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Issue: 2526

Dated: 18 Oct 2016

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Child who fled Hitler in the 1930s now tells Theresa May - let in the refugees

A man who fled the Nazis and came to Britain as a child refugee has slammed the Tories for locking out today’s refugee children.

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Tory reforms make our shoddy housing even shoddier

Four in ten homes in Britain are either too expensive, too cramped or too shabby to live in, according to housing charity Shelter.

Social care cuts feed back into NHS crisis

Adult social care services in England are at “tipping point”, according to the Care Quality Commission watchdog.

Southern rail strike hits back at bosses

RMT union members at Southern rail struck on Tuesday. It was the start of a further three days of action over safety and the role of guards.

Supermarket firms face unexpected items in the equality area

Workers at the Asda supermarket chain have won the first battle in a legal fight for equal pay.

Labour brings in the scabs in Sheffield bin dispute

Angry striking bin workers in Sheffield stepped up picketing on Monday in their second one-day walkout over pay after scabs were brought in from London.

Reports round-up

The sites where Britain’s weapons of mass destruction are developed face strike ballots against an attack on workers’ pensions.

Right wing report accuses the left of antisemitism

A parliamentary report into antisemitism argues that 75 percent of antisemitic abuse and attacks are perpetrated by the far right.

Joint strike at cinemas steals the show in Hackney

Strikers at the Hackney Picturehouse cinema in east London were boosted by solidarity last Saturday.

Scottish National Party nervy about another referendum

Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon told the party’s conference last week that there will be a consultation on plans for a second independence referendum.

It’s the end of the Great Barrier Reef—and it will now be used for a coal port

Swathes of the Great Barrier Reef’s coral have died after a devastating “bleaching” event triggered by ocean warming this year. It is one of a series of alarming signs of capitalism driving whole ecosystems to destruction.

Demonstration against Ceta trade deal as it stalls in European Union

Hundreds of protesters marched in London last Saturday against the proposed Ceta trade deal between the European Union (EU) and Canada.

London Met to face a boycott for axing reps

The UCU lecturers’ union’s Higher Education Committee (HEC) has unanimously agreed to back London Met branch’s request to “greylist” the university.

Norwich protest against ward’s closure

Around 100 people marched through Norwich last Saturday against a hospital ward closure.

Durham Teaching Assistants are ready to fight

Teaching assistants (TAs) employed by Labour-run Durham County Council were waiting for the result of their strike ballot against pay cuts this week.

Eight men guilty of child sexual abuse - over a decade after police received complaints

Eight men have been found guilty of 19 charges relating to sexual abuse of three girls – over a decade after one reported the abuse to police.

Drivers refuse to cross picket lines in Luton as 250 post workers join CWU strike

Around 250 postal workers in Luton and Leagrave delivery offices are out on strike today, Wednesday, in a row over disciplinaries.

Solidarity for child refugees arriving in Croydon after press goes on the attack

Politicians and newspapers have whipped up a vile debate about whether small numbers of refugee children arriving from Calais are adults.

The Sun wot made it up - peddling lies about migrants

The hyped up media war on refugees escalated this morning, Friday, in a slightly bizarre way.

Housing protests are a sign of Egypt’s deepening crisis

A spontaneous demonstration over housing costs by up to 1,000 people in the Egyptian city of Port Said this week brought growing frustrations over the country’s social crisis onto the streets.

Campaigners debate way forward for resistance to Tory assault on housing

The campaign against the Tories’ hated Housing and Planning Act took a big step forward yesterday, Saturday, with a 300-strong summit of activists, tenants, residents and councillors.

Anger as the 'shambles' of Calais camp demolition puts child refugees at risk

Authorities in France began removing migrants and refugees from the Calais “jungle” camp today, Monday. It was home to some 8,000 refugees, including 1,500 children and young people.

Nazis targeted town to stir up racism and violence, Rotherham 12 trial hears

The ‘Yorkshire’s Finest’ group has links to fascist organisations such as the National Front, reports Phil Turner

Protesters in London show solidarity with Calais refugees and migrants

Around 150 people protested outside the French embassy in London on Monday night.


After Aleppo, Mosul is the next city to be razed by imperialism

The United States and Russia backed brutal assaults on major cities this week. Both are designed to boost their control in a strategically and economically crucial part of the world—regardless of the cost in civilian lives.

South African students appeal to workers for support in a fight against the system

A revolt by students in South Africa against a tuition fee rise has grown into an all-out fight for quality, free and decolonised education.

Compromises on the left set to help the Tories form a new government in Spain

A leadership coup inside the Spanish equivalent of the Labour Party may have restored the Spanish Tories to office.

General strike in Greece can beat the European Union's austerity programme

Public sector unions in Greece are gearing up for a new general strike against Syriza’s austerity drive, writes Panos Garganas in Athens


Don’t be played by the ‘gig economy’ hype

A new report hails the ‘digital platforms’ that are making workers ‘independent’. But the claims are misleading, writes Alistair Farrow

Could our rulers ease Syria’s torment? Only by pulling out and leaving it alone

The Syrian war is an obscenity, a brutal meat-grinder that consumes mainly the innocent. It goes on only because it is in the interest of rival imperialist powers and their local clients and allies.


Hungary 1956—rebirth of socialism from below

On its 60th anniversary, Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at the Hungarian Revolution where workers and students battled for power—and shook a regime that claimed to represent them

The crime of Aberfan

A coal slide killed over a hundred people—most of them children—yet it could have been avoided. It was caused by bosses’ neglect and the complicity of some miners’ union leaders.

'We'd take money off the devil'—meet the property speculators carving up your city

Alistair Farrow goes undercover at the Mipim UK property speculators' convention


Caravaggio—paintings that pushed the boundaries of a new society

A new exhibition explores the work of 17th century artist Caravaggio and his followers—and the turbulent period that produced it, writes?Julie Sherry

Westworld—gun-slinging robots turn fantasies into nightmares

Westworld depicts a society where the rich pay vast amounts to take out their basest desires on a virtual reality populated by synthetic humans and animals.

Chasing Asylum film smuggles out the message from Australia's offshore camps

This harrowing but powerful film to be shown on BBC Four next week exposes the human impact of the Australian government’s cruelty to refugees.

What We Think

As Tories fight - we need a vision of a left Brexit

it’s never a good sign for a prime minister when they are forced to say they have “full confidence” in their chancellor only a few weeks after appointing him.

Ched Evans retrial - process will discourage women from reporting rape

Footballer Ched Evans was found not guilty of rape last week, following a retrial after his conviction for rape in 2012.

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LETTERS: It’s time to get organised after the Stand Up To Racism conference

We need unity in action to combat the rise of the far right across Europe. That was the message to take away from the Stand Up To Racism conference.

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‘First “child migrants” arrive’

The Troublemaker - Labour's anti-nuke defence spokesperson backs Trident

Nia Griffith is one of those who quit the shadow cabinet, only to return following Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as Labour leader.

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