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Issue: 2521

Dated: 13 Sep 2016

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May’s grammar school plan reignites a classroom war

The Tory plan for new grammar schools in England is one of the first major announcements since Theresa May became prime minister.

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TUC Congress - unions must break the law to defend workers' rights

This year’s TUC congress in Brighton came after the Tories passed their Trade Union Act in May. 

As cuts cause growing crisis in the NHS - strikes can defend the health service

The NHS crisis is so deep that even top managers say it is near breaking point.

News in-brief

Prudential strike, Easyjet ballot, Newsquest vote, Telford protest, housing demo, Glasgow pay strike

Durham teaching assistants say no to deal that would cut their pay

Rank and file teaching assistants (TAs) are organising to reject a “much improved” offer from Labour-controlled Durham County Council.

Workers stage unofficial walkout at Rosyth dockyard - and plan another

Hundreds of workers building the HMS Prince of Wales aircraft carrier in Rosyth held an unofficial strike on Monday.

Push NUT union leaders to call more strikes this term

The NUT union’s national executive committee met last week. The union is in dispute over the impact of Tory education policies and funding cuts, and held an England-wide strike on 5 July.

Orgreave campaigners demand justice ahead of meeting with Tory minister

Campaigners from the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign (OTJC) and their supporters gathered outside parliament today, Tuesday, ahead of a meeting with home secretary Amber Rudd.

Why won't Sadiq Khan play fare with workers?

Workers at Tower Transit bus depots in east and west London walked out for 24 hours on Monday. It was their third one-day strike in as many weeks—and they’re set to come out again next Monday.

Stand with the Rotherham twelve

The Rotherham 12 Defence Campaign has called a national convention in the run-up to a trial of 12 men for serious offences, including violent disorder.

Coppers scab on striking PCS security guards

Security guards working at Met Police control centres in London struck for 24 hours on Tuesday of this week and on Friday of last week.

Fury over Tories' plan for new 13-foot wall in Calais

Thousands of people were set to march in central London on Saturday in solidarity with refugees.

Make independence worth fighting for

The Scottish National Party’s support for big business and the European Union risks damaging support for "indyref2" rather than boosting it, warns Raymie Kiernan

Workers set to stage national post office strike to stop cuts

Thousands of Post Office workers were set to strike this Thursday against job cuts, privatisation and an attack on their pensions.

Inside the 'Moderates' meetup': Vows to keep fighting to oust Corbyn

At a meeting of ‘moderate’ Labour Party factions, activists and MPs plotted to keep undermining their leader

Need for unity after racist attack in Leeds

A group of up to 20 teenagers beat up a Polish man in Leeds, West Yorkshire, last week in a suspected racially aggravated assault.

TUC congress delegates pass motions opposing austerity and racism

The TUC bureaucracy was pessimistic about the prospects of defending workers' rights at conference in Brighton this week.

Shipyard workers on trial in Egypt appeal for solidarity

This weekend 26 workers from Egypt’s Alexandria Shipyard are expected to find out the verdict in their military trial. They are calling for support

Junior doctors pressure BMA to keep the strikes on—now get behind them

Junior doctors have stopped an attempt to end their fight against Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s imposition of a dangerous new contract.

4,000 Post Office workers strike against branch closures

Bosses want to close down more than 100 crown branches and outsource them to companies such as WHSmith. They also plan cuts to admin, supply chain and cash handling services.

Police face questions over Rotherham child abuse case

Police failed to act on a 13 year old girl's complaints that she was repeatedly raped in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, a court has heard.

London Met university workers vote for strikes to defend their victimised reps

UCU union members at London Metropolitan University in north London have voted by two to one for strikes.

20,000 join Refugees Welcome march through London

Up to 20,000 people from all over Britain marched through central London today, Saturday, to say Refugees Welcome.


Protests, boycotts and strikes hit prisons across the US

A wave of prison strikes has spread across the US. Prisoners at an estimated 40 institutions across over 20 US states held strikes, protests and boycotts on Friday of last week.

US and Russia to pause for Eid—then start bombing rebel groups in Syria again

Top US and Russian officials have announced a new ceasefire deal in Syria.


Labour purges show limits of reformism

Labour’s long history of expulsions is ultimately driven by the party’s focus on parliament, writes Nick Clark

Union backing for Hinkley Point could cost the earth

The decision to build a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset is a disaster for safety, the environment and workers’ living standards.

Divisions over grammar schools show splits in the Tory Party

As the weeks go by, we are beginning to get a picture of what kind of prime minister Theresa May will be.


Hate that has deep roots—Christine Delphy speaks out against Islamophobia

Sociologist Christine Delphy, one of France’s leading feminists, spoke to Socialist Worker.

Resist the rise in racism

An attack on a pregnant woman in Bletchley has focused attention on racism. People in the Milton Keynes town told Tomáš Tengely-Evans about their experiences, the impact of the EU vote—and how they are fighting back


Don't forget Dada’s rebellion against a ridiculous society

It’s 100 years since the birth of the Dada artistic movement. Rachel Levine argues BBC’s new TV documentary Gaga for Dada misses the point entirely.

What We Think

Cameron got away with murder—don't let May

David Cameron has followed his humiliating resignation as prime minister by announcing he is resigning as an MP. Good riddance!

The system needs sexism—fight to get rid of it

Two reports this week showed how girls and young women are being failed by the system.

Other Categories

LETTERS: Tory cuts leave domestic violence victims no means to escape abusers

The murder of Clodagh Hawe and her children by her husband Alan, and storylines in popular soaps, have put domestic violence under the media spotlight.

Letters—Orgreave justice campaign says keep the pressure on

I was among the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign members who met home secretary Amber Rudd in parliament last week.

The Troublemaker

Swine of Chipping Norton is ready to live high on the hog 

Exploitation is just the job in a bosses’ recovery of low pay and zero hours

More people may be in work but full-time positions are getting harder to find. Behind the figures, Alistair Farrow finds that bosses are making employment work for them—not us

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