesday, at London’s Victoria station in solidarity with RMT union train guards fighting to retain their role on Southern train services.

Rights not games: Disabled People Against Cuts activist speaks out

Why we blocked Westminster Bridge and are right to protest

Dungavel detention centre to close: fight to shut them all

The government's announcement that Dungavel immigration detention camp in Scotland will close is a victory for protest, and a spur for continuing struggle

Exclusive: union faces £1 million bill for fighting Southern Rail firm

The Aslef train drivers’ union is facing a bill for almost £1 million for daring to fight the firm behind the Southern rail fiasco.

Grammatical terror - don't roll back the clock on education

Theresa May has confirmed that her Tory government’s first central policy will be to bring back grammar schools. Sadie Robinson talks to people who experienced the much-hated system first time round

Protest demands closure of Yarl's Wood detention centre

Around 300 people, many of them refugees and asylum seekers, rallied despite the rain outside Yarl's Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire today.


Millions strike against labour reforms in India

Millions of workers in India have joined a one-day general strike today, Friday.

Racists AfD party gains in regional election in Germany

The racist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party beat chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU into third place in a regional election last weekend | Plus Sioux protests take on big oil in the US

Demonstration demanding demolition of Calais 'jungle' camp aids the racists

Lorry drivers, shopkeepers, farmers, police, dockers and right wing politicians are protested this week in Calais to demand the demolition of the “jungle” refugee camp.


Should Labour MPs face reselection?

What could happen when activists push for right wing MPs to be replaced by supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, asks Nick Clark

G20 rulers can’t fix their failing system

The G20 summit this week is a good test of the mood among the ruling classes of the world. It brings together leaders and central bankers from 20 major economies that collectively account for 85 percent of global production and 80 percent of world trade.

Socialist Worker Appeal—why we're asking for your money

Every pound will strengthen a socialist paper at the heart of the resistance


Condition critical—health workers tell how Tory cuts and closures put NHS in crisis

New Tory plans to ‘centralise’ health services are masking a fresh round of cuts to an NHS already under severe strain. Disaster could be just around the corner

Poison Apples—how corporations colluded with the Irish state

The Irish government refuses to take tax off a giant corporation at the same time as imposing brutal austerity. This is an outrage—and it tells us a lot about how the system works, argues People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd-Barrett


A Very British Deterrent - Trident exposes our rulers' contempt for democracy

A BBC documentary uses previously secret documents to tell the story of Britain's nuclear “deterrent” from the end of the Second World War.

The state gets vicious When Two Worlds Collide in Peru

Alberto Pizango and 51 others have been on trial for the last two years in Peru charged with rebellion, sedition, murder and conspiracy against the state.

The ‘good guys’ are more brutal in a darker Narcos

The story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and those who pursue him gets darker in this superior new season.

What We Think

The Tories can be beaten - but only if we fight

The Tories marked their return from a long summer holiday by doing what they do best—whipping up racism and fighting among themselves.

Why we won't miss Keith Vaz

Socialists have no interest in individuals’ private consensual sexual choices. Indeed if Labour MP Keith Vaz has a wider sexual spectrum than he previously showed in public it is the one nice thing you could say about him.

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Elaine Bull 1968-2016

Elaine was a wonderful comrade and a warm, funny, kind and gentle woman. She burned with a passion against injustice and was driven by the desire to fight for a better world.

LETTERS: Huge debt puts off working class people from studying

I’m 18 and about to start a Bachelors degree. I’m also from a working class family in the North, that huge part of England the government doesn’t seem to know exists.

The Things They Say

‘Refusing to listen to the electorate has never been a winning formula’

SNP’s growth for Scotland depends on the lobbying industry

The Scottish National Party (SNP)’s vision for Scotland includes much corporate lobbying.

Referendum in Colombia could end armed struggle

After decades of war, could left wing guerrillas Farc make peace with the state?

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