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Issue: 2523

Dated: 27 Sep 2016

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Corbyn victory should be a launch pad for resistance

Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as Labour Party leader last Saturday is a boost to the whole of the left.

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Corbyn's victory: the Labour right are fuming, we're cheering

The Socialist Workers Party congratulates Jeremy Corbyn on his re-election as Labour Party leader.

'MPs must listen to the members' say joyous Corbyn supporters

Jeremy Corbyn supporters erupted in cheers at the news he had been re-elected as leader of the Labour Party with an increased mandate today, Saturday.

Decision to call off junior doctors' strikes is a missed chance to defend the NHS

It was wrong for doctors' leaders to call off the strikes, but the lack of solidarity from other unions and Labour was a major factor

Was patriotic reformer Clement Attlee on the Labour Party’s left or right?

A new biography celebrates the worst in Labour leader Clement Attlee—but it also exposes how Attlee’s contradictions are rooted in the party, writes Nick Clark

With Scotrail licked, workers take on Southern bosses over role of train guards

Abellio Scotrail conceded it would keep train guards last week in a blow to bosses’ plans to extend driver only operation (DOO)across the rail network.

Messy climbdown sees Labour move to keep Trident renewal

The Labour Party conference saw Corbyn-supporting shadow defence minister Clive Lewis back a policy of supporting Trident nuclear weapons and praise the Nato military alliance

Follow the North Sea deal with a war on bosses’ cuts

Workers employed by contractor Wood Group on Shell North Sea offshore rigs have voted to settle their dispute.

Police ‘lost clothes’ after rape allegation, court told

Police apologised in 2003 for questioning a man accused of repeatedly raping a 13 year old girl, a court has heard. Sageer Hussain is one of eight men on trial for child sexual exploitation offences at Sheffield Crown Court.

Day centre for homeless in Bradford fights closure

Homeless and vulnerable people in Bradford face a bleak future as a day centre in the city could close.

Reports round-up

Campaigning has pushed an estate agent to take down from its website a property on the Butterfields estate in Walthamstow, north London.

Scottish college workers strike to demand pay rise

Over 2,500 college support workers in Scotland struck on Tuesday to demand the same lump sum pay rise as lecturers. Unison union members, who struck earlier this month, were joined by GMB union members.

Labour Conference—Left draws crowds as right plots and sulks in pub back alleyway

Huge crowds flocked to The World Transformed event in Liverpool last weekend. It was organised by Labour left group Momentum.

Old cronies reunite for presidential debate where everybody is the loser

Eleven years after Hillary Clinton sat in the front row at Donald Trump’s wedding, the two US presidential candidates met again for a debate on Monday night.

French president wants to destroy the Calais camp

French president Francois Hollande spoke in Calais on Monday. He pledged that the “jungle” refugee settlement there would be “completely and definitively dismantled” by the end of the year.

Defend refugees, organise against the rise in racist attacks

Anti-racists are organising solidarity with migrant workers and Muslims under attack.

Police apologised to man accused of rape in Rotherham abuse case, court hears

Police apologised in 2003 for questioning a man accused of repeatedly raping a 13 year old girl, a court has heard. Sageer Hussain is one of eight men on trial for child sexual exploitation offences at Sheffield Crown Court.

Debate on transforming the economy reinvigorates the Labour left

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced a day of action against Tory plans for new grammar schools.

Corbyn supporters angry as Labour right fight back

Left wing Labour Party members have reacted with fury to a speech by deputy leader Tom Watson at party conference yesterday, Tuesday.

Court hears of missing files and evidence in Rotherham abuse case

Forensic samples taken from a 13 year old girl, who told police she had been repeatedly raped, were “not retained”, a court has heard.

Corbyn's speech rallies the left - and opposes the scapegoating of migrants

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn used his conference speech today, Wednesday, to set out his vision for “the socialism of the 21st century”.

Strikers at London Met win solidarity on the picket line

Pickets and supporters defied wind and rain to rally at London Metropolitan University today, Thursday.

Leeds activists 'disgusted' by Rachel Reeves' phoney 'concern' over immigration

People in Leeds are angry at their Labour MP Rachel Reeves’ scaremongering speech over immigration.

Thousands join march in Birmingham as Tory conference begins

Anger against austerity and racism was on show in Birmingham today, Sunday, as thousands joined a demonstration against the Tory Party conference.

Activists build for Stand Up To Racism conference to launch mass movement

It will bring together solidarity with refugees, opposition to the Islamophobic Prevent strategy, organising against racist attacks and activists in the Black Lives Matter movement.


Refugee deaths are the bitter fruit of European Union and British repression

Hundreds of migrants drowned off the coast of Egypt yesterday, Wednesday. It was the bitter fruit of European Union (EU) naval operation in Libya that includes British ships.

Will rivalry and repression start a nuclear war over Kashmir?

Protesters shot, a base bombed and fighting talk at the top bring old tensions between India and Pakistan back to boiling point

Protests against tuition fee hike sweep South African university campuses

Student protests against a tuition fee rise are sweeping South Africa.

Fight for abortion rights explodes onto Poland's streets

The fight for abortion rights in Poland has exploded onto the streets. 


Best of both worlds is a dangerous illusion for Labour left

An important discussion took place at the Momentum event in Liverpool last weekend on Parliamentary Socialism in the 21st Century.


Teaching Labour a lesson in Durham

Rank and file teaching assistants in Durham are fighting for their very livelihoods. Their battle has pitted them not just against the Labour-led council but their own union officials too.

The battle that beat the Blackshirts—80 years since Cable Street

The march of Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists was halted on 4 October 1936 by a working class revolt in east London.


Free State of Jones - an American Civil War story that will sting racists with its tale

A film about Confederate deserter Newton Knight punctures the myth of a South united behind slavery in the American Civil War, writes Charlie Kimber

What We Think

Don’t pass up chance to mobilise the fight against the Tory austerity

When Tory leader Theresa May moved into Downing Street, the pundits claimed that the Tory splits had been healed.

The big powers' UN squabble reveals their phoney tears for syria

The US, Britain and Russia squabbled at the United Nations on Monday about who was to blame for the latest atrocities in Syria.

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Shimon Peres—war criminal and confidence trickster

Shimon Peres was a war criminal that is lauded as a peacemaker.

LETTERS: I worked in a grammar school - they don’t help the poorest

New grammar schools won't do what Theresa May says they will, a former teacher writes

The things they say

‘I’m the face on the placard. I’m that bastard’

Incompetent or corrupt Met coppers lose millions of files

Scotland Yard has lost 13 unsolved murder files and is considering whether they were destroyed by corrupt cops.

Labour won’t win support by clamping down on migrants

As politicians claim Labour needs to clamp down on migrants to win back the ‘white working class’, Dave Sewell argues solidarity with migrants needs to be a priority for the movement

Jim Ratcliffe’s fracking ships set a course for climate catastrophe

One of Scotland’s most notorious bosses says jobs are in ‘safe hands’ with his fracked shale gas from the US

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