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Issue: 1923

Dated: 17 Oct 2004

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Free Iraq - troops out now!

THE MOST bloody assault yet on Fallujah has started.

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Ministry of Defence gags soldier’s grieving mother

"THEY HAVE lied and lied and lied—and they are continuing to lie".

We need politics to challenge Bush and Blair’s project

THE QUESTION of political representation for the movement loomed large at a meeting on "War, social movements and political parties" which produced one of the best debates of the ESF.

A strategy of global unity

"The end of the myth of development" reflected the diversity of politics and stategies to be found at the ESF.

Women organising | Anti-imperialism | What future world?

Women organising This MEETING "Women and trade unions fighting discrimination" brought together women and men from all over the world to discuss the problem of discrimination in society and in the labour market.

'It's right to fight back'

Chris Bambery and Tom Behan interviewed Haidi Giuliani, mother of Carlo Giuliani who was murdered by Italian police during protests at the G8 in Genoa in 2001.

The hijab | Music and politics | Debt, aid and the G8

The hijab THE DISCUSSION on the hijab was led off by a platform of speakers from various groups who argue for a woman’s right to choose.

Where now for our movement?

Chris Nineham, a member of the ESF steering committee, and Dave Sherry, a delegate at the ESF from the TGWU union in Glasgow, spoke to Socialist Worker about the future for the movement.

‘The issues are linked together’

Globalisation is now a big factor for the anti-war and peace movements.

'I was on strike for a year'

I WAS a cleaner at hotels in Paris. I worked for the Arcade corporation that cleaned rooms for the ACCOR group. The cleaners are mainly immigrant women. We are all in the SUD union and are fighting to defend our rights.




Peter Doherty: ‘You’ve got to dig capitalism up and replace it’

Why have you agreed to play the gig in Trafalgar Square at the end of the European Social Forum?

Partners in crime: why does the US back Israel?

By the end of the 20th century Israel had received nearly $100 billion in military and civilian aid from the US. This staggering figure dwarfed the sums the US gave to other client states.

The argument for creating a secular state for both Palestinians and Jews is gathering force

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the single most important issue on the world agenda today.

Beautiful or Bloody?

NGOs HAVE funds that can employ local people who might otherwise be activists in resistance movements, but now can feel they are doing some immediate, creative good (and earning a living while they’re at it). Real political resistance offers no such short cuts.


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